U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering Jobs

Firefighters combat a JP-8 jet fuel fire.

The Civil Engineering Career Field encompasses:

  • Mechanical and electrical activities to install, perform, preserve, and repair base direct aid systems and device; electric facilities; electric energy era and distribution; and heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration structures and gadget, and their controls.
  • Structural and pavement activities, such as construction and renovation of structural facilities and pavement areas; preserving pavements, railroads, and soil bases; acting erosion control; running heavy gadget; structural and metallic fabricating, creation, and upkeep; engineering professionals; and operations capabilities.
  • Utilities structures functions which includes operation, upkeep, repair, and creation of plumbing, water, and wastewater structures and their additives; fuel machine upkeep; and pest management.
  • Fire safety, together with preventing, controlling, and extinguishing all sorts of hearth taking place at the ground, and appearing associated rescue, first aid, and property renovation; capability of fires regarding centers, operational methods, wildlands, aerospace motors, guns, and hazardous or different materials; operation and operator preservation of all forms of crash fireplace rescue and help cars; gear and device; and services in support of base emergency catastrophe operations.
  • Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) activities, which includes detecting, figuring out, rendering safe, convalescing, and destroying United States and foreign explosive, incendiary, and nuclear ordnance; supervising EOD capabilities and resolving technical issues of EOD and the approaches of neutralizing and getting rid of improvised explosive devices; and appearing as specialized individuals of the disaster response force.
  • Readiness activities, consisting of personnel training to accomplish the number one undertaking under the handicaps imposed via enemy attack and by using acts of guy and nature; training in detecting, measuring, and decontaminating nuclear, biological, and chemical contaminants; supplying and the use of proper protecting equipment; and day-to-day operations requiring establishing, education, and equipping a disaster reaction pressure to deal with all varieties of peacetime accidents and requests for assistance from the civilian community.

The Civil Engineering Career Field is a contingency associated profession subject. Personnel serving on this career discipline may take part in recovery operation as a result of natural and man-made failures, or be challenge to deployment and employment in hostile environments created through terrorism, sabotage, or chemical, biological, or traditional warfare.

Individuals have to have understanding of contingency competencies such as first aid techniques, field sanitation and hygiene, paintings birthday celebration safety, repair and construction techniques, mattress down processes, non-public guns, chemical war defense, and explosive ordnance reconnaissance.
Excluded from this profession discipline are functions of preservation and repair of ground assist system that are protected in the Manned Aerospace Maintenance Career Field (2A) and hospital therapy of injured employees (aside from emergency first resource) which is protected inside the Medical Career Field (4X). The following is a entire listing of AFSC for the Civil Engineering Career Field.

  • 3E0X1 - Electrical Systems
  • 3E0X2 - Electric Power Production
  • 3E1X1 - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration
  • 3E2X1 - Pavements & Construction Equipment
  • 3E3X1 - Structural
  • 3E4X1 - Utilities Systems
  • 3E4X2 - Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance
  • 3E4X3 - Pest Management
  • 3E5X1 - Engineering
  • 3E7X1 - Fire Protection
  • 3E8X1 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • 3E9X1 - Readiness