Common Computer Skills Interview Questions


When you're interviewing for a activity, a normal query is, "What laptop talents do you have and what programs are you comfortable the use of?"

Of route, the solution to this query will vary broadly relying on the task for that you are applying. If you're applying for a excessive-tech position that requires plenty of records generation capabilities, for instance, you should recognise your abilities and experience like the back of your hand and be able to recount them without difficulty.

However, in case you're applying for a position that requires lighter laptop abilities, you may want a few help arising with a sturdy answer. Here are some guidelines, along with a few sample interview questions and solutions.

How to Answer Questions About Computer Skills

The maximum not unusual software currently getting used for workplace paintings is phrase processing software program like Microsoft Word, spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, and presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint.

It's essential to refresh your talents with those basic packages. Some organizations can also choose Apple software program and Mac computer systems, even though if you're most effective anticipated to do simple computer work, you'll probably be working with Microsoft packages.

Keep in mind that most job candidates will have revel in with these Microsoft applications, and maximum employers will anticipate you to as properly.

Therefore, nation which you are fluent or experienced with those software applications, but don’t spend an excessive amount of time elaborating in this.

Depending on the company’s industry, they may also have specialized software that you want to grasp. You should studies what they are using beforehand of time, if in any respect feasible.

For instance, you need to appearance carefully at the task description and notice if it calls for you to have enjoy with any applications. Be sure to say your enjoy or know-how of this software.

Remember, you ought to constantly be honest when answering interview questions. If you are saying you're an expert at a software, your corporation is going to anticipate you with the intention to stroll proper into the office and get to paintings. It will mirror very poorly on you if you do not absolutely have the talents which you declare.

10 Computer Skills Interview Questions and Sample Answers

These pc talents questions are the most likely ones you will area in a private interview. By training your solutions ahead of time, you’ll be capable of provide assured responses even under stress.

1. How snug are you the usage of the factors of Microsoft Office?

What They Want to Know: In nearly any activity that calls for word processing, job applicants may be predicted to be properly-versed in the use of Microsoft Word. Most administrative roles additionally require talent in Microsoft Excel (for growing spreadsheets) and in Microsoft PowerPoint (for growing displays). 

Example Answer

I’m proficient with Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I’m very cushty the usage of these programs and feature plenty of experience doing so.

2. How adept are you in getting to know rising computer software applications and systems?

What They Want to Know: Business technology trade in a single day, so any employee who uses a computer ought to be capable of keep up with device enhancements and / or new software installations.

Example Answer

I’m very comfortable using computer systems and am assured in my potential to analyze any new applications quick. For example, in my remaining task as a web editor, I mastered a new content management system in no time: inside two weeks, I became teaching the system to our interns.

three. Which operating software structures are you conversant with? 

What They Want to Know: There are different factors that go into which of the pc global’s two number one working structures groups select to spend money on. While maximum creative and layout professions nevertheless select Apple’s Mac merchandise, value-conscious corporations in different industries frequently equip their places of work with much less highly-priced Microsoft PCs. Most activity listings will mention the computer machine utilized at a agency, so be organized to give an explanation for your stage of know-how of their desired OS.  

Example Answer

I am cushty the usage of each Windows and Apple working software program. I actually have used each in my previous activity for the beyond ten years.

four. How comfortable are you the usage of spreadsheet software? 

What They Want to Know: Any employee tasked with bookkeeping or accounting features will possibly need to demonstrate that they can use computer technology to calculate, desk, chart, and compare numerical facts.

Example Answer

I’m an professional at Microsoft Excel and Mac Numbers. I can create fully useful spreadsheets and am familiar with organizing and studying large sets of records. For example, I amassed and organized our entire college’s testing results in each math and English for the beyond years. I then analyzed and interpreted those findings for our superintendent.

five. How gifted are you in the use of picture and video design software? 

What They Want to Know: Although the use of photos-manipulation software program used to be the area of layout and marketing specialists, these styles of application have turn out to be so clean to use that many office specialists now use them as properly, specially in small agencies where administrative body of workers can be asked to update web sites or create graphically-greater internal or external communications substances.

Example Answer

In addition to fundamental laptop capabilities and word processing, I’m additionally acquainted with picture and video editing software. I have used both Adobe After Effects and iMovie to edit brief promotional films for my preceding enterprise, and feature obtained an awful lot praise from my agency for my talent in these packages.

6. Which mobile technology are you experienced in using? 

What They Want to Know: Mobile technology, including smartphones and tablets, have grow to be an increasingly vital device for small groups, especially inside the sales and advertising sectors. This is a trend which that handiest grow as telecommunications groups roll out new cloud-primarily based apps and offerings for commercial enterprise customers.

Example Answer

As a mission lead in my ultimate activity, I significantly improved the communications among our team individuals – unfold across five specific geographical income divisions – by enforcing our use of the GoToMeeting mobile app. I learn new apps in no time, and use Salesforce1, Pipedrive, and Nimble on a every day foundation.

7. Part of the obligations of this function will entail that you assist us to construct our social media presence. Which social media websites do you generally use?

What They Want to Know: Social media has turn out to be a preferred channel for plenty corporations to reach out to present and potential clients.

Example Answer

I’ve evolved private pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as creating a business profile for my preceding corporation on Facebook, in which I posted at least three times per week, tracked reader engagement, and installation Facebook ads connected to the agency’s internet site.

8. How might you fee your competency in HTML? 

What They Want to Know: If one in every of your process capabilities includes keeping a internet site or writing a income or corporate blog, then you'll absolute confidence be requested about your talent in HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), or JavaScript. Don’t be surprised if the hiring committee additionally requests that you take an HTML abilities aptitude test need to you're making it to the second one or 1/3 round of an interview. 

Example Answer

I have 8 years’ experience the usage of HTML to create web sites, in addition to stable revel in converting HTML webpages to WordPress. I also have strong CSS programming competencies, and as a result were my company’s cross-to man or woman when they wished a person to help teach others in implementing cascading fashion sheets.

nine. Which Google-based business tools have you used for your previous roles? 

What They Want to Know: As telecommunications tools have turn out to be more and more sophisticated, severa small groups have all started to govern workplace prices and improve the paintings/lifestyle balances in their employees by means of permitting their workforce to work at home or while on the street. Any employer who is predicated upon a cell or faraway team of workers may nicely have followed Google-based gear to beautify the rate and efficiency of their business operations.

Example Answer

Because most of our team in the design branch at ABC Company labored remotely, we used G Suite for our business email communications, video conferencing, file sharing, and cloud storage.

10. Have you earned any pc certifications? 

What They Want to Know: Being able to demonstrate which you have successfully completed IT certification programs in numerous software programs can be a huge benefit for a job candidate, considering the fact that this shall we potential employers recognize that you are professionally educated and will not require additional practise or mentoring in order to use their computer systems.

Example Answer

In order to fully amplify my command of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, I recently earned my certification as a Financials Functional Consultant Associate. The expertise I gained has enabled me to exponentially streamline our discipline provider operations.

Tips to Answer Computer Skills Interview Questions

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare to respond to interview questions concerning your technical proficiencies.

Bring your pc or different mobile equipment alongside. If you recognize that the usage of net, cloud-based totally, or cell technologies will be a large part of your paintings obligations, convey your computer or cellphone alongside simply in case the hiring manager asks for examples of webpages you’ve maintained or social media structures you’ve managed. This way, you may easily and unexpectedly display bookmarked examples of your work, an awful lot as an artist might show their portfolio.

Don’t fib or exaggerate your level of technical understanding. If you do now not have tons revel in with a required software program application, be sincere approximately this while asked. However, you might upload which you are very “digitally fluent,” and that you study new applications unexpectedly, if that is the fact. If you can, provide an instance of a time you learned a application quickly in the past.

Provide fluency check consequences. If you've got taken fluency checks in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and your effects have been strong, bring a replica of the take a look at consequences at the side of a duplicate of your resume and a list of expert references to present to the hiring committee. 

Provide extra facts approximately your technical proficiencies if warranted. If you've got precise enjoy with a specialized program that might be useful to your new task, make sure to say it. Even if it isn't always indexed in the job description or requested about in the interview, it is probably a beneficial extra talent. At the very least, this may reveal your enthusiasm for laptop technology and display which you recognise a way to use different programs to optimize business communications or paintings procedures.

More Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make the Best Impression

As we’ve discussed, it’s a excellent idea to assessment the activity announcement before your interview so you are organized to speak about your degree of competency with any application it lists as a “minimal” or “desired” qualification.

Also, if there may be software program you want to understand for the activity, however you're unexpected with it, you might sign on for a unfastened online magnificence. That manner, at some point of the interview, you could explain that you are currently studying the software program. This will come up with the delivered bonus of displaying your willpower to the business enterprise and the activity.