How to Evaluate Your Internship Experience

A self-evaluation can assist your destiny career

Young woman college student looking thoughtful in library.

At the stop of every internship (whether or not for credit or revel in), the intern gets remarks from the organization approximately their overall performance. But ought to interns do self-reviews? The answer is sure! It's incumbent upon the intern to do a self-evaluation so they may be prepared to give their capabilities within the best feasible mild to destiny employers. When self-comparing, ask yourself plenty of questions and placed in the time important to come up with particular solutions that align along with your career aspirations.

Post-Internship Questions to Ask Yourself

After the internship, ask your self the following:

  • Was the internship what you expected? If it wasn't, discern out why. Perhaps your supervisor gave you a whole lot of digital submitting and organizing to do and that's why you failed to study as tons as you desired to. 
  • What was the pleasant a part of your internship (and why)? This is the juicy part! If the first-class a part of your internship changed into researching online facts, then you definitely recognize which you need to search for a paid position making use of your virtual research abilties in preference to, say, a job in photograph design. 
  • What became the worst a part of your internship (and why)? If the worst element became spending an excessive amount of time in corporate conferences, you then know that a better match for you within the future is running in an informal work environment with extra freedom and much less structure. 
  • Did the internship provide you with any insights which you hadn’t predicted? If your internship was at a brick-and-mortar girls's apparel store, possibly you probably did now not realize that operating with the general public may be very annoying, and whilst you experience the arena of retail, you're higher desirable for a position backstage, perhaps in a buying workplace.
  • How could you price your internship on a scale from 1 to ten? Once you price the internship you can higher hone in on what pastime become of hobby as well as what form of work environment you choose. Any score beneath 7 way the internship turned into no longer appropriate for you and you need to discern out why. Start by writing a listing of pros and cons
  • Would you propose your internship to a friend (why or why now not)? Perhaps you'll no longer endorse your internship to a chum because your manager was not interested by instructing and mentoring you and that is a high precedence for you. Some humans analyze first-class if they work independently whilst others want a number of steerage. Figure out which fits your personality.
  • What information and competencies did you gain and how do you propose on applying them within the future? Identify information and talents you now own that may be applied to future positions. Now which you know what kind of paintings environment you like pleasant, as well as what sort of boss, it is simpler to get admission to this. Incorporate your competencies into your resume and be as "unique" as possible. Your resume is one piece of paper but ought to perceive all of your expertise and (most significantly) how you could make a contribution to the business enterprise,