How to Write a Cover Letter

Do you already know what to encompass to your cowl letter? Use those samples, templates, and writing tips to create powerful cover letters on the way to get you employed.

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Here's How to Get Professional Resume Templates From Google Docs
This illustration shows different cover letter salutations including "When You Have a Contact Person: Dear Mr. Jones, Dear Ms. Smith:," "When You Don't Have a Contact Person: Dear Sir or Madam," Dear Hiring Manager," and "To Whom It May Concern:"
How to Choose the Right Greeting for Your Cover Letter
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What to Know About Writing an Academic Cover Letter
Young woman working on cover letter
Here are Sample Cover Letters for a Recent College Graduate
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Here Are Personal Value Proposition Statement Letter Examples
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Try These Helpful Tips for Writing Handwritten Cover Letters
A photo of a woman at a laptop computer writing a cover letter.
Easy Block Paragraph Format Cover Letter Template
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Ask for the Order: Waiter/Waitress Resume and Cover Letter Examples
Portrait of babysitter and little girls
Nanny Resume and Cover Letter Examples
Job applicant preparing cover letter on vintage typewriter
Cover Letter to Apply for a Summer Sales Associate Job
Teenage girl and a mid adult man in a supermarket
What Does a Cover Letter for a Summer Cashier Position Look Like?
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Tips and Advice for Writing a Great Cover Letter
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Example of a Cover Letter for a Summer Hotel Worker and Writing Tips
Chefs prepare appetizers in kitchen
What Does a Cover Letter for a Summer Catering Job Look Like?
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Write a Golf Caddy Cover Letter and Resume to Land Your Summer Gig
A young woman writes an abstract on a laptop surrounded by her notes and research. Learn how to write an abstract here.
Quick Tips to Get Your Cover Letter Noticed
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Learn When You Need to Submit a Cover Letter With a Resume
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Should You Include a Cover Letter if it's Not Required?
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Cover Letters That Will Help Your Job Search
A person writing a cover letter on a laptop can choose from several font styles.
What is the Best Font Size for Cover Letters?
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How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?
Shot of a young woman using a laptop to write her cover letter.
Guidelines for Spacing a Cover Letter
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Cover Letter Paragraph and Margin Guidelines
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Tips for Including Bullet Points in a Cover Letter
Sending a professional email
Formatting Tips for Sending Professional Emails
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Here Is a Rundown of How to Structure a Cover Letter
Businessman reading a letter at office
How to Format Your Contact Information in a Cover Letter
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Options for Addressing Your Cover Letter
Young adult sitting at their computer brainstorming how to write a cover letter for an editing role. Speech bubble reads "I was excited to read about the editor role opening at XYZ company..."
How to Write a Strong Opening Sentence For a Cover Letter
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What Should Be within the Body Section of Your Cover Letter
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Tips for Matching Your Qualifications to a Job
Cover letter closing examples
How to End a Cover Letter With Closing Examples
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Top Keywords That Will Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out
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How to Write a Customized Cover Letter
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15 Things Not to Include in a Cover Letter
Professional Resume
8 Tips for Proofreading Job Applications, Cover Letters, and Resumes
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Here Are Some Tips and Samples for Sending Email Cover Letters
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100+ Free Cover Letter Examples and Templates
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Get Samples of the Best Cover Letters Listed through Job and Type
This illustration shows what to include in a student cover letter such as "Volunteer work, academic achievements, participation in clubs, internships," "Your academic background," "If you're an honor student with a GPA of 3.5 or higher," and "Soft skills, like time management and communication."
Students and Recent Graduates: How to Write a Cover Letter
Job Interview
Promotion Cover Letter Writing Tips and Examples
This illustration offers tips for writing a career change cover letter including "Emphasize transferable skills," "Highlight strong performance in previous positions," and "Thoroughly research and express passion for the company."
Here Is a Sample Career Change Cover Letter and Tips What to Include
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Best Cover Letter Tips for Unadvertised Jobs
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Cover Letter Samples That Include Referrals
Two women sitting opposite each other while one is interviewing for a job.
Applying for More Than One Job? Use This Cover Letter Example
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Part-Time Job Cover Letter Examples and Writing Tips
Camp counselor with children as a summer job
Summer Job Cover Letter Samples
Smiling young woman using laptop on balcony as she reviews and edits her cover letter for a job application.
How to Show Your Personality in a Cover Letter
Woman writing a letter of interest on her laptop
How to Write a Letter of Interest for a Job
Man with notepad and computer
Here's How to Write a Cover Letter That's Sure to Get You a Callback
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Tips for Using a Template to Write a Resume Cover Letter
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How to Write a Personalized Cover Letter
An applicant writing a cover letter for a job at a desk.
How Do You Write a Cover Letter When You're Overqualified?
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Sample Cover Letters for Teachers and Other Education Jobs
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The Best Cover Letter Examples for Sales and Marketing Jobs
Cover letter for a management job
How to Write a Cover Letter for a Management Position
Working on an IT cover letter
Best Cover Letter Tips for Information Technology (IT) Jobs
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Cover Letter Samples for Business and Administration Jobs
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Sample Letters of Interest for Unadvertised Jobs
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Sample Inquiry Letters to Ask About Available Jobs