What Does a File Clerk Do?

Learn About the Salary, Required Skills, & More


File clerks use a system, typically numerical or alphabetical, to keep paper or digital records, along with correspondence, receipts, contracts, and invoices, to make sure that facts is easy to locate whilst it's wished. They organize and document documents, retrieve records, and add electronic documents.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018 replace, approximately a hundred and ten,020 document clerks had been employed within the U.S. They paintings in fitness care, social services, academia, and numerous styles of expert places of work which include law firms. Any organisation that generates a massive volume of paperwork or electronic documents hires file clerks.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities

Businesses, large and small, have precise servers, shelves, drawers, rooms, and warehouses where case files, files, and different forms of information are stored. File clerks are answerable for the protection of those spaces. This task normally requires the capability to do the subsequent work:

  • Develop prepared submitting structures.
  • Create, technique, and preserve document data.
  • File and retrieve documents for different employees.
  • Prepare information for off-web page storage.
  • Maintain document room logs to song the vicinity of files.
  • Dispose of documents in step with mounted record-retention schedules.

In addition to coping with an business enterprise's information, document clerks can be referred to as directly to assist in a number of different areas, which includes greeting site visitors; answering telephones and directing calls; typing memos, emails, and other styles of files; transcribing recordings; designing paperwork; operating office device; and handling personal substances.

File Clerk Salary

A report clerk's earnings varies primarily based on revel in, area, and the capacity to multitask in other roles:

  • Median Annual Salary: $31,seven-hundred ($15.24/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: More than $50,230 ($24.15/hour)
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: Less than $21,390 ($10.28/hour)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

Education, Training, & Certification

Educational requirements are fundamental for this career, and maximum education takes region on the task.

  • Education: A high college diploma or equal is generally essential, despite the fact that some people operating as document clerks have undergraduate and superior stages. About 11% have postsecondary certificates.
  • Training: Some work revel in in a comparable area is helpful. On-the-process schooling often entails working underneath a more experienced clerk for a few weeks to 3 months.

File Clerk Skills & Competencies

Working as a document clerk calls for robust organisation and communication talents as well as meticulous interest to element. File clerks will also be required to perform occasional heavy lifting of document packing containers and so on. Other essential skills and abilties consist of:

  • Computer and software abilties: You ought to feel at ease using the internet and phrase processing, spreadsheet, and e-mail apps. You can also want to be acquainted with report management software, which includes eFileCabinet, or document storage in the cloud.
  • Reading comprehension ability: A essential part of this position involves deriving a report's nature from its contents and putting it in a logical vicinity where others expect to discover it.
  • Listening capabilities: Listening is vital to understand coworkers' wishes and implement their requests and hints.
  • Critical-questioning abilities: Logic and choice-making capabilities are key to expeditiously kind diverse files and determine what to do with them.

Job Outlook

File clerk employment is anticipated to decline via about 10% among 2016 and 2026 as businesses integrate administrative features, including reception and submitting, and the capability and ease of use of technological information garage keep growing.

Work Environment

File clerks are hired in an office environment, wherein they spend a lot of their time retrieving and delivering documents to different employees or sitting in the front of a laptop. File clerks who paintings in a bigger office have the opportunity to fulfill and interact with organisation employees at many stages.

Work Schedule

File clerks paintings throughout ordinary office hours normally. When an workplace is open to clients and different employees are at the process, a report clerk is predicted to be there as nicely. Because the extent of files produced can be substantial, depending on the dimensions and nature of the organisation, a record clerk may have to paintings full-time to preserve up with the float. But this does not imply that task-proportion opportunities or element-time positions aren't to be had. Overtime is not generally required.

How to Get the Job


Before you send a resume to potential employers, overview and replace it to make sure it is modern and freed from typos and inaccuracies. If you don't have a resume or any process experience to list, use expert hints and a solid instance to create a triumphing first resume.


Before the interview, studies the organization and ask a friend to help you practice answering some of the most not unusual interview questions. The greater you practice, the more comfortable you'll experience while you're sitting throughout from the hiring supervisor.

Comparing Similar Jobs

People interested in operating in an workplace situation also remember other varieties of office jobs. Some of those jobs may additionally require additional education and education. Here's a list of similar jobs, along with their median annual salaries:

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2018