Find Work as a Session Musician

Close up of a session player fingerpicking a guitar.

The toughest a part of getting started as a session musician is locating your first few jobs. These pointers need to help you narrow your session musician process seek out and kick start things, so the paintings begins pouring in.

Work Your Contacts

A lot of factors inside the music industry are approximately who you already know, and attending to paintings as a consultation musician is no special. Do you understand any musicians who are getting ready to record that is probably able to use a further hand? Do you recognize every person who works in a studio? Even if you do not know all of us who can provide you with a few work proper off the bat, get the phrase out on your circle that you're to be had for rent.

Hit Up Your Local Studios

Studios are frequently within the position of telling musicians where they can find a proper such and such participant. You need to be on their radar. If you stay in a place with a healthy tune scene, you will be facing a whole lot of opposition, and there are probable to be hooked up players that get the primary smartphone calls whilst a activity desires to be executed. That's adequate. You just need your one threat to get in there and do an amazing task, so stick with it.

When you are introducing your self to a studio, play up any beyond experience - it's going to permit people realize that you're professional and apprehend the recording manner.

Let the Labels Know

Are there any labels running on your region? Make sure they recognize you are available to hire, so that you can point out your name when one among their bands want a player for recording or a person to fill in for a show.


Advertise your services on Craigslist, local papers, flyers in document stores and studios, message boards frequented by musicians - everywhere you can consider it. Think about particularly focused on web sites and message forums which are read by songwriters who may additionally need a musician to file demos in their songs or vocalists who need a backing band to record their demo.

Find Your Niche

OK, maybe your dream is to make a dwelling playing the guitar as a session participant. Take a range of. If you play an average glock/pedal metal/theremin/insert tool right here, that would be your manner of commencing the session musician door. It would not have to be a especially outlandish kind of instrument - horns, double bass, mandolin, cello - it is a whole lot more difficult to locate musicians who can play these instruments than it is to discover a consultation keyboard participant, which makes those musicians in higher call for. Even in case you want to transport to a different instrument later, paintings your particular capabilities to get within the door.

Do Some Recording

If you're having a hard time getting the studios to pay attention to you, bear in mind reserving a recording consultation. Don't blow numerous cash, but if you can get in for a few hours, you will construct a relationship with the people working there whilst showing off your chops. This is extra of a workaround than a super state of affairs, however from time to time innovative wondering is prime to getting your ruin!

If at First, You Don't Succeed

Breaking into consultation musician work can take time and persistence. Just like the whole lot in the tune enterprise, it's miles aggressive and requires a variety of self-advertising and a touch little bit of luck. Continue to place your self in conditions wherein you'll meet fellow musicians and where humans can listen your gambling, and maintain spreading the word.

It can be hard breaking into this kind of paintings, but the turn facet is that after you're in, you are IN. The effort and time you put money into setting up your self will have been properly worth it when you're the pass-to participant to your city.