What Does a Publicist Do?

Learn About the Salary, Required Skills, & More


Publicists are hired to get press insurance for their clients. They are the media international’s version of cheerleaders, to a point, and it is their task to get journalists to put in writing about their client.

Publicists, additionally recognize as press dealers, get the clicking to write down about their clients by issuing press releases. These widespread bulletins are despatched out en masse to the press to alert them of information and, hopefully, generate testimonies. Publicists typically write those press releases to make announcements approximately new initiatives and enterprise tendencies the client or their corporation is concerned in.

A mixture of innovative and company work, publicity can be perfect for those who've an aptitude for writing but won't want to position up with the low salaries and fierce competition typical for journalism jobs.

To take a peek into a publicist's day, say you’re a publicist who works at Random House, and also you’re trying to sell a book for a consumer. You can also want at hand-supply possible tales approximately the e book to reporters. To accomplish that, you need to recognize what varieties of publications might be interested in sure stories.

Is there some thing thrilling about the author that would make for a great tale? You want to reflect onconsideration on the book’s situation depend. If it’s a debut novel about a own family in crisis, tales about it'd work better in women’s magazines. If the e-book’s approximately jogging, and you’re trying to publicize it, you should be speaking to the editors at Runner's World. And so on, and so forth.

Publicist Duties & Responsibilities

As part of their day's regular duties and tasks, a publicist may additionally perform some or all of the following:

  • Create and execute publicity plans for customers
  • Write press releases, that are generalized announcements
  • Cultivate relationships with reporters as a way to place memories with them; excellent publicists recognize the internal-workings of the media to be able to recognize the tales that certain journalists want to jot down approximately
  • Discern which tales are apparent and don’t require an awful lot in the way of exposure
  • Pitch new memories to media
  • Arrange and flesh out speaking points for press visits, interviews, appointments, and press conferences
  • Create and edit press releases, media alerts, and press kit substances
  • Build and preserve relationships with diverse media retailers

Publicist Salary

A publicist's income varies based totally at the region of expertise, degree of experience, education, certifications, and other factors. The revenue variety below does not necessarily represent the probably lots larger salaries of publicists who work with celeb customers.

  • Median Annual Salary: $forty five,000 ($21.sixty three /hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: More than $sixty five,000 ($31.25/hour)
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: Less than $30,000 ($14.42/hour)

Source: Payscale.com, 2019

Education, Training & Certification

The publicist function includes satisfying schooling and schooling requirements as follows:

  • Education: There’s no set degree required for a task in exposure. However, for the reason that activity calls for a good buy of writing, it’s useful to be gifted in this area. Most publicists do maintain an undergraduate degree, and applicable majors include marketing, advertising and marketing, public family members, journalism, and communications. A university degree also can come up with get right of entry to to internships at local PR firms or at file labels that have PR departments.
  • Experience: Working as an intern for a publicist or serving as a publicist assistant can come up with treasured experience and help you land a publicist task.

Publicist Skills & Competencies

In addition to training and different requirements, applicants that own the subsequent competencies may be capable of carry out extra successfully within the activity:

  • Good mindset: Attitude is important, and a publicist’s activity is to make some thing product they’re running on sound very thrilling. If you don’t like to speak up things you don't have any hobby in, this may now not be the job for you.
  • Interpersonal abilties: It's critical so that it will speak and network successfully with numerous human beings.
  • Writing competencies: You need to be an amazing writer to provide professional publicity releases and different substances. Many publicists broaden and write their very own press kits, so robust grammar and writing capabilities are vital.
  • Calm, cool demeanor: You have to be capable of hold a exquisite deal of facts for your head, continue to be cool underneath stress, and by no means, ever be starstruck round superstar customers.

Job Outlook

Publicity is a vast discipline, this means that that you could work for virtually any type of company. Non-income groups, film studios, ebook publishers, and Fortune 500 businesses all have publicists, this means that there’s plenty of activity opportunities in all kinds of fields.

Work Environment

Since exposure work takes location in a number of agencies, you may paintings inside the e book publishing area as a part of a group of publicists that work on selling individual books, or in diverse different industries.

You may locate paintings in a organisation, to sell the corporation and its image, or to promote its products. Publicists additionally paintings within the film enterprise to assist promote a studio's today's movies.

Publicists paintings with many specific events, including e book editors, track critics, music reporters, radio DJs, TV manufacturers, non-public managers, recording artists, booking agents, and document label representatives.

Work Schedule

Although the majority of publicists maintain normal workplace hours, they have to be to be had to their customers whilst wished. This could suggest doing closing-minute task paintings on nights or weekends. With smartphones, clients recognise you’re available, and it’s up to you to set your own obstacles.

How to Get the Job


The majority of publicists start their careers as Interns or exposure assistants earlier than finding a task as a complete-fledged publicist. An internship will come up with valuable experience and task history. Alternatively, you can contact groups together with neighborhood record labels or other track companies and volunteer to write press releases for them.

Your subsequent move closer to a publicist process should involve getting employed with the aid of a greater prestigious firm, or running with well-known clients. You can also open your personal PR corporation, or look for a task as a Publicity Director.


To assist land a process, aspiring publicists should have a properly-written portfolio to focus on press materials they have got created and can percentage whilst networking. Additionally, a few schools and universities have PR-related golf equipment or scholar PR associations that can provide valuable networking possibilities.

You also can be part of a expert affiliation including The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), that's one in all the most important expert associations for PR professionals inside the US. Work to get your name out there, and attend as many applicable activities as you may.

Comparing Similar Jobs

People inquisitive about a publicist profession additionally don't forget the subsequent profession paths, listed with their median annual salaries:

Source: Payscale.com, 2019