Animal Groomer Job Description

Career Information


Job Description

Groomers maintain pets' appearances. They generally paintings with puppies and cats. Groomers paintings in pet shops, animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and grooming offerings. Many own their own companies and a few perform mobile grooming services that make house calls.

Employment Facts

Nonfarm animal caretakers, a activity category that consists of groomers in addition to other employees, held about 191,000 jobs in 2012. Groomers work in stores, kennels, puppy shops and veterinary clinics. Those who're hired by or who personal cell grooming offerings tour to their customers' houses.

People who paintings as groomers or in associated occupations may be injured by means of the animals in their care. Frightened animals might also chunk or scratch their caretakers.

Educational Requirements

While maximum novices to this area get their schooling from experienced groomers, others attend applications at state-licensed colleges.

Other Requirements

Groomers can receive certification from the National Dog Groomers Association of America. Those inquisitive about turning into certified can take an examination that has each a written and a realistic thing.

In addition to schooling and certification, one must have sure smooth capabilities, or non-public traits, to paintings on this occupation. A groomer must, glaringly, like being round animals. He or she should be compassionate because the animals in their care are regularly annoying. It's a good concept to advantage a few experience working with animals thru such reports as being a dog walker.

Because a groomer's livelihood depends on maintaining his or her human customers satisfied, good customer service talents are essential. In order to recognize pet proprietors' instructions and in flip carry statistics to them, they have to be suitable listeners and feature sturdy speakme skills. Physical stamina is some other requirement, as groomers spend many hours on their ft, as well as kneeling and bending. One have to be robust sufficient to lift pets onto grooming tables.

Advancement Opportunities

Entry-degree groomers commonly have one mission, for example, bathing or drying pets. As one becomes more skilled he or she will be able to tackle all grooming obligations.

Job Outlook

Those working as animal care and carrier workers, which includes groomers, need to see a good deal quicker than average process boom thru 2022 because of an increase in the companion pet population.


Nonfarm animal caretakers, which include groomers, earned a median annual income of $20,340 and median hourly wages of $nine.seventy eight in 2014.

A Day in a Groomer's Life

These are some typical activity responsibilities taken from on line commercials for groomer jobs observed on​

  • Bathe and professionally groom a couple of dogs with varied temperaments.
  • Clip or hand scissor animal's coat to healthy breed requirements/proprietors wishes.
  • Provide complete-service grooming from bath through the cut to drying.
  • Lift animals inside and outside of the bathtub.
  • Thoroughly clean stations and disinfect entire grooming vicinity at day's near.

Occupations With Related Activities and Tasks

Description Annual Salary 2014 Education/Training Requirements
Farmworker Feeds, waters, herds and in any other case cares for stay animals $22,930 Short-time period on-the-job training; a hs diploma is usually not required
Animal Trainer Uses loads of techniques to teach animals to act a positive manner $25,770 HS or equivalency degree or, for certain jobs, a bachelor's diploma; on-the-task training
Veterinary Assistant Cares for animals in animal hospitals, clinics and laboratories $23,790 HS or equivalency degree; on-the-activity training
Barber Cut, trims or patterns hair $25,410 Completion of a software at a nation-certified barber school

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