How to Network in the Music Industry

Group of people networking at an event

Networking is a need to inside the song enterprise, even in case you hate the idea of it. It would not must be whatever more than assembly fellow musicians or music fanatics and brainstorming methods to paintings collectively to provide brilliant track—don't make it whatever greater than it is. Networking may be smooth in case you locate the proper avenues and follow a few recommendation.

Attend Music Industry Events

There are heaps of track enterprise networking opportunities: from tune enterprise change suggests to local musician meet-ups. If you're not particularly comfortable networking or don't have lots of experience doing it, then start small.

Instead of leaping into the convention hall at Midem right off the bat, strive touring a neighborhood event and assembly musicians there. Mingle, talk to every person to be able to talk to you approximately something they want to speak about. You ought to be patient when networking, and set up relationships before seeking to pitch some thing to everybody.

While this method may also take the time, it's going to pay off greater than introducing yourself and beginning proper into your plans to take the industry by using typhoon.

Get used to blending in a room of strangers and making small-talk about your very own initiatives. As you continue going to those networking activities, you will see familiar faces and be able to seize up on their initiatives as well as allow them to recognize how yours are going. People will bear in mind you as someone operating tough to make it, not someone trying to leech off in their successes.

Do Your Research

Confidence is fundamental when you are networking, and doing some homework earlier than any event will assist you sense equipped to triumph over the room. When possible, try and discover who might be attending an occasion (for instance, before a exchange display, take a look at out the attendee database).

If there are a few human beings you already know you need to make a reference to, discover what you could approximately their enterprise and contemporary tasks, so that you sound knowledgeable while you're talking with them. Knowing a little something about them can even come up with a few verbal exchange starters.

Practice Your Pitch

Know your spiel. You do not need to enter conversations sounding like you're studying from a script, however commit a bit pre-event time to considering how you'll describe your paintings in a clear and concise manner. This practice session time is specifically essential if you are pitching things or searching out business companions while networking, in preference to clearly making connections that could are available accessible down the street.

If you get a threat to sit down with the label you want to license your new album, and they ask you what you are working on you don't need to be unprepared. You must have it prepared already. "We've simply completed recording an album of Joy Division covers executed in a flamenco-stimulated fashion."

Be Prepared

Making community connections isn't similar to the cease of the night at a bar or membership. You do not ask human beings to plug their numbers into your cellphone or jot numbers down in your arms.

Get a few business cards made up with your call, employer name (if relevant), email cope with, and make contact with range and get equipped to hand them out to the brand new people you meet.

If you are promoting something tangible, come organized with promotional fabric, if viable—a label sampler, a promo of your band, some samples of your cowl art—some thing is applicable. Try not to invest massive quantities of money into promotional fabric for these occasions.

Especially at massive events, humans generally tend to accumulate these things and then realize once they get home that they are by no means going to pay attention to it. But it's far nevertheless worth it to come organized, so that you are at the least in the position to put something inside the hands of a potential new commercial enterprise partner.

You never really know whilst that one critical character is going to hear or see your stuff and emerge as particularly treasured for your career.

Be Yourself

You're accurate sufficient, you're smart sufficient, and doggone it, humans such as you. But how have to you talk to humans? Just be yourself. You'll see all types of conduct at networking occasions, from people strolling round saying, "I'm networking! I'm networking! Wanna network with me?" to humans just quietly talking to a few parents. If you have prepared, experience assured that you've got the entirety you need to make new business connections.

Remember that the factor of networking is to build mutually useful relationships, no longer to straight away start begging for favors. You would possibly find someone to paintings with, in which case you may be assisting each other, or you won't.

There's not anything incorrect with both final results. Not making a viable commercial enterprise connection does not suggest you have accomplished some thing wrong. If you've got brought commercial enterprise playing cards, deliver one to anybody you talk to. They might also encounter some thing later and bear in mind you, "Oh whats up, I recognize someone that does that!"

Don't Fake It

If you don't know some thing a musician is talking about, or do not recognize a song enterprise time period used, do not pretend. Admitting you do not know is a ways less embarrassing than faking it and being wrong.

Everyone has to examine the ropes. There's certainly zero shame in that. Embrace each getting to know opportunity. If you are constantly pretending you know, then you will in no way research. Picking up new understanding is high-quality.


You're no longer doing it incorrect. Some human beings love business phrases, so they speak approximately "networking." Nothing incorrect with that, however if the concept of formal networking makes you break out in hives, don't forget—networking is just a elaborate word for speakme to folks who work inside the equal commercial enterprise as you.

Don't create a whole lot of pressure for yourself. Being quietly confident and knowledgeable is just as "outstanding" as being Mr./Ms. Schmoozey Pants. Do your homework, be yourself, and you may be simply excellent.

Work the Room

Resist the urge to sit within the nook chugging your beverage of choice with a pleasant face. Make the rounds and meet new human beings. If you are new to this type of event and a little hesitant to strike up a verbal exchange, set your self a goal to fulfill 3 new human beings and call it a day. You can paintings your manner up to extra as your comfort level will increase.

Provide Advance Notice

Especially for big occasions, if a person is attending that you realize for sure you need to meet, it never hurts to drop them an email simply to say good day and that you look forward to meeting them.

Be Open-Minded

You in no way know who's going to make a massive distinction for your song career—and you never realize when or if they may h. Every connection you are making is precious, despite the fact that the results aren't immediately.

You would possibly have created a shortlist of human beings you want to satisfy at an occasion, however you have to welcome every communication and connection. You by no means recognize whether or not that child you blew off is going to grow to be being the big shot agent who would be perfect for you five years down the line.

Follow Up

The most critical part of networking happens the next day. Follow up along with your new contacts, even if it is just to say, "loved chatting—preserve in touch."