Missing Work Excuse Email and Letter Examples


When you're required to formally notify your corporation in writing if you have both overlooked work, won't be able to come to paintings, or would love to take a break day, it's critical to write a professional email message or letter with the basic info of why you were or might be absent. Even if you're not required to provide a formal excuse, it is a very good concept to ship a quick email to explain your absence.

When Employers Require Excuses

Companies may require personnel to provide a written letter of excuse or send an electronic mail message after they pass over time from paintings for medical doctor’s appointments or for other reasons. In addition, you can want to request a formal depart of absence in writing. If you are taking a non-public time without work, you'll be required to request that in writing as properly.

If you are sending an e mail to say you won't be inside the workplace today, a quick message should be sufficient to offer your boss with appropriate be aware. If you are inquiring for a depart of absence or other extended time without work, however, you may want to provide extra designated records for your request. 

When to Send Your Message

Send your message as quickly as you already know that you'll be wanting time faraway from work.

The more enhance observe you could offer, the simpler it is going to be for the business enterprise to set up to cowl your workload and the more amenable they'll be to granting your request. 

These sample letters and e-mail messages with excuses for missing work can and have to be edited to fit your own non-public occasions—you shouldn’t really copy-and-paste them.

Also see beneath for hints on what—and what no longer—to include on your request for a depart of absence letter.

Email Excuse Message Examples for Missing Work

Sample Written Letters With Excuses for Missing Work

What to Include in an Excuse Letter

When you are supplying an excuse for missing work, there may be no want to provide too much facts. Keep your message as easy as feasible, however encompass basic data regarding why you weren't at work, and while you may go back.

Sample Email Excuse

Subject: Absence From Work - Your Name

Dear Mr./Mrs. Lastname,

I’m writing to inform you that I become absent from work on June eleven, 2021, because of contamination. I turned into unable to file to work that day because I had to visit the pressing care health facility. I turned into handled and advised to go home and rest for the the rest of the day.

Please allow me understand if you want greater information, and thank you for expertise.


Your Name

What to Include in a Personal Day Off Letter

When you are asking for a personal day off from work, you do not want to provide a purpose. Simply request the break day, giving as much note as viable.

Whenever viable, attempt to schedule days off while you recognize the office can be protected and there aren't urgent time limits to satisfy.

Personal Day Email Request

Subject: Personal Day - Your Name

Dear Mr./Mrs. Lastname,

I'd want to take a non-public day without work from paintings on Monday, July 22.

Please allow me understand if it is handy, and I admire your attention. Thank you!


Your Name

Sample Letters Requesting a Leave of Absence from Work

What to Include in a Request for a Leave of Absence Letter

If you locate which you need a go away of absence, your enterprise will count on you to explain why this is so important for you. Your absence will both inconvenience them and possibly price them time or cash in the event that they need to find a temporary alternative for you. Your letter need to for that reason consist of an good enough motive to your request, supported by way of the following logistical details: 

  • The date(s) you may not be to be had to work.
  • The date you'll go back to work, in case you understand it.
  • An offer to assist while you are out of the office, if that is viable.
  • An provide to finish all extremely good initiatives/client paintings before your leave starts, if time allows.
  • An offer to offer documentation if you are soliciting for a clinical or army leave of absence.
  • The email and/or smartphone variety wherein your organisation can contact you in the event that they have a question.
  • Any other additional statistics required by your enterprise, if they have a proper coverage to request ill time or depart from your activity.

What Not to Include in an Excuse or Leave Request Letter

Think cautiously about how a whole lot private records you need to percentage together with your organisation regarding your excuse or request for a depart of absence.

You don’t need your company to assume that you are prevaricating or that your absence can be paving the manner for a permanent departure.

The Bottom Line

  • Don't include an excessive amount of data. You don't want to provide all the info of a scientific hassle or a personal crisis. Keep your letter brief and easy.
  • Don't make something up or encompass any statistics that can not be proven. Stick to the records because your enterprise may ask for a notice out of your doctor to substantiate your request.
  • Do preserve it simple. Provide the records your company calls for, however maintain your e-mail or letter brief and easy.