How to Include Your Contact Information on Your Resume


When you're writing a resume, it is essential to encompass all your contact statistics on the top of the web page. This permits employers to see how they are able to contact you.

Without precise contact records, or with wrong contact statistics, employers will not be able to get in touch with you. You want to make it as clean as possible for an business enterprise or hiring manager to touch you approximately the process you are making use of for.

Learn more about what to consist of to your touch segment and where to position the information. Plus, see a sample contact section for a resume.

What to Include in Your Contact Information Section

  • All relevant statistics: Include your complete name, road cope with, city, nation, and zip code. Also, include your smartphone variety and email address. If you've got a LinkedIn profile or private internet site, consist of these URLs in your touch phase as well.
  • Name: If you pass via a call aside from your given call, you can use this for your resume. However, something call you select, be constant. It should be the name on all your job software files, which include any cowl letters, enterprise playing cards, expert web sites, etc. You may additionally use your complete call, but if the use of a nickname, put it in parenthesis. For instance, your name for your resume would possibly study: James (Jim) Santinello.
  • Mailing address: Use a everlasting mailing address to your resume. If you're a student, you might encompass both your permanent address and your faculty address. Be certain to include any important information for your deal with, along with an rental range.

If you're concerned approximately privacy, consider listing just the metropolis and nation. For example, your cope with may read: Tampa, Florida. If you are relocating to the area, you could encompass that records for your resume in the cope with line, e.g., “Relocating to Tampa, Florida.”

  • Phone number: It's vital to have voicemail to your phone in order that hiring managers can go away a message whilst you're now not to be had. You don't want to overlook any crucial calls. Be certain that your voicemail message sounds professional; also ensure it includes your call, so the agency knows they have got known as the proper character.
  • Email address: Use a private e-mail deal with, now not your work email deal with. You don’t want to combine your cutting-edge activity emails with your task seek emails. If you don't have a private e-mail account, sign on for a loose e mail account to apply for task looking. However, also make sure that your personal address is professional. Use your first and remaining name inside the deal with.

Avoid unprofessional e-mail addresses, consisting of PartyTime@electronic Check the e-mail account often, so you can respond to enterprise inquiries right away.

How to Format Your Contact Information Section

Place your contact records on the pinnacle of your resume; it must be the primary component the agency sees. Your name must be at the very top and should stand out. You would possibly make your name larger in font and bolder than the relaxation of your resume.

You can middle your touch data at the web page, or make it left justified.

Leave a area or horizontal line among the quit of your contact data and the next phase of your resume.

Resume Contact Section Examples

Here are examples of resume contact sections with a complete deal with, city and nation, and relocation records.

With Full Address

First Name Last Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
LinkedIn or Personal Website URL (when you have one)

With City and State

First Name Last Name
Your City, State
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
LinkedIn or Personal Website URL (when you have one)

With Relocation Information

First Name Last Name
Relocating to City, State
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
LinkedIn or Personal Website URL (if you have one)

Tips for Formatting Your Resume Contact Information

To ensure that your resume is straightforward to study and makes an amazing influence at the hiring manager, follow those guidelines:

1. Format Consistently

Choose a primary bookprint font like Arial, Verdana, or Times New Roman and be regular all through your resume. Do not change fonts from segment to phase. Also, use formidable and italics sparingly. For instance, for your resume contact statistics, you may ambitious your name at the top of the segment.

2. Edit and Proofread

Be sure to proofread your touch statistics, in conjunction with the rest of the facts on your resume. A typo to your phone range or electronic mail cope with is more not unusual than you may assume. It may want to prevent you from getting contacted for a activity interview.

three. Review Resume Examples

Before you begin paintings on your resume, assessment loose resume samples that fit quite a few employment situations. These resume examples and templates provide activity seekers with examples of resume formats in order to paintings for nearly every activity.