What Does a Home Typist Do?

Learn About the Salary, Required Skills, & More


A domestic typist or word processor sorts documents from their domestic office, regularly the usage of audio documents because the supply. These home-primarily based jobs cowl many sorts of transcription—from micro jobs in statistics entry to specializations that require extra training which include medical transcription.

Not each form of transcriptionist job is appropriate for at-home work; for instance, court reporting is generally completed on-website online. However, the abilties advanced in on-web page situations can be precious in gaining some of the lucrative domestic-based work together with actual-time transcription and captioning.

Home Typist Duties & Responsibilities

Home typist and word processing jobs usually require the capacity to do the following paintings:

  • Communicate with the consumer or business enterprise approximately process specifications and questions.
  • Know the bits and bobs of quite a few phrase processing apps.
  • Use a laptop to key in assignments.
  • Proofread finished work and accurate mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Print and make copies of finished paintings.
  • Mail, deliver, or electronically transmit completed assignments to the customer or agency.
  • File finished documents.
  • Invoice customers or put up a time file to an employer.
  • Meet customer or corporation time limits.

Besides the basics of communicating, the use of the proper gear of the alternate, and returning or uploading the finished piece on time, additional obligations can also encompass growing a way to as it should be tune profits and charges, creating a filing machine that is smooth to apply, expertise how to observe a style sheet, and working with one-of-a-kind forms of source fabric, including rough drafts, corrected tough copy, and voice recordings.

Home Typist Salary

Typist and transcriptionist repayment varies based totally on the client or corporation, enterprise or area of understanding, and degree of experience. Home typists are commonly paid in line with piece or by way of the hour, despite the fact that some may be paid in line with audio minute or in step with phrase.

  • Median Wages: $19.eleven/hour
  • Top 10% Wages: More than $27.93/hour
  • Bottom 10% Wages: Less than $13.02/hour

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 2018

Home typists who settlement with customers ought to factor in charges for a computer or computer computer, word processing software, internet provider, ergonomically designed keyboard and chair, time-tracking software program, an internet or paper dictionary, profits taxes, medical health insurance, and, for audio transcribers, headphones, transcription software program, and a transcription foot pedal for palms-free audio manipulate.

Education, Training, & Certification

It's useful to have had at least two years of on-web site experience, but maximum home-primarily based transcription jobs don't require post-secondary training or special certification. However, for scientific transcription jobs, certification or superior training can be wished, depending on the purchaser's or organisation's requirements.

  • Basic Classes: Local vocational schools and network faculties offer typing and English grammar courses for those who want a refresher route or extra schooling. There are also unfastened on line courses provided via agencies along with Alison that has courses in contact typing, the fundamentals of English grammar, and greater. Training inside the basics of office software is useful for any home typist, particularly people who are reentering the sphere after numerous years.
  • Medical Transcription Certification and/or Advanced Training: Obtaining certification or superior training in clinical transcription is non-compulsory however is possibly to help whilst attempting to find customers. The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) gives sorts of certificates for medical transcriptionists and approves applications that provide advanced education inside the subject, as an example, Ivy Tech's Medical Transcription Editor program.

Home Typist Skills & Competencies

A number of talents and tendencies are crucial to becoming a successful domestic typist:

  • Computer competencies: Knowing a way to do more with a pc than the usage of word processing software program is important for the home typist. This process additionally calls for the ability to install new software, log in to a employer's system remotely, upload files, and troubleshoot home computer and connectivity issues.
  • Fast, accurate typing abilities: Typing speed for one-of-a-kind styles of typing and transcription jobs can also vary considerably. For instance, a speed as low as 60 phrases in step with minute can be sufficient for an entry-degree facts entry activity, whereas real-time transcription or at-domestic captioning jobs might also require speeds of as much as 300 phrases consistent with minute.
  • Good listening to and listening abilties: The potential to understand accents is vital whilst talking with a consumer or transcribing audio documents.
  • Proofreading talents: Knowledge of proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar is a ought to whilst finalizing a challenge or emailing a customer.
  • Communication abilties: Whether composing a memo, writing an offer, or talking with a client over chat or video convention, at-home typists need to express thoughts and guidelines honestly and succinctly.
  • Organizing/prioritizing abilities, strength of will, and recognition: At-home typists don't have a md who tells them what to do and while to do it. It's critical to work smart, be prepared and disciplined, and tenaciously hone in at the undertaking it's due, in preference to perusing upcoming paintings or checking sports scores, weather forecasts, or social media.
  • Ability to preserve confidentiality: Keeping consumer facts secure and private is critical, specially when sensitive information, consisting of affected person statistics, is worried.

Job Outlook

According to the BLS, phrase processors and typists are among the quickest-declining occupations, in conjunction with records entry keyers and pc operators. During the duration 2016–2026, the wide variety of word processing and typing jobs is expected to decrease by way of 24,800 or 33% because of advances in technology and the proliferation of outsourcing. Medical transcription employment is projected to say no as nicely but at a much slower price of three% over the 2016–2026 length.

On the alternative hand, the booming freelance or gig financial system, extra than fifty three million Americans strong as of 2015 in step with the BLS, can be an advantage to domestic typists and transcribers. As a member of the gig economic system, these employees are in a function to snag typing and transcribing gigs that had been as soon as carried out in-residence by using employees.

Work Environment

Transcribers or typists who earn a living from home spend most of their work time sitting in the front of a laptop in a home office or some other location set up for work inclusive of a kitchen desk.

Home typists are regularly hired as freelancers or impartial contractors, although there can be opportunities for brief employment or on-website online freelance work. Some companies submit available paintings for their contractors to assert on a primary-come, first-served basis.

Home scientific transcriptionists typically work for transcription-carrier organizations that offer offerings to fitness care institutions.

Work Schedule

Home typists work flexible hours, but many keep a ordinary schedule that gives flexibility for ultimate-minute rush initiatives and home emergencies. Many set paintings hours that healthy the wishes of customers and begin on the identical time each day.

Home typists also time table a time to take a short damage every few hours to walk round and stretch, and handiest tackle as a great deal paintings as they could realistically deal with.

How to Get the Job


Network with friends, own family participants, and associates and ask for introductions to capability customers. Check out resources consisting of Upwork, Indeed, and Flexjobs to build a customer base.


Potential clients commonly use ability checks as an preliminary screening tool. Improve typing speed and accuracy talents with free typing assessments and practice files for transcriptionists.


Be ready to area interview questions from capability clients.

Comparing Similar Jobs

People interested by operating from home as a typist or transcriptionist additionally explore those freelance opportunities. Here's a listing of comparable jobs, along with the median annual revenue:

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2018