Guide to College Majors through Academic Area

Choosing a college fundamental become hard enough lower back while there have been only 50 or so. These days, there are masses of majors, in the whole thing from astronautics to viticulture. And it is now not an embarrassment of riches for the university pupil frantically trying to pick one—it is a humiliation of overwhelming-ness.

Fortunately, those college majors all fall into six vast instructional areas. And picking one out of six academic regions of interest need to be considerably simpler than looking to pluck one issue out of a hundred and fifty or extra opportunities. What remains isn't always only a drastically much less intimidating list to explore—it is able to provide lots of fodder for discern-university kid communique inside the days to return. "What on earth is informatics?" you may ask. "And is ceramic engineering an artwork elegance?" (Um, no. It's now not.)

Browse the entire listing in one go, or bounce at once to such a six instructional regions for a touch greater intensity:

  • Visual and Performing Arts-Related Majors
  • Science and Math Majors
  • Environment-Related Majors
  • Business Majors
  • Engineering & Technology Majors
  • Language, Literature & Social Science Majors

Visual and Performing Arts-Related Majors

Choosing one college fundamental out of loads of possibilities is much simpler in case your university youngster already knows what he wishes is something within the visual and appearing arts area. And contrary to popular opinion and operatic plots, arts majors do no longer risk starvation (although it truly is truly one of numerous classic parental misconceptions).

These majors constitute a variety of deeply innovative and artistic hobbies, every with many sub-specialties (and whose ability salaries may also marvel you). The asterisks under denote historically competitive majors, which may be difficult to get into on a few campuses or may additionally require auditions, portfolios or recommendations.

Visual & Performing Arts Majors

  • Architectural layout*, consisting of structure and landscape structure
  • Art*, and its many realistic artwork sub-specialties, including animation, virtual layout, fashion design, game layout, photograph design, instance, interior layout, and photography, in addition to conventional art forms
  • Art history (which has more job opportunities than you may think—here are 15 careers for artwork historians)
  • Cinematography and movie*, which include crucial research, animation, and digital arts, interactive media, film and TV production, and writing
  • Dance* (right here are 15 exceptional career avenues to pursue)
  • Music*, inclusive of overall performance (specific device or vocal, in addition to by using genre of music), composition, records, ethnomusicology, music training, sound layout, and recording era
  • Theater Arts, consisting of acting, directing, layout, playwriting, technical theater, control, and appearing arts entrepreneurship

Science and Math Majors

Student scientist

Over the final 30 years, the sciences have exploded into an extravagant array of possibilities. Some, which includes bioengineering, can be very competitive to get into. Most of those programs have stringent GPA and prerequisite coursework necessities.

Pre-med students generally choose a major from this listing, even though statistically, tune college students stand a higher threat of recognition at med faculty. (If, that is, they can score decently at the science-heavy MCAT.)

Science and Math Majors

  • Mathematics and implemented arithmetic, an interdisciplinary subject that applies mathematics to other realistic fields, that can consist of, for example, biology, engineering, and economics
  • Agricultural sciences, which includes agricultural and environmental training, animal biology, animal technological know-how and management, avian sciences, biotechnology, entomology, plant sciences, and viticulture and enology (yes, that is winemaking and winery control)
  • Astronomy, astronautics, and astrophysics
  • Biochemistry
  • Bioengineering and associated fields, along with medical technology
  • Biology, consisting of its many sub-specialties, along with cellular, marine, micro, molecular and neurobiology
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Criminal technological know-how and forensics
  • Earth and area sciences, together with geology, geochemistry, geophysics, paleobiology and paleontology, space physics and seismology
  • Environmental sciences, such as atmospheric sciences
  • Food technology, which include nutrition technological know-how and culinary arts
  • Genetics
  • Kinesiology, inclusive of sports activities medicinal drug and workout biology
  • Marine biology and oceanography
  • Nursing
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Pre-med, pre-dent, and so forth. (Some schools offer those as specific levels, although you can apply to medical and dental faculty with any predominant—and these can be a resume liability if the scholar modifications his mind.)
  • Psychology, a discipline that overlaps with the social sciences
  • Speech and hearing sciences and issues
  • Statistics

Environment-Related Majors

Scientist in greenhouse

When you hear humans communicate approximately the sudden explosion of latest majors and fields of have a look at, environmental research and environmental sciences are a massive part of that. The following majors, which consist of difficult sciences as well as social sciences, all faucet into environmental subjects.

Some students pair subjects to feature similarly depth and know-how. They may also double foremost in marine biology and environmental research, for instance, or city planning and environmental studies.

  • Aquatic and fishery sciences
  • Anthropology
  • Atmospheric sciences
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Ecology
  • Environmental studies, including law, policy, ethics, generation, and remediation
  • Environmental technology
  • Resource management, along with forestry, watershed, and flora and fauna control
  • Oceanography and marine biology
  • Urban planning

Business Majors

Corporate business meeting

There's absolute confidence that positive profession paths are more stable than others. Industry segments can also come and go, however there will continually be a need for accountants, statisticians and statistics systems specialists. A commercial enterprise essential is a reasonably positive wager, but a lot of those majors have stringent access necessities.

Business-Related Majors

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial technological know-how
  • Advertising, advertising, and public family members
  • Agribusiness control and agricultural structures control
  • Business management
  • Construction control
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Information systems
  • Health administration
  • Hospitality control
  • International enterprise and exchange
  • Labor studies and employment family members
  • Management, including management/entrepreneurship
  • Management of facts structures
  • Security and danger analysis
  • Statistics

Engineering and Technology Majors

The financial system may additionally ebb and float, but new engineering and era majors are constantly wanted. That reputation manner that entering into lots of these packages is an extremely aggressive affair. At a few universities, you practice for an area in the engineering program while you observe for admission to the faculty inside the first area. But it is now not authentic of each essential and every faculty. Applied mathematics, for example, is much less possibly to be impacted. But students who're interested in this kind of degrees have to meet with an academic consultant very early on.

Engineering and Technology Majors

  • Aeronautics and Astronautics, that is the design, trying out, and manufacturing of plane, missiles, and spacecraft
  • Applied mathematical sciences
  • Bioengineering
  • Bioresource science and engineering
  • Chemical and biomolecular engineering
  • Civil and environmental engineering
  • Electrical engineering and pc technology
  • Industrial engineering
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Nuclear science and engineering

Language, Literature & Social Science Majors

Woman writing in cafe

The social sciences and liberal arts encompass an giant wide variety of majors, most of that have held consistent for the final several decades.

Don't bounce to any conclusions about the marketability of those majors. Anthropology majors get scooped up with the aid of businesses for their prowess with organization dynamics and company cultures—which can be as arcane and formality-filled as any remoted tribe. Don't cut price English, history or comp lit majors; the sector is badly in need of those who can write. And earlier than you drop a snarky comment approximately philosophy majors best understanding how to philosophize, reflect onconsideration on how many years they spend analyzing good judgment. In quick, there may be greater to a liberal arts diploma than you might suppose.

Literature, Language, and Social Science Majors

  • Anthropology and related fields, consisting of paleontology and geography
  • American, English and comparative literature, and classics, the look at of Ancient Greek and Roman tradition, language and literature
  • City (urban) planning
  • Communication, which includes such sub-specialties as print, on line and broadcast journalism, and tech writing
  • Pre-regulation, criminology, social justice, and related fields
  • Education, including early youth and unique training
  • Economics
  • English, along with creative writing and linguistics
  • Ethnic and gender research
  • Foreign languages and literature
  • History and archaeology
  • Library and records sciences
  • Philosophy and rhetoric
  • Political science and worldwide research
  • Psychology
  • Religious studies
  • Sociology