Air Force Jobs: Aerospace Ground Equipment AFSC 2A6X2

These Airmen Look After Ground Equipment Crucial to Aircraft

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In the Air Force, Aerospace Ground Equipment Specialists are tasked with maintaining aerospace system that helps aircraft systems on the floor. You possibly won't see lots of flight time in this position (if any), however you'll be making sure that Air Force pilots and aircrew are flying within the safest feasible aircraft.

If you are appropriate along with your fingers and have a knack for operating with engines and different car equipment, this could be the Air Force task for you.

This process is classified with Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) 2A6X2.

Duties of Aerospace Ground Equipment Specialists

These airmen are tasked with making sure the system used to repair planes' hydraulic and electrical structures is updated, which helps get the planes ready for flight. Their responsibilities include a protracted list of repairs, troubleshooting, and preservation paintings on these critical aircraft structures.

In addition to diagnosing malfunctions and repairing aerospace floor gadget (AGE), those airmen endorse and perform troubleshooting on the device, investigate and approve maintenance and prepare the system for storage and mobility deployment.

They solve repair troubles through studying drawings, wiring diagrams, and schematics, in addition to Air Force technical courses. They learn how to use the Air Force's automated upkeep gadget to reveal protection traits, examine system necessities, hold system facts, and report preservation to maintain information updated.

These airmen use traditional and digital multimeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters, frequency counters, oscilloscopes, circuit card testers, transistor testers and hand gear as part of their everyday repair paintings.

In addition, aerospace floor equipment professionals are tasked with keeping external gasoline and grounding systems which includes storing, handling, the use of and doing away with risky fabric and waste in keeping with environmental requirements.


These airmen are predicted to have some fundamental know-how of electronics and general mechanics. Insights into analyzing schematics and an understanding of wiring diagrams might be useful and any experience with aerospace equipment would be a plus.

To be eligible for this activity, you want a rating of forty seven at the mechanical (M) and a 28 on the electrical (E) segments of the Air Force Qualifying Test areas of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) assessments.

There isn't any safety clearance required from the Department of Defense for this task, however you will want a high faculty degree or its equivalent, and must be a U.S. citizen. Normal color imaginative and prescient (because of this you can't be colorblind, even partly) is also required.


After Airmen's week and the usual 7 half of weeks of Air Force simple training (also referred to as boot camp), those airmen spend approximately ninety five days in technical schooling at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas.

After tech school, they will entire a simple Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) schooling course to qualify for the activity.

Similar Civilian Jobs

While you may be operating specially on Air Force equipment, the talents you may examine on this activity should help put together you for work as a mechanic in the civilian team of workers, or for a job with a military contractor or government corporation that makes use of aerospace gadget.