Listing Social Security Numbers on Job Applications

When and When Not to Share Your SSN

a job application with a pen and social security card resting on it

Many job seekers are concerned about supplying their social protection numbers (SSN) while finishing process programs. State legal guidelines range on what records may be accrued from applicants, and maximum states don't limit agencies from soliciting for social security numbers.

However, you've got the proper to decide whether or no longer you experience cushty giving out your social protection number – simply preserve in thoughts that it may effect your threat of having hired.

Why Employers Ask for Social Security Numbers on Applications

Some employers (which include kingdom hiring agencies and the federal government) require candidates to listing their social security range (SSN) when completing process programs. Employers might also want your social safety wide variety to behavior a heritage take a look at or credit score test.

However, several states have prohibited or confined using credit checks for activity applicants. Most employers that do behavior those assessments do not do so until you're similarly along inside the hiring manner than the preliminary utility.

When Employers Can Ask for Your Social Security Number

Employers are accepted to ask applicants for their social safety numbers in all states. Several states consisting of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts require employers to position safeguards like encryption in region to shield the privacy of process seekers.

However, the Society of Human Resource Management advises employers - An employment utility ought to request handiest records immediately related to an applicant’s capacity to perform a particular job… preferred practice, employers ought to request SSN records simplest whilst absolutely important.” Check with your State Department of Labor to envision any restrictions for neighborhood employers to request your social safety range.

Your Options for Filling Out the Application

Just due to the fact you are asked on your social security number, does now not imply you are obligated to offer it out. It is vital for job seekers to understand that they're no longer legally required to provide their social security numbers to employers, with the exception of government and country wide safety-related jobs or jobs that require a credit test.

With the upward push of identification theft, it makes experience to be cautious of to whom you provide your social security number to. If the agency says giving your social security variety is non-compulsory, you may truely pick out now not to present it. If it's far required at the software, you could nonetheless select not to listing it if that is feasible.

  • Add an Explanation. You can be in a position to explain on your application that you do now not feel cushty giving them your social security wide variety at this factor within the process utility technique. However, maintain in thoughts that if any job listing requires your social protection range and you do now not listing it, your utility may not be taken into consideration. 
  • You May Be Able to Leave it Blank. If you're filling out a task software, you will be able to bypass the section in which they ask in your SSN. Or make a notation which you could be inclined to share your social protection range once you are being seriously considered for employment.
  • You Could Edit What You List. Another choice is to list the ultimate four digits as 0000. Of path, employers might pick to display screen out candidates who do no longer follow their request for records.

When You Have to List Your Social Security Number

If giving your social protection range is a required area on an online utility, leaving the solution blank might not be an option. Before filling to your social protection variety, make sure you are at the company’s legitimate site. If you are making use of for the task through a task seek web page, recall discovering or calling the agency earlier than making use of to confirm that the posting is legitimate.

In cases in which employers conduct credit assessments on personnel as a part of heritage checks, candidates will want to provide their SSN which will get hold of attention. Background tests are usually conducted on applicants who have already exceeded through the preliminary screening of packages. However, several states have prohibited or limited the use of credit score tests for process candidates.

Check Before You Give it Out

When giving out your social security wide variety, you want to be actually cautious approximately who you provide it to and under what circumstances you divulge it. The Privacy Rights Clearing House has recommendation on the way to carefully test out organizations who request it and what you may do to protect your social protection quantity on line.

Tips for Avoiding Scammers

Scammers often ask for social security numbers as a part of a fake activity application or as part of the hiring manner for a job that doesn't exist.

  • If an organisation ever asks you to ship them cash as a part of the application, chances are it is a scam.
  • If an employer you have got never labored with or in no way heard of offers you a check, it is likely also a scam. Tear up the check and end verbal exchange with the enterprise.
  • Definitely do not e mail your social security range to any prospective company - or to anybody, in widespread.
  • Avoid sharing any non-public information beyond your touch statistics. Do not encompass, as an example, your driving force’s license variety and/or credit score card statistics.

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