What Does a Public Affairs Specialist (46Q ) Do?

Learn About the Salary, Required Skills, & More


Much like their civilian opposite numbers act as enterprise representatives to the media, the Army Public Affairs Specialist acts as a liaison among the Army and the click. A history or hobby in journalism is extraordinarily beneficial, and robust communications and writing talents are critical for squaddies in this activity, navy occupational specialty (MOS) 46Q.

Public Affairs Specialist (46Q ) Duties & Responsibilities

These soldiers could be accountable for writing and enhancing information releases, newspaper articles, online articles and different written substances, which may be used both for navy or civilian guides. They'll additionally take images when suitable, to accompany a information article or different writing.

  • MOS 46Q works to expand news articles by either engaging in interviews with appropriate people or gathering records from navy information programs and publications. Sometimes the facts amassing will encompass more than such a sources.
  • This activity is likely to include disaster communications, which involves managing the media during an emergency or different tricky situation.
  • Another important a part of this Army task is education different soldiers and officials for talking to the click, by way of following protocols and on foot them thru viable eventualities.
  • MOS 46Q may even act as a spokesperson, developing and retaining relationships with beat newshounds and different individuals of the media.

Public Affairs Specialist (46Q ) Salary

Total repayment for this function includes meals, housing, unique pay, medical, and excursion time. If you enlist under positive MOS codes within the Army, you could additionally be eligible for positive coins bonuses of up to $40,000 if the HR professional process is taken into consideration one of the Army's Jobs in Demand.

You can also be able to earn training benefits, together with scholarships to cover the whole price of lessons, a stipend for dwelling costs, and money for books and prices.

Education, Training & Certification

Individuals interested in this function ought to be able to fulfill positive testing, education and different necessities, as follows:

  • Testing: In order to be eligible to serve as an Army Public Affairs Specialist, you'll want a score of 107 the overall technical (GT) phase of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) check.
  • Training: Job training for a public affairs expert calls for ten weeks of Basic Combat Training and 12 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-activity preparation. Part of this time is spent inside the school room and element inside the subject, along with gaining knowledge of the way to write news tales, function a camera and edit newspapers and photographs, all in keeping with Army fashion and protocols. You’ll additionally prepare a real newspaper, contributing stories and pictures. Some of the competencies you’ll learn in this education if you do not already have them encompass news, characteristic and sports writing and studies, newspaper design and production, and interviewing techniques.
  • Special tracks: You'll have the possibility to pursue specific areas of know-how, such as photojournalism, public speaking, and media family members. While all of those are components of MOS 46Q, most infantrymen are more desirable to the sort of tracks than they're to some other.
  • Other requirements: You need to be capable of type 20 phrases consistent with minute before you start your training. Since you are probable to be viewing and receiving sensitive facts, you may need so that you can qualify for a mystery security clearance, so need to have a record freed from crook or drug convictions. You must also expect an investigation of your man or woman and behavior and in some times mental and emotional balance.

Public Affairs Specialist (46Q ) Skills & Competencies

The following are extra skills, pastimes, and qualifications that individuals want or ought to advantage from having a good way to perform well on this role:

  • English competencies: An interest in English, communications, journalism, pictures, and computer systems
  • Public talking abilities: The potential to speak certainly in front of an target market
  • Detail oriented: The capacity to pay attention to, and correctly constitute or record, all vital info
  • Research skills: Enjoy gaining knowledge of records and troubles for news stories
  • Writing capabilities: Can write simply and concisely

Job Outlook

Although jobs in the media are getting a bit more scarce as newspapers downsize, you may be nicely-certified to work as an editor, photographer, reporter or public members of the family specialist once you depart the Army. It's really worth noting that you'll have knowledge a good way to can help you write authoritatively about military problems and veterans, which must show beneficial while trying to set yourself other than journalists with greater traditional revel in.

Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program

Soldiers inquisitive about working in public affairs outdoor of the navy can be eligible for civilian employment through enrolling within the Army PaYS program. The PaYS software is a recruitment alternative that guarantees a process interview with military pleasant employers which can be searching out experienced and educated Veterans to enroll in their employer. You can discover more on line on the Army PaYS Program site. The following are a number of the organizations that take part in the program:

  • AT&T, Inc.
  • Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
  • Sears Holdings Corporation
  • Time Customer Service, Inc.
  • Walgreen Co.

Work Environment

The task of a radio operator-maintainer is generally executed in an office environment and can be located both on land or aboard a deliver.

Work Schedule

This role typically has a full-time work time table.

How to Get the Job


Complete Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training.



Take the ASVAB Test and obtain the precise ASVAB Score of 107 for the general technical (GT) segment.



Make sure that you may meet any additional requirements, along with a heritage research, mystery security clearance, and physical electricity necessities

Comparing Similar Jobs

Civilian jobs which have similar activity duties are as follows, in conjunction with their annual salaries: