How Would Your Colleagues Describe Your Personality?

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Most candidates aren't prepared for questions on their personality, even when certain person trends are listed as desirable inside the process posting. But it's now not unusual for interviewers to invite, “How could your colleagues describe your character?” This question can reveal a lot about you, and what you're like as an worker. 

Here's what you want to realize to prepare a sturdy solution to this question. 

Why the Interviewer Wants to Know 

Interviewers have some motivations for asking you how colleagues could describe your character. 

First, your reaction can help them get a sense of yourself-belief. Plus, once they attain out to references, they will be capable of evaluate what they say together with your very own self-evaluation. 

Finally, this question is a superb way for interviewers to evaluate your soft skills to decide how well you’d match into their group dynamic and agency subculture

How to Answer "How Would Your Colleagues Describe Your Personality?"

This apparently truthful query is an opportunity on the way to percentage your fine traits. Are you dependable? Trustworthy? Flexible? Focus on the abilties and attributes that could make you an asset to the corporation.

To solution this interview question efficaciously, you have to realize what your colleagues consider you bring to the table. Think back to any instances in which a colleague recommended you, which includes whilst you have been a superb crew player on a challenge or whilst you confirmed kindness via helping a struggling worker. 

Read reference letters written for you, LinkedIn endorsements, or overall performance evaluations.

If you want to dig deeper, sincerely ask your co-people how they would describe you. Their answers may also display strengths you otherwise wouldn’t have considered or areas for development.

Next, listing all the records you've got amassed and condense it into short bullets by using looking for patterns inside the feedback. Once complete, go back to the unique process posting and select one or traits that overlap with the description.

If you can not take into account or locate any precise comments (both formal or informal) and are unemployed, list what you observed your top 5 strengths are and enlarge on the way you exhibit each of them. Remember to pick the tendencies related to the task listing.

Examples of the Best Answers

A precise answer to this question will not only display off a effective personality trait however may also give an explanation for to the interviewer how this personality trait will can help you excel at the placement to which you are making use of.

Example Answer #1

My colleagues have told me that I am extremely organized and incredible at time management. During one task, my team individuals praised me for developing and sticking to a timeline for all of the levels of the task. (Give a brief summary of what the mission turned into.) We ended up successfully completing it in advance of time, and it turned into a hit!

Why It Works:  This response factors to the applicant's key tender talents, shares a story, and ends on a fantastic observe. 

Example Answer #2

My colleagues might say that I am very positive, as I see setbacks as possibilities to research and grow. There is continually a innovative option to a problem, and I love attempting to find it. One instance that involves mind changed into while colleagues from my last process were dissatisfied approximately finances cuts to our branch, and I devised some smart approaches to keep a number of our assets on a shoestring budget. They ended up being implemented.

Why It Works: In this reaction, the applicant shows how a persona trait offers something high quality to employers. 

Example Answer #three

I’ve been advised that I am both a strong leader and a crew participant. In fact, one colleague provided to put in writing me a personal letter of reference at one factor because of my sturdy group leadership. He became impressed by way of my capacity to correctly lead a group of peers whilst additionally listening to and considering all people’s input as we decided the first-rate course of action for this new employer initiative. (Give a brief summary of the initiative and the outcome.)

Why It Works: This solution is very centered at the applicant's management competencies, that's commonly a acceptable trait in an worker. 

Tips for Giving the Best Answer 

A sturdy solution to the question "How might your colleagues describe your personality?” requires two components:

  • Highlight one character trait at a time, sharing an instance of a time whilst you demonstrated this best. Storytelling is an possibility to display confidence, aura, and sturdy interpersonal abilties
  • Focus on the character trends that practice to the process for which you are making use of. Of path, be tremendous, however make certain you're honest and humble additionally, as these virtues are distinctly valued in the workforce. Moreover, embellishing your property or flat-out lying could land you in a employer subculture this is incompatible along with your authentic nature.

What Not to Say

  • Don't boast. This is off-putting to hiring managers and different interviewers. 
  • Don't say irrelevant persona developments. Fundamentally, employers are asking this question because they need to know what you're like within the administrative center. So make certain to preserve the outline centered at the administrative center—and, preferably, related to the abilities needed via the job handy.

Possible Follow-Up Questions

  • Have you ever had problem running with a manager? - Best Answers
  • Do you opt to work independently or on a crew? - Best Answers
  • What would you do if someone to your crew wasn't doing their truthful percentage of work? 

Key Takeaways

INTERVIEWERS WANT A SENSE OF YOU. This question exhibits what you're like as an worker, plus gives a peek at your self-expertise.

KEEP THE JOB IN MIND. Make positive you prefer to highlight characteristics and traits which are in-call for for the process at hand. 

TRY TO SHARE EXAMPLES. Point out particular moments you've got gotten comments on, or tell a story that indicates you've got a man or woman trait.