Turn Your Company Smartphone Into a Sales Tool

Your cellphone is really a toolkit for income fulfillment.

Your smartphone's GPS can get you on your income appointments on time, even in case you're in a bizarre town far from home. Most GPS software program may also warn you to foremost site visitors delays and find you an alternate path as needed. Use gear like Google Maps to plot your itinerary so you're making the most of your tour time via warding off backtracking or needless time sinks.

Access Customer Data

Many CRMs permit you to hook up with them from your cellphone and pull out useful data on prospects and customers. It's easy to retrieve a customer's order records or little details you've got discovered approximately a prospect, preserving you armed with crucial records.

Last-Minute Research

Wise salespeople do their first-rate to be early to each appointment. While you're sitting to your automobile or in the lobby looking ahead to your prospect to appear, you could pull out the phone and perform a little ultimate-minute Google looking and perhaps find a few new tidbits of statistics so as to make your presentation less complicated.


When you have six income appointments covered up in sooner or later, preserving them directly can be a nightmare. Most smartphones have apps that can help you document not simplest who you met and in which, however additionally your notes approximately the approaching appointment. That can save you from calling a prospect by way of the wrong name.

Update Social Media Accounts

Smartphones can make social media advertising and marketing plenty less complicated by using allowing you to grab a unfastened minute now after which to publish updates and read feedback. Thanks to a smartphone, you could make use of time that would in any other case be wasted while standing in line or ready in someone's office.

Get Real-Time Answers

When your prospect asks a query for the duration of an appointment and you don't know the answer, you may be able to discover one elsewhere. A telephone allows you to test your enterprise internet site or CRM to pull up facts approximately your products and deliver an instantaneous and accurate solution.

Contacts At Your Fingertips

A smartphone makes your complete deal with ebook available to you at all times. So in case you abruptly need to name your former coworker from the street to offer an creation to a new prospect, or need a last-minute motel reservation for an surprising in a single day live, it is now not a trouble. You also can get right of entry to live networking tools like LinkedIn to discover new contacts immediately.​

Know Your Prospects Personally

Of route, you have achieved your research to make sure you recognize your prospect's business. But creating a sale is as lots approximately non-public connections as it's far approximately having the proper product to sell. Social media which includes Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can let you know a amazing deal about the individual you'll be meeting with. Is this character a sports activities fan? Which kingdom does she hail from? Do you've got contacts, stories, or maybe a university in not unusual? Details like those assist you to to make a wonderful first influence, set up a private connection, and increase your chances of creating a sale.