Get Freelance Worker Statistics

Freelancer working on her laptop at home.

The freelance body of workers is powerful and growing. According to a yearly observe carried out by Upwork, in 2014, one in every three Americans (53 million people, or 33% of the overall U.S. personnel) had completed ​freelance work within the past yr.​ By 2018, that wide variety rose to fifty six.7 million employees. A separate 2010 look at with the aid of Intuit expected that by using 2020, that number will upward push to 60 million, or 40% of workers.

These figures represent freelancers described as independently employed people and do no longer include telecommuters or non-independent contracted organizations that supplied a product or service to a commercial enterprise or organization.

To provide a body of reference for the splendid increase in the freelance industry, in 2005 there were handiest 10.three million freelancers in the US. The call for for freelancers survived the economic crash of 2008, and even as the mainstream staff unemployment fee went up sharply, the profits-earning freelancers inside the workforce continued to upward push.

Freelancer Increase

It is critical to clarify that these numbers did no longer climb clearly because of greater human beings being compelled to freelance (and consequently, have been clearly unemployed those who called themselves freelancers) but counts folks that absolutely earned a few sort of profits from freelance work.

Here are some more superb facts:

  • In Upwork's 2018 survey, 61% of respondents said that they started out freelancing with the aid of preference as opposed to out of necessity.
  • sixty four% of freelancers said finding their projects and customers on line.
  • 77% of complete-time freelancers reported that their paintings-lifestyles stability is higher thanks to the flexibility in their freelance careers.

Why Freelancers Are So In Demand

The fundamental reason employers use freelancers and contractors for items or services is money. Freelancers value corporations much less to maintain than hiring a complete-time worker, and, in most instances, freelancers do no longer get blessings consisting of insurance and paid depart. They may be hired on a job-via-job foundation and allow go without the threat of being hit with a wrongful termination lawsuit. Since freelancers are normally employed for a totally specific project, they are already experts in their fields and do no longer require training to finish the task.

Freelancers also assist small agencies grow earlier than they're absolutely ready to scale up, and may be let cross if a organization studies finances problems with out challenge for severance pay or advantages payouts.

There are some exceptions concerning blessings if the freelancer is employed under a piece for rent agreement or as an unbiased contractor. In a few states, there are positive checks regarding the control a organisation has over a freelancer as to whether or not they may be an impartial contractor or a contractor.