Air Force Enlisted Job: Space Systems Operations Specialist

These Airmen Are Part of Satellite Launch and Maintenance

satellite image over Earth

Space structures operations professionals are tasked with overseeing critical elements of the Air Force's space program, consisting of tracking satellites and ballistic missiles, monitoring area flight operations, and assisting with rocket launches.

The Air Force categorizes this important process with Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) 1C6X1.

Duties of Space Systems Operations Specialists

These airmen stumble on, discover, and hold surveillance on low orbiting and deep space satellite tv for pc vehicles the usage of energetic and passive area surveillance systems. Part in their paintings entails exploring new space surveillance technologies, developing new space operational processes, and using new area surveillance sensors.

They additionally use state-of-the-art Air Force monitoring generation to hit upon and song sea-released and intercontinental ballistic missiles, and stumble on and song Earth satellites.

In addition, those specialists plan satellite contacts, resolve any emergencies that get up with satellites, and behavior satellite commanding throughout launch, early orbit, every day operations, and quit-of-life testing, while the satellites have outlived their use.

The satellites they operate include Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites used for navy communications. And they assist with release operations for different Department of Defense and NASA satellites.

Qualifying for AFSC 1C6X1 

To be eligible to function a space structures operations expert, you want a score of at least 60 at the electronics (E) qualification flair location of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) assessments.

For access into this specialty, crowning glory of excessive school with courses in physics, geometry, trigonometry, algebra and computer technology can be useful. And you will want to finish a fundamental space systems operator route.

Since you'll be dealing with enormously sensitive facts inside the direction of your day by day task, you may additionally need to qualify for a secret safety clearance from the Department of Defense. This includes historical past checks of your character and finances, and a crook record of records of drug abuse can be disqualifying.

Candidates for this activity have to be U.S. residents.

After Technical Training

Following boot camp and Airmen's Week, recruits for this task spend as much as a hundred days in technical college education at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Here you'll examine the essential abilities you may need on this process, together with:

  • Satellite C2, space caution and control systems, and area launch processes
  • Orbital mechanics
  • Data evaluation approaches
  • Sensor idea
  • Data transmission principle
  • Principles of satellite tv for pc and ground systems
  • Receiving, recording, and relaying operational records

Civilian Equivalent Jobs

Since this Air Force activity in general offers with navy satellites and other structures, there's no real civilian activity that might be taken into consideration equivalent. However, the abilties you analyze must lay the foundation for a number of careers in technology hardware and may qualify you for jobs in the aerospace industry or with a protection contractor.