Develop a Great Social Media Campaign for Toothpaste

Develop a Great Social Media Campaign for Toothpaste

whitening toothpaste ad

Copywriting sporting activities assist you grow to be a better copywriter, irrespective of what your marketing revel in degree. This copywriting workout enables you write a toothpaste social media campaign. It can be as small as one Facebook advert, or something encompassing an entire host of processes and structures. The scale is as much as you.

Note: The content material on this copywriting exercise is fictional. Any resemblance to real products, situations, people or companies is a coincidence.

Before You Begin

First and primary, a social media marketing campaign may be good sized and a long way-achieving, or it could be restrained to a few posts on a famous platform like Facebook or Twitter. The key to social media is to understand the specific target market you're focused on, and to attain out to them in a manner that is not stressful, intrusive, or "spammy." You know yourself that the ones experiences, specifically on cellular, can spoil your interaction and give you a totally terrible impression of the logo. 

Advertising Media

Ad(s) that run across social media systems such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 


Whitening toothpaste

Company Name



The employer wants you to expand a tagline.

Target Audience

Millennials. These younger women and men are open to new merchandise however do not like being advertised to. They need a reason to buy, past a price. They are open to engaging with a brand, specifically on social, however speak their language. Talk to them, not AT them. 

Ad's Focus

This isn't always a brand new product launch however its supposed audience is new to SNOW's marketing method. The campaign is concentrated on this new, younger target market. 

Special Promotions

Results in 7-days guaranteed or your cash lower back.


The employer has had amazing success advertising SNOW to older ladies and men. A majority of SNOW's advertising price range may be moved to marketplace SNOW particularly to millennials. SNOW pros feel there is a large hole inside the whitening toothpaste marketplace in relation to advertising and marketing the product to this younger audience. 


This is a more youthful, savvy crowd. They spend over 3 hours and forty mins of each day on their phones. They understand greater approximately apps than another technology, and that they use them regularly. To that end, you cannot be patronizing and have to avoid puns (for instance It's SNOW Joke). The tone is witty, friendly, open. SNOW is here for them to appearance precise, experience true, and get dates. 

Additional Information

• This print ad will seem in Esquire, GQ, Men's Health, Men's Journal and Sports Illustrated.

• The cost of the product is $22 for a 4.5-ounce tube or $14 for a 2.five-ounce tube.

• Due to the product's fee, most of SNOW's customers are experts.

• American Dental Association (ADA) permitted.

• SNOW eliminates all stains as a result of coffee, tea, and tobacco.

• Regular use of SNOW protects tooth from future stains.

• Safe enough for day by day use.

• No harsh abrasives or chemical compounds that purpose inflammation.

• A clinical take a look at indicates SNOW whitens teeth 224-percentage extra successfully than the main manufacturers of whitening toothpaste.

• Order at the organization website.

This facts is furnished that will help you write the advertising and marketing material. You can use or now not use all of these factors at your personal discretion.