Army Job MOS 09L Interpreter/Translator

Soldiers who recognize Arabic and other languages are important to the Army

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN - MARCH 05: An Afghan interpreter with the U.S. Army's 4th squadron 2d Cavalry Regiment helps to question a villager during a joint patrol with soldiers from the Afghan National Army (ANA) March 5, 2014 near Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Military occupational specialty (MOS) 09L (that's spoken aloud as "zero 9 lima") began out as a pilot application while the Army become seeking greater fluent audio system of the Arabic, Pashto and Dari Persian languages.

It is an Army process to be able to likely placed you in combat situations in the Middle East or Afghanistan and is crucial to each government relations and tactical method. 

To serve on this task, you've got in an effort to fluently speak and examine a dialect of such a languages. Cultural attention of Middle Eastern international locations is fundamental to this position as properly. 

Here's the list of language dialects the Army seeks in applicants for MOS 09L:

  • Arabic-Modern Standard
  • Arabic-Gulf-Iraqi
  • Arabic-Egyptian
  • Arabic-Levantine
  • Arabic-Yemeni
  • Arabic-Sudanese
  • Arabic-Maghrebi
  • Arabic-Algerian
  • Arabic-Libyan
  • Arabic-Moroccan
  • Arabic-Tunisian
  • Pushtu/Pashto/Pachto
  • Pushtu-Afghan
  • Kurdish
  • Kurdish-Behdini (Kurmanji)
  • Kurdish-Sorani
  • Persian-Afghan (Dari)
  • Persian-Iranian (Farsi)


As move up the ranks of this job, your responsibilities and predicted skills will become greater complex. In the start, you may examine and translate foreign language fabric into English, and vice versa. Then, you'll provide steering to others, supervising the development of English-talking talents in overseas nationals and overseas language capabilities in Army employees. 

Eventually, you will prepare written translations and be capable of show overseas language analyzing skillability at a score of R2, as measured by the Defense Language Proficiency Test, or an appropriate equivalent. 

Moving up the ranks, you will confirm documents and serve as a excessive-level escort as well as an interpreter and translator. 


Soldiers on the upper ranks of this MOS will need a good way to qualify for a secret protection clearance from the Department of Defense. It will involve a historical past test of budget and any crook file. Prior drug or alcohol abuse may be disqualifying.

Soldiers who need to improve their English capabilities will spend time on the Defense Language Institute English Language Center. By the end of the schooling, you'll want to attain at the least an 80 on the English Comprehension Level Test (ECLT), an L2 (listening) and S2 (speakme) at the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) in English, and at least a 10 at the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) checks. 

If you score underneath a ten on the ASVAB, but meet the ECLT and OPI necessities, you'll be eligible for an ASVAB enhancement path at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.


For those soldiers who don't want English enhancement training, following ten weeks of Basic Training (additionally known as boot camp), you will spend six weeks in Advanced Individual Training at Fort Jackson.

Similar Civilian Occupations

With the experience and schooling, you may receive in this Army activity will open doorways to a host of civilian profession possibilities. You can locate paintings as an interpreter or translator for non-public companies and authorities corporations, and work in lots of extraordinary positions in which bilingual abilities are needed.