,The 5 Best Lifeguard Certification Programs of 2021

Best Lifeguard Certification Programs

Learn the way to store a lifestyles within the water

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To emerge as a licensed lifeguard, maximum states require the lifeguard route (along with school room hours in addition to sensible talents education) and a certification in simple first useful resource, CPR, and the use of an automatic outside defibrillator (AED). An AED is a computerized device that can be used to assess a person’s heart rhythm after which deliver an electric shock if the heart fails to overcome, forcing the coronary heart rhythm to return to ordinary. 

Lifeguard training allows humans advantage lifesaving skills, along with private and professional competencies including clean verbal exchange, managing emergencies in a peaceful manner, gaining knowledge of to paintings effectively as part of a group, and greater. 

Generally speaking, expert lifeguards watch over swimming pools, seashores, water parks, and different aquatic regions to keep protection and preserve the seashore place easy. Other duties may encompass leading swim training, monitoring weather reviews, and conducting a few mild office obligations. The common pay nationwide for a professional lifeguard is round $12 in step with hour. 

Should an man or woman pick out to come to be a lifeguard, a certification route consists of a aggregate of lecture room and poolside training. Keep in thoughts that particular criteria need to be met before college students are time-honored into the program. Here are our pinnacle options for licensed lifeguard education publications.

The five Best Lifeguard Certification Programs of 2021

Best Overall : Lifeguard-Pro


Lifeguard-Pro is an across the world identified nonprofit education institution that offers one-on-one and institution in-character education sessions. Students can choose the date, time, and area that paintings first-rate for them.

The program is certified in all 50 states to provide a licensed lifeguard direction. With it comes get admission to to teachers in greater than 1,500 U.S. towns and more than 30 nations. Lifeguard-Pro gives training in lifeguarding, CPR, first aid, and water protection for individuals, businesses, government businesses, and the army.

Lessons are available via a home observe course, mixed with in-character schooling periods led by using a nearby education instructor. Offerings encompass swimming pool certifications, deep and shallow water certifications, lifeguard instructors, low cost recertification instructions, and more.

The most popular alternative is the Lifeguard Swimming Pool path, which certifies students to supervise pools which can be no deeper than 12 toes. It consists of American Heart Association lessons in CPR and primary useful resource.

To get your certification from Lifeguard-Pro, you ought to successfully whole each path (taught through an in-man or woman instructor) as well as the final written tests in lifeguarding, CPR, and first useful resource with a score of ninety% or better.

If you are underneath age 18, your discern or felony dad or mum need to fill out a shape to log out on you taking the path(s) you pick out.

The expenses for schooling at Lifeguard-Pro range depending on which class you're taking. The Home-Study Course is about $225, the In-Person Training is round $225, and getting recertified is more or less $99.

Best Budget : Local YMCA


While the YMCA focuses on teenagers improvement, the nonprofit organisation gives a certified lifeguarding path for students who need to learn the capabilities and understanding to prevent, apprehend, and respond to aquatic emergencies.

This 30-hour, in-person course teaches college students how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies, accidents, and other medical situations while anticipating emergency clinical offerings. Upon final touch of the route, the YMCA will trouble a certificates for lifeguarding, CPR, AED, and first resource, that's valid for 2 years.

The YMCA also gives a combined, certified lifeguard education application that includes seven hours of on-line instructions and 23 hours of in-person education. The prerequisites are the identical for the in-man or woman software and the mixed shape.

The price for the YMCA Certified Lifeguard Course is about $225 for members and round $250 for non-members. Depending on your local YMCA’s expenses, pricing may also range.

Best for Managers : The American Red Cross

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has been a leader inside the enterprise for years. In addition to its water protection training, the organisation offers a special course for those who manipulate lifeguards.

The three-and-a-1/2-hour Lifeguard Management Online Course lets in managers to work at their personal pace and time table and start the lesson anytime. It additionally helps educate aquatic managers to successfully oversee lifeguards, with the last goal of maintaining shoppers, staff, and centers secure.

The course is rather interactive and includes video classes and sports based on actual-lifestyles eventualities. Participants who pass the path will get hold of a two-12 months certification.

There are not any stipulations for the direction, so humans can take it even supposing they don’t have a lifeguarding historical past. Individuals who plan to take the lesson may work at a whole lot of aquatic places, consisting of municipal or seasonal pools or yr-spherical operations.

The Lifeguard Management Online Course is ready $a hundred and twenty, however charges may additionally range relying in your geographic area.

Best Local Community : Teach America To Swim

Teach America to Swim

Like different licensed lifeguard education packages, Teach America To Swim objectives to provide pinnacle-notch schooling in spotting, preventing, and responding to emergencies which can occur in and across the water. The employer is captivated with swimming safety and is devoted to a excessive fashionable of coaching at the same time as making getting to know fun for college students.

Founded with the aid of Sabrina Zervas-Keller, a instructor who become worried approximately the number of children in her magnificence who couldn’t swim, she started running to teach protection teachers to teach swim instructions. So committed have been the founders of Teach American To Swim that they began auditing present swimming guidance packages (to improve training) in local groups.

Now, Teach America To Swim works with nearby faculties, groups, parks and exercise departments, adolescents camps, and YMCAs to help them enhance their swimming protection applications.

The corporation makes use of the American Red Cross curriculum in its on-line and in-man or woman training sessions, and the lifeguard program permits students to come to be American Red Cross-certified. The on line part of the course is needed for students before they attend the in-individual schooling.

Features of the program consist of a lifeguard training path, a lifeguard schooling package, and a certification in first resource, CPR, and AED. The lifeguard schooling instructions supplied via Teach America To Swim encompass certifications for shallow swimming swimming pools, deep pools, waterfronts, water parks, and children camps.

The value for the licensed lifeguard software is about $three hundred to $375, relying on where you stay.

Best for Open Water : United States Lifesaving Association (USLA)

United States Life Saving Association (USLA)

The United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) is a nonprofit, expert affiliation of seaside lifeguards that works with corporations to teach and lease open-water lifeguards. The primary aim of the USLA is to lessen the occurrence of dying and injury in open-water beaches and swimming areas in the U.S. by way of establishing country wide lifeguard requirements and schooling programs.

Becoming an ocean/surf open-water lifeguard includes potentially unsafe and challenging conditions. Compared to a swimming pool, the boundaries of turning into an ocean lifeguard include a much large number of swimmers and beachgoers and more risky rescue situations. The process requires a excessive stage of bodily stamina.

Individuals will want to find a local USLA-Certified enterprise, so as to post recruitment dates and certification checking out statistics. The stipulations for an open-water lifeguard training software may also range relying on in which you practice for employment, however a timed swim check is typically required.

Costs may additionally vary, depending on which agency you pick out.


What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Certified Lifeguard?

In maximum states you need to meet sure minimal criteria to gain knowledge of as a licensed lifeguard for deep or shallow water or a pool:

  • You need to be at the least 15 years of age.
  • You have to be capable of swim three hundred yards, (six laps in a 25-yard pool) constantly while demonstrating a rhythmic breath method.
  • You ought to be able to tread water for 2 minutes the use of only your legs.
  • You need to entire a timed swim event that consists of diving, surfacing, and retrieving a weighted object.
  • You ought to be capable of go out the water without the usage of a ladder or stairs.

The conditions for open-water lifeguard certification range from kingdom-to-state and depend upon which certification you are pursuing. There are distinct requirements for an ocean or surf open-water lifeguard, as compared to a lifeguard who works at a lake or another non-surf beach.

What Can You Expect From the Lifeguard Certification Test?

The lifeguard certification take a look at consists of a written, multiple-choice examination, and most training require an 80% grade to skip. You can take the examination once more if you fail. After that, a swimming check is given to prove that you can meet the physical needs of being a lifeguard. Expect to tread water, display right respiration techniques, and perform precise swim activities which could or might not be timed.

How Long Does a Lifeguard Certification Last?

The American Red Cross certification for lifeguards must be renewed each two years, and that includes first useful resource, CPR, and AED schooling. Some establishments provide certificates that ought to be renewed annually, so make certain to inquire whilst you're looking into education.

I’m Already Certified in CPR. Do I Still Need to Do This Training to Become a Lifeguard?

Most lifeguard certification programs require CPR, first useful resource, and AED schooling as part of the final touch necessities. If you’ve already taken CPR or first useful resource guides, you’ll nonetheless advantage from a refresher.

How We Chose the Best Lifeguard Certification Classes

In choosing the fine lifeguard certification instructions, it become vital to recollect whether the direction was valid; in different words, does the institution qualify to trouble legitimate, criminal lifeguard certifications with a purpose to allow college students to legally paintings as lifeguards? Next, we decided on packages that provide bendy scheduling and unique blessings, which include combined courses with on-line and in-person instructions.

We blanketed our top choices for packages that provide loads of education courses, together with shallow water, deep water, and open-water education. Finally, we seemed to see whether or not all the mandatory elements for certification (required with the aid of most states) have been offered, along with CPR, AED, and primary useful resource classes.

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