1N5X1 - Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation

Air Force Enlisted Job Description

RC-135 Reconnaissance plane

Performs and manages digital alerts intelligence exploitation sports and capabilities. Operates electronic monitoring, analysis, and related equipment. Analyzes, tactics, and derives intelligence from electromagnetic transmissions. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 556.

Duties and Responsibilities

Conducts indicators intelligence (SIGINT) sports and operations. Performs operator and analyst duties to exploit digital intelligence (ELINT), overseas instrumentation signals intelligence (FISINT), and PROFORMA sports. Employs signals exploitation activities to aid electronic conflict (EW) operations.

Operates digital seek and related equipment. Searches and exploits signal activity during the radio frequency spectrum. Operates electromagnetic receiving and recording structures to display, gather, accumulate, and exploit electromagnetic transmissions.

Performs and oversees indicators series and analysis capabilities. Analyzes electromagnetic transmission characteristics. Determines line of bearing or starting place point, outside traits, and parameters of electromagnetic transmissions. Operates indicators analysis and information processing device. Extracts data from electromagnetic alerts and reviews outcomes. Evaluates electromagnetic transmission exploitation to make certain traits are correctly decided, documented and said.

Develops and continues automated databases and operational logs. Records system repute, alerts traits, and analytical findings.

Prepares and evaluates reviews. Assembles operational and technical facts. Performs pleasant control. Inspects and evaluates SIGINT, ELINT, FISINT, PROFORMA, and EW assist sports. Performs fusion analysis.

Plans organizes and directs electromagnetic signals exploitation sports. Manages allotted assets for SIGINT, ELINT, FISINT, PROFORMA, and EW operations and evaluation sports. Identifies duties for overseeing operations, intelligence analysis, and statistics discount capabilities. Plans operations and evaluation features and devises techniques to improve operations.

Specialty Qualifications

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of intelligence operations; records discount and processing; reporting; electronic ideas relevant to signals collection and analysis; and missions and functions of SIGNIT, ELINT, FISINT, PROFORMA, and EW operations.

Education. Completion of excessive college with publications in primary electronics, physics, algebra, and trigonometry is suitable for access into this strong point.

Training. Completion of a simple electronic alerts intelligence exploitation route is mandatory for award of AFSC 1N531.

Experience. The following enjoy is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated: (Note: See Explanation of Air Force Specialty Codes).

1N551. Qualification in and ownership of AFSC 1N531. Also, enjoy acting capabilities together with accumulating, interpreting, analyzing, and reporting electromagnetic transmissions.

1N571. Qualification in and ownership of AFSC 1N551. Also, experience appearing or supervising features inclusive of collecting, decoding, analyzing, and reporting electromagnetic transmissions.

1N591. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 1N571. Also, revel in directing capabilities including intelligence operations.

Other. The following are obligatory as indicated:

For access into this uniqueness, no report or history of temporomandibular joint ache or disease.

For award and retention of AFSCs IN531/51/seventy one/ninety one/00, eligibility for a Top Secret safety clearance, in step with AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management, and for sensitive compartmented statistics access.

NOTE: Award of the three-talent degree without a final Top Secret clearance is permitted furnished an interim TS has been granted according to AFI 31-501.

Note: This activity calls for a Sensitive Job Code- (SJC) of "F."

Strength Req: G

Physical Profile: 333131

Citizenship: Yes

Required Appitude Score : G-69 (Changed to G-seventy two, effective 1 Jul 04).

Technical Training:

Course #: X3ABR1N531 004

Location : G

Length (Days): seventy seven