10 Hot Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers

Electronic discovery, generally known as e-discovery, is a $10-plus billion industry as of 2018.

These specialists acquire, system, and maintain in electronic form each scrap of evidence and supporting documentation generated through a lawsuit or criminal proceeding. They assist to discover and manipulate electronically-saved statistics (ESI) in litigation.

Recent adjustments inside the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and developing volumes of ESI have given upward push to this fantastically new profession that takes advantage of the electronic realities of a digital age. The subject is expected to grow, producing revenues of $11.6 billion by means of 2020 and pushing salaries to elevated ranges.

Legal Nurse Consultant

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Nurses who need to amplify their profession possibilities beyond conventional medical roles can practice their knowledge to the developing and beneficial subject of prison nurse consulting—one of the hottest careers inside the early years of the millennium, according to CareerBuilder.com.

Legal nurse experts advocate legal professionals in medically-associated problems of the law, and they earn from $55,000 to as lots as $211,000 yearly as of 2019. 

Litigation Support Professional

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The accelerated automation of felony procedures has additionally spawned any other career within the subject of law: the litigation help expert (LSP). This modern profession combines the criminal understanding of paralegals with the technical abilities of records technology specialists.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants

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Paralegals and criminal assistants form attorneys' assist staffs, and they rank a few of the fastest growing professions.

Opportunities in the paralegal field are expanding as clients search for ways to reduce the value of criminal offerings and overburdened legal professionals delegate an ever-widening scope of duties. Paralegal offerings are usually billed at 25% to 50% of an lawyer's hourly price.

Many paralegals carry out the identical offerings an attorney does, however paralegals are prohibited from giving prison advice or negotiating expenses for services after they do not have law ranges.

Legal Secretary

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The line among paralegals and prison secretaries can now and again be thin, but it's there. Secretaries generally don't have palms-on involvement with prison troubles, such as studies and case management. Their role is far greater administrative. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics, paralegals, felony secretaries, and criminal assistants earned median pay of $50,940 yearly in 2018, which goes out to approximately $24.50 an hour. 

Trial Consultant

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Another career has evolved to help lawyers with their generation wishes at trial as tech keeps to reshape the felony panorama.

Trial consultants provide legal professionals an advantage in the court docket, drawing at the fields of psychology, sociology, and the regulation. They hire legal era to assist a jury understand complex standards, and they are able to help legal professionals speak important themes.


A professional working with a man and woman who are clearly at odds

More individuals and businesses are turning to mediators, additionally known as arbitrators or conciliators, to settle their felony disputes out of doors the court.

Mediators are growing in variety and popularity as litigation fees skyrocket and the sector of alternative dispute resolution expands. In truth, mediation is required in many states as a first try at decision of certain civil instances before they could continue to trial. 

Jury Consultant

Jurors in a jury box

Lawyers depend upon jury consultants to advantage a triumphing edge in excessive-stakes jury trials. These specialists offer insight into juror behavior, and that they assist legal professionals craft arguments and trial themes designed to influence jurors. 

These consultants use empirical records to are expecting juror predispositions. This can offer priceless help in voir dire and the jury choice system.

Jury consultants started developing in recognition because of relatively-publicized courtroom trials, consisting of the O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, and Martha Stewart instances. Jury consultant charges can overall loads of heaps of greenbacks in huge money complaints. Successful jury consultants frequently earn six-determine earning. 

Compliance Specialist

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Regulatory compliance have become a popular regulation career choice after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act triggered the enactment of a host of regulations in 2002. Compliance experts work for agencies and consulting corporations, coordinating and tracking the myriad of governmental and regulatory files which can be required via changes in federal law.

Court Reporter

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Court journalists file trial and hearing testimony, speeches, statements, and regulation complaints, growing a verbatim written transcript of the spoken phrase. Also called stenographers, they use unique stenographic gadget to transcribe at quotes exceeding 200 phrases a minute.

Court journalists additionally perform broadcast captioning and actual-time reporting for webcasts.

Fewer humans are coming into this career, growing a court docket reporter shortage, and this boosts salaries. Some courtroom reporters earn over six figures, in step with Forbes.com.