Occasions That Require Press Kits

Press Kit

Press kits can provide you with hundreds of bucks in loose media coverage, however many business owners or maybe individuals regularly forget about the strength of a stable press kit. They think a press launch is ideal enough to do the job. But with such a lot of press releases out there, you frequently need some thing a range of sheets of paper to grab the public's attention.

In precise, press kits trump press releases on numerous occasions. Here are 5 instances when developing press kits is a should, with recommendation on what to encompass with each. 

1. A Product Launch

Reporters and editors see press releases for product launches all of the time. They are without difficulty omitted. Give them even more statistics to make your product the one they cover.

A pattern product launch press package may consist of:

  • A press release
  • Company information
  • A quote sheet from the ones worried with the product release and improvement
  • High-resolution pictures of the product
  • Your PR person's commercial enterprise card
  • Brochure at the product
  • Product pattern, if available.

2. A New Company Launch

Many new organizations pass over out on loose media insurance absolutely because they pick to send out a press release to announce the agency's launch. This is your hazard to establish media contacts you will use during your agency's lengthy history and generate buzz about your new business.

A pattern corporation launch press kit may include:

  • A press launch
  • Executive profiles with bios and pix
  • High-resolution pics
  • DVD with classified ads or different company films
  • Media contact data
  • Brochure(s)

three. Company Mergers and Acquisitions

If your corporation is merging with or has acquired some other enterprise, a mergers and acquisitions press kit will not most effective assist you get loose coverage, it will also redirect all your media inquiries to the updated media touch. This will ensure the media knows who to touch for future news stories as nicely.

A pattern mergers and acquisitions press kit may encompass:

  • A press release
  • Company info
  • Updated executive bios with photos
  • Media contact data
  • Picture of your media contact character and bio, in particular if that contact has modified for the reason that merger or acquisition
  • Quote sheet from executives about the merger acquisition

four. A News Conference

You can be keeping a information conference about a main patron you landed with a purpose to help the metropolis's economy or you may keep a information conference approximately a charity occasion you're sponsoring.

A pattern information conference press kit may consist of:

  • A press release approximately the information conference (not whilst it is going to be held for the reason that journalists and editors won't definitely be studying this press launch until after the news conference is over)
  • Quote sheets from executives. If this is for a charity, you can also include quotes from human beings involved with the charity.
  • Artist's rendition (in case you're starting a brand new building or assisting to build a residence for charity, for instance)
  • High-resolution pics, if relevant
  • A truth sheet about the event
  • If a joint challenge, you can consist of organisation information and additionally info about the charity, if applicable

five. Trade Shows

Showing up at a alternate show without a press kit at your organization's sales space is a primary mistake. Not simplest do reporters scour trade shows for press kits, so do carriers who may want to do business with you.

You can also have quite a few different things going on along with your agency - enlargement, new executives, new merchandise, and so on. A change display is an exciting possibility so one can element a number of those highlights that make your company newsworthy.

A pattern trade display press package would possibly include:

  • Press releases (you don't must be confined to at least one)
  • Brochures for brand spanking new products
  • Product samples (on your press package if they are small sufficient or available at your booth if feasible). These are amazing additions in your materials because they supply reporters and editors hands-on enjoy along with your product(s).
  • Quote sheet from executives
  • Complete media touch information
  • Fact sheets that detail functions, advantages and other info approximately your employer or a specific product
  • Company records

As you could see, there may be no cookie cutter recipe for growing press kits. What you encompass depends on what your reason is but now not creating one in any respect prices you priceless free media insurance.