Army Job MOS 31B Military Police

These infantrymen protect the rule of thumb of law


The Army's Military Police play an indispensable role is securing different military employees and belongings at domestic, foreign bases and in forward bases in battle zones. The Military Police, or MPs, also are educated in corrections and confining of inmates, prisoners of war, investigations and mobility protection help around the sector. Their major job is to shield and maintain the rule of thumb of regulation.

The Army categorizes this process as navy occupational area of expertise (MOS) 31B.

Job Duties of Army MPs

Military police defend lives and assets on Army installations through imposing army laws and regulations, as well as controlling site visitors, stopping crime, and responding to emergencies.

They provide support to the battlefield by means of conducting force safety, anti-terrorism, location safety, and police intelligence operations and crime prevention applications.

Army MPs also lead army police squads and sections, operate police desks, plan crime prevention measures, perform proof rooms and prepare operations plans and orders in navy police detachment.

Training Information for MOS 31B

Job training for navy police calls for 20 weeks of One Station Unit Training and on-the-process practise in police strategies in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. 

You’ll research fundamental warrior competencies and use of firearms, army and civil legal guidelines and jurisdiction, investigating and accumulating proof, visitors and crowd control, protection, mobility assist operations and arrest and discretion of suspects.

Military police additionally train in non-lethal and lethal skills. Operations consist of peacekeeping, catastrophe relief and teaming up with foreign navy and civilian law enforcement relying upon the area of the base navy operations being conducted.

Advanced Training in Military Police and Security

Some of the opportunities to be had to the MOS 31 Career Field inside the Army consist of crime scene investigator, canine handler, drug patrol, explosives patrol, regulation and order operations and customs guide.

Qualifying for Army Military Police

Soldiers in this job want a score of at least 91 inside the skilled technical region of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests

If you want to be a member of the army police force, you need with the intention to qualify for a secret safety clearance from the Department of Defense. That manner present process a heritage test which could take numerous weeks that examines your character and budget. A records of drug use or alcohol abuse and maximum criminal offenses will probable disqualify you from receiving this clearance. 

For this MOS, a soldier desires purple-green coloration vision and a valid nation motive force's license.

Similar Civilian Occupations to MOS 31B

Although a lot of your duties in the Army will be precise to that department of the provider, you may be qualified for lots civilian jobs due to your schooling. The navy police implement civil and federal regulations, so it stands to motive that the transition to civilian metropolis, kingdom or federal regulation enforcement professions is a logical method for many army veterans in this MOS.

You may also require extra nation or local licensing, but you ought to be able to paintings as a police of sheriff's patrol officer, a safety protect supervisor of detectives.