Call Center Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

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Content of the Article

Call facilities have their personal set of key overall performance indicators (KPI) that managers can use to determine the fulfillment of their operations. Below we are able to overview the commonplace call center KPI. Remember, though, that the important thing control difficulty is not what those numbers are, but instead what you do with them.

Basic Call Center KPI

There are many KPI that a name center can control. Listed underneath are some of the not unusual ones, with short descriptions. There are longer factors in addition down. More business terms are defined within the commercial enterprise management glossary.

  • Time to reply: How long does it take for an agent to answer an incoming call?
  • Abandon rate: What percentage of the calls are misplaced earlier than they may be replied?
  • Call coping with time: How lengthy does it take the agent to finish the decision?
  • First name decision: What percentage of calls may be resolved in a unmarried call?
  • Transfer price: What percent of calls ought to be transferred to a person else to finish?
  • Idle time: How much time does an agent spend after the finishing touch of a name to finish the business from that call?
  • Hold time: How lots time does the agent maintain the caller on maintain all through the decision?

Additional Call Center Agent KPI

In addition to the metrics above, which can be appropriately measured via Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) smartphone systems, many name facilities use exceptional tracking programs to degree agent performance against much less objective metrics including the following.

  • Phone etiquette: How did the caller or the observer rate the agent's behavior or the call?
  • Knowledge and professionalism: How did the caller or the observer rate the agent's information of the product or service being provided or the tactics to comply with to clear up the caller's problem?
  • Adherence to techniques: How well did the observer determine the agent did in following the script if there's one, or different methods unique by means of the company for dealing with calls and callers?

Call Center KPI Descriptions

Here are greater unique descriptions of every of these standards.

Time to Answer

This is a size, typically expressed in seconds, of the time from whilst a call is received till it's miles spoke back by an agent. It is a measure of the decision middle performance instead of of the agent performance. It does, however, depend upon name center dealers being available to answer calls whilst they may be scheduled to accomplish that. This metric is intently tied to desert charge.

Abandon Rate

This is a dimension, expressed as a percent, of the number of callers who disconnect, or are disconnected, before they reach an agent who answers their call. This is a degree of name middle overall performance in preference to agent overall performance. However, it's miles related to call dealing with time.

Call Handling Time

This is a measurement, normally expressed in seconds, of the time an agent is on the call with the caller. This call managing time will range from call to call relying on the character and complexity of the caller's issue. As a result, the call handling time of an agent on any individual call is not a great metric. It is important to average the call managing time over some of calls to get an correct evaluation of the agent's performance. Average call managing time is likewise a metric for the decision middle as an entire and for man or woman teams inside the name center.

First Call Resolution (FCR)

This is a measurement, expressed as a percent, of the range of calls which can be resolved for the duration of that name and do now not require both the patron to name back or an agent to make an outgoing call to the caller with additional data. This is indirectly a size of agent performance. The higher the agent is the better their character FCR might be, however it isn't an precise size because the resolution of the decision may require motion through someone aside from the agent, which include a manager or every other branch. FCR is difficult to accurately measure and should be evaluated with care.

Transfer Rate

In addition to first call resolution, a few call centers also measure transfer rate. This is a size, expressed as a percent, of the range of calls that the agent has to transfer to someone else to complete. This is probably to a supervisor or to another department. The reason for the transfer might be the fault of the agent, a request by way of the caller, or an incorrect routing of the incoming call.

Idle Time

This is a measurement, typically expressed in seconds, of the time an agent spends finishing work on a name after the caller has hung up. For example, it can be the time it takes the agent to position requested material into an envelope and mail it to the caller. Some call centers require sellers to deal with such issues at the same time as the caller waits on the phone. This will bring about a lower idle time fee, however a higher call coping with time.

Hold Time

This is a dimension, generally expressed in seconds, of the time an agent continues a caller on maintain for the duration of a call. It may be the time had to appearance something up or to speak to someone else to locate an answer to the caller's trouble. Many name centers also specify a most period of time a caller may be kept on keep without the agent checking lower back with the caller.

Phone Etiquette

This is a size, expressed as a percent, of the great of the agent's etiquette in the course of the decision. It normally includes a range of of factors, sometimes weighted, which might be checked off by a high-quality monitor being attentive to the call. The extra elements which can be checked off, the better the agent's rating. These consist of gadgets along with "greeted the consumer via name," "spoke in a clear, calm voice," and "repeated caller's problem to confirm expertise".

Knowledge and Professionalism

This is a size, expressed as a percent, of the best of the agent's know-how at some stage in the decision. This will be product understanding in a sales call middle or system information in a customer support name middle.

Adherence to Procedures

This is a dimension, expressed as a percentage, of how well the agent followed organisation approaches all through the call. In a sales call middle, there may be a script the agent desires to comply with. Other tactics specify a way to greet the caller, how to terminate the decision, whilst to switch a name, how to reply to irate callers, and more.