Ad Agency vs. Freelance Copywriters

Two Similar Jobs, however With Big Differences

Business People Talking in Meeting

Becoming an advertising agency copywriter or freelance copywriter is an important choice it is not just for someone new to the advert enterprise. Many company copywriters marvel if they have to go away their cushy jobs behind to start freelancing. Many a success freelance copywriters marvel if they need to near their commercial enterprise because they lengthy to work in an advert business enterprise.

There are many variations between the 2 profession paths. Evaluate each sides of the copywriting profession to determine which course is first-class for you:


Big call customers nearly continually have a huge, outside ad agency on retainer. As an business enterprise copywriter in a famous corporation that handles main customers, you will write copy for countrywide advert campaigns. A tremendous majority of copywriters may not start off working in an enterprise that handles these sorts of clients, though. The harder you figure your way up the ladder to benefit copywriting experience, the greater recognized your customers might be among a national audience.

Most freelance copywriters will in no way touch any national brands on their personal. It is especially actual for the ones freelancers without any ties to country wide corporations thru preceding in-house work with that corporation. Those "famous person" clients with high rate tags attached to their advertising and marketing campaigns are commonly dealt with in-residence by using the ad company's creatives and now not freelancers.

However, the customers you advantage as a freelancer are your own. Your clients may be advert businesses who want a freelancer to write down a number of the tasks their in-house copywriters are too busy for or the business enterprise won't actually have complete-time copywriters on body of workers sincerely because they can't have the funds for the overhead related to a everlasting worker. You also can paintings directly with business proprietors who want a copywriter but may not be capable of justify the price of an enterprise's retainer or have the need for a full-provider organization.


How a good deal you earn largely relies upon on wherein you stay and how large the organisation is. Salaries for a Level I copywriter commonly variety among the low $30Ks and occasional $50Ks. Some Level III copywriters report income inside the top $70Ks, and senior copywriters can effortlessly earn six-discern salaries. 

The money you make is kind of up to you. Full-time freelancers might also see the low teens or they might earn six figures. Your income will range based on the clients you are searching for out, your fees, experience and even how dedicated you're to bringing in new enterprise.


Working in an ad company is in no way a typical Monday thru Friday, 9 to five task. One of the organizations I've labored with simply has offerings like a car wash, oil alternate, and hair stylist come on-web site due to the fact their personnel work such lengthy hours and do not have plenty of time outdoor of work to get these easy responsibilities executed of their unfastened time.

So that basketball sport you concept you have been going to at seven can also ought to be sidelined because your reproduction just got here returned with purple ink, fundamental changes, and a the day prior to this cut-off date. Most of the time you may be capable of gauge while the ones lengthy nights are required, however marketing junkies operating at successful agencies will agree the lengthy hours which are usually required are properly really worth it.

Once you get stepping into your freelance profession, you can set up a reasonably solid routine. You'll be capable of set your hours simply through the paintings you take on or do not tackle. You might be able to enlarge your hours for rush initiatives wherein you can pull an all-nighter for a purchaser, but you also pull in a hurry activity charge on top of your everyday fee.


Ad corporations are typically a laid-back environment. Everything from the clothes you wear to the manner you act will have comfortable regulations.

One national corporation I labored for made certain there was junk meals available always. We spent years on a sugar buzz because the damage room appeared like a sweet save at any given hour. It wasn't uncommon to down a few chocolate covered raisins at your table after which bang out a national company's product brochure. Another business enterprise I labored for took a specific technique. The boss could break out a case of beer every day at five p.m. for any employee who desired one. Think about that the subsequent time you notice a countrywide industrial and wonder what the creatives must were up to when they got here up with the ad's concept!

However, this "no rules" attitude changes on the days when clients are coming to the company so you will be predicted to get dressed up and behave, so-to-speak, while the patron comes for a go to.

As a freelancer, your dog can be curled up at your ft at the same time as you are on your pajamas and combing your enamel is elective. You paintings by myself, and that's how you may spend some time so if you could paintings productively sporting a tutu and that is what you are snug in, there may be nobody preventing you.

Fast-Paced vs. Self-Paced

You might sit down in a brainstorming consultation for a brand new purchaser's ad campaign. You would possibly tour to the area where the TV business script you wrote is being produced. You'll continuously have cut-off dates you want to satisfy or even beat. The pace could be very fast, and many budding creatives crumble beneath the excessive strain that can include running in an advert company.

A freelancer's life remains demanding, however you have extra manage over your personal pace. If you're beginning to experience burned out by the number of projects you're writing, you may pull returned and prevent accepting such a lot of tasks with shorter closing dates.

Teamwork vs. Lone Ranger

You'll work with the Creative Director and the whole innovative team to broaden marketing campaign principles for customers, and you could also be worried inside the consumer pitches. Your replica would possibly get approved by 10 a.m., and at midday you're sitting down with the picture designer to look over the layout of your replica within the ad. Teamwork is prime to any ad enterprise's success, and your role is important to how properly the crew does on every marketing campaign.

If you're running with neighborhood customers, you may have occasional conferences with them in person, however most of the time you may be by myself. Freelancers turn out to be pretty familiar with the 4 walls they work inside, and that is something you need to consider if you're considering starting down this career path. If you can't tolerate spending huge quantities of time in solitude, freelancing won't be the exceptional alternative for you.

Work for the Boss vs. Be the Boss

You might not sit at a table and write copy all day long as an corporation copywriter. You're continually a member of the innovative crew, and meaning you have masses of other responsibilities in your group and the customers. Your Creative Director might also have you ever working on a client pitch, sitting in conferences, growing new concepts with other creatives, among different obligations. Agencies have their strategies on how they pull collectively to provide ad campaigns so that you will ought to adapt to what your boss wants from you. It method you may spend quite a few time away from your keyboard in preference to hammering out new ad substances.

You're the advertising team to help grow your business. You're the accounting branch to send out invoices so you can receives a commission. You're the creative crew that writes replica for plenty of initiatives. You will put on many hats as a freelancer because you are the business. As your boss, you have to be disciplined enough to make each aspect of your commercial enterprise run easily. You don't get a day off simply because you experience like curling up for your hammock to examine a e book. There's continually some thing so that you can do, irrespective of which branch you are working in at the moment.

No count number which copywriting profession song you decide upon, be bendy and preserve an open thoughts. As an business enterprise copywriter, you'll be dead set on working within an organisation for existence, however you by no means know when layoffs or maybe burnout can also hit you. As a freelancer, you could love the freedom you have as your boss, however then at some point a higher opportunity with an advert corporation comes your manner.

Each career course has its perks, and you're in no way locked into that unique path you to start with chose. You can always exchange your thoughts, and each bit of copywriting experience you've got received will assist you alongside the manner.