10 Tech Careers That Don't Involve Coding

This is just like UX, however user interface design (UI) gives greater emphasis to the design of the interface.

UI designers establish the look and feel of a software’s interface. UI designers regularly are answerable for:

  • Visual design thru every level from brainstorming to engineering.
  • Clear communique of ideas and instructions to users thru well-designed wireframes, storyboards, person flows, and sitemaps.
  • Making the interface a cohesive entire through deliberately designing every detail of the website online or net app to make certain they all paintings together.

National Average Salary for UI Designers: $sixty one,308

User Experience Designer

User experience designers (UX) create merchandise with the end-person in thoughts. Their number one purpose is increasing consumer pride.

The area of UX varies significantly. Some UXers recognition on consumer research completely, even as others can be greater involved with prototyping products.

A few key responsibilities consist of:

  • User research: expertise users through interviews or different strategies like card sorting.
  • Information architecture: understanding the most effective approaches to structure content on a site or app.
  • Data-pushed layout: making layout selections based on data evaluation.
  • Wireframing and prototyping: constructing test versions of websites/internet apps.

National Average Salary for UX Designers: $seventy two,780

Software Quality Tester

Software pleasant testers (SQTs) test the quality of software products prior to public release to make sure they're operating properly.

The area is related to, however become independent from, satisfactory guarantee (QA).

SQTs run various practical, stress, and scalability assessments throughout numerous patron scenarios in efforts to “break” the software program with a purpose of removing bugs and enhancing the fine improvement of the very last product.

National Average Salary for Software Quality Testers: $53,646

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO), while frequently classified underneath the advertising umbrella,​ is characterized by using technical components of its own—particularly, handling growing rankings in search engines like google whose algorithms are all the time being optimized for up to the moment relevance.

search engine marketing specialists collaborate with developers and net designers to make certain search engine marketing pleasant practices are being implemented across a website/web app.

Other commonplace obligations for search engine marketing specialists encompass:

  • Researching key phrases.
  • Working with content material teams to pressure SEO in content material creation.
  • Optimizing reproduction on pages to improve seek engine ranking.
  • Tracking, reporting, and reading website analytics and PPC campaigns.

National Average Salary for SEO Specialists: $40,750

Data Analyst

Data analytics jobs are ideal for those owning an affinity for data set evaluation, fashion spotting, and power in conveying the findings in layman's terms.

Strong mathematical and analytical abilties are key to the position statistics analysts play, extensively information of records—series and company of huge sets of data are imperative to the task description. Additionally, a few corporations may require measurable programming acumen.

National Average Salary for Data Analysts: $fifty two,981

Web Analytics Specialist

Web analytics pertains to search engine optimization and digital advertising. Specialists cognizance on site site visitors measurement, intention-setting for web page elements, consumer enjoy visualization thru Google Analytics, and site trade monitoring with A/B testing.

Web evaluation professionals generally work via companies representing more than one customers, so count on to deal with more than one website, relying at the corporation's length and workflow.

National Average Salary for Web Analytics Specialist: $sixty two,464

Enterprise Software Sales

Enterprise software program income can be a distinctly lucrative discipline for the proper individual. As with any sales task, notable performance is typically rewarded with commissions and bonuses, setting top performers at a number of the largest global companies inside the $four hundred,000 in keeping with 12 months range.

Software-as-a-service sales, extra generally known as 'SaaS sales' capabilities usually as commercial enterprise-to-commercial enterprise (B2B) carrier.

However, as is the case in so many income roles, excessive reward comes with high risk. Quotas, high-strain-excessive-stakes negotiations, and massive tour regularly take a toll on family lifestyles, so knowing what you're stepping into at the outset is essential.

National Average Salary for Enterprise Software Sales: $72,325

Growth Hacker

Also known as a person acquisition professional, growth hackers fall below the bigger umbrella of advertising and marketing, as properly.

Commonly employed by way of startups, growth hackers combine advertising, technology, and commercial enterprise development with a laser attention on user acquisition. They expand and put into effect onboarding strategies, experiment extensively, degree effects, and tweak—or even discard—plans as vital, based totally on client reaction and engagement. Such a position calls for flexibility and agility of technique to efficiently execute.

National Average Salary for Growth Hackers: $74,369

Tech Support Specialist

Some varieties of tech assist jobs require a diploma if the kind of guide you are giving is notably technical; for others, a degree isn't any trouble.

Perhaps the finest gain to many on this field is the flexibility. Many tech guide companies allow for flex scheduling, operating from domestic or some hybrid. As lengthy as you’re capable of engage with clients and help them with their technology troubles, it doesn’t usually depend whether you’re in a cubicle or on your sofa.

A stable familiarity with a huge sort of tech products and problems coupled with strong communication abilties are vital to this position. 

National Average Salary for Tech Support Specialists: $40,335

Technical Recruiter

Technical recruiters often stand as gatekeepers between main organizations and technical personnel consisting of programmers and developers. While they don't perform fingers-on responsibilities with technology or coding, a fundamental understanding of the bigger technical panorama is extremely critical to gaining the revel in wanted for the quite-specialized roles they're reduced in size to fill.

Excellent communique capabilities are key for a technical recruiter. Experience operating in technology fields is a bonus, as is a mature and assured persona.

National Average Salary for Technical Recruiters: $45,064