Define Your Weaknesses

Focusing at the Positive

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I can’t think of every other interview query that flusters a scholar more than, “please describe your weaknesses.” At first this can seem like a pretty scary query but after you understand that it’s just some other hazard to reveal your strengths, it turns into tons less difficult to answer. If you take some time to put together for the interview, this is simply every other possibility to make yourself shine and may put you in advance of other applicants.

This query is not about telling the interviewer approximately all of the weaknesses you understand in your self and that you are normally past due with closing dates, that you are a procrastinator, or which you have problems operating in a team surroundings. While answering this questions you may need to fast state your weak spot, display your consciousness of this weakness, after which spend the majority of time discussing the way you’ve worked to conquer it. You will no longer handiest be answering the question as asked, but you displaying the interviewer that you’ve found out the satisfactory manner to show matters around regularly with just a little attempt.

When answering this query it’s critical to hold high quality frame language and a sturdy verbal tone. You may even need to reveal self belief through no longer letting the question throw you. The answer to this question desires to be practiced again and again until you sense comfortable that your answer shows some thing superb approximately you so that the interviewer feels that you are the right character for the process.

When asking this questions employers want to look if you have any weaknesses that would preserve you from doing an awesome activity for the enterprise, plus they equally want to witness your capability to handle hard questions. If you’ve prepared for the interview, this query will be easy as you'll already realize what you are going to say earlier than it comes up. As in the, “what are your best strengths query?”, this is some other hazard to make your self shine through turning your weak point right into a power if you want to offer some other reason for the interviewer to need to lease you. It’s first-rate to choose weaknesses which can be irrelevant or that you can flip around and make it a strength.

For this question you always need to provide a 3-step answer:

  1. Acknowledgement
  2. Self-Awareness
  3. Restoration

Using the illustrations above you might answer this query via announcing:



I even have usually been a very element oriented character and this has been a energy of mine in lots of academic and work environments. On the alternative hand, I’ve found out that being so detail oriented takes plenty of time and isn't constantly required to do a great activity.


While in university I found that I needed to divide my time and effort to many distinctive projects; and although I always passed in notable work, I didn’t always want to spend as a whole lot time as I did on one challenge. I learned pretty quick that there are info that are crucial and others that don't require as a good deal attention.


I even have discovered the way to better prioritize my time and tasks in order that most essential assignments acquired the most attention and then I could supply good enough time to different assignments that needed to get completed.



In the past I constantly discovered myself procrastinating once I had commitments that had to be completed on time. As a procrastinator I always were given my paintings in on time but I spend lots of nights operating simply to get the task completed with the intention to make the deadline.


The hassle with procrastination is that it reasons a lot of pointless pressure and can purpose you to not hand in your fine work.


Once I diagnosed that this was getting to be a larger problem once I entered college, I found out how to pace myself on the way to have the work finished early in order that I had time to review the challenge and changed into capable of hand in my excellent paintings. This has led to less strain and higher grades in all of my instructions.



Although I turned into quite exact whilst doing work independently, I began to observe that I did no longer do as nicely when running in a group.


I regularly found myself making impartial decisions and couldn’t apprehend why my teammates didn’t observe my directions. Over time I realized that operating in a crew meant consulting with all members and then coming up with a mutual decision on ways to continue with the task at hand. College has given me many possibilities to work with different college students and I suppose, aside from precise grades I received inside the study room, this is the area in which I grew the most throughout my college years.


Since I’ve finished many crew initiatives during my time in college, I’ve found out the importance of conversation and the need to consult with all participants of the crew. I now stay up for team projects in which I commonly averted them in the beyond.

It's crucial to be organized in order that anything question you're requested which you are able to provide an answer that shows your strengths and what you need to provide the employer. The, what is your best weak point question, is not any distinct. One you've mastered a way to answer this query, you will discover which you stay up for interviewing extra and you will feel a great deal less intimidated.