10 Tips on How to Shake Hands With Confidence

Before extending your hand, introduce yourself. Extending your hand must be part of a commercial enterprise advent, no longer a alternative for using your voice. Extending your hand without a voice greeting can also make you appear worried or overly aggressive.

Pump Your Hand Only 2-three Times

A commercial enterprise handshake must be short and to the factor. Consider a handshake a quick “sound chunk” greeting, now not a prolonged engagement. Holding on for greater than three or four seconds can make different human beings sense uncomfortable.

Shake From Your Elbow

If you shake from the shoulder, the usage of your higher arm as opposed to simply your forearm, you danger jolting your handshake associate. The idea is to connect, now not be overbearing.

Do Not Use a Forceful Grip

A handshake need to be a friendly or respectful gesture, no longer a show of bodily electricity. An uncomfortable handshake is in no way a pleasant revel in for everybody. Imagine you are commencing a door handle and use close to the equal level of grip on your handshake.

Avoid Offering a “Fish Hand”

A limp hand is by no means a terrific concept when it comes to a business handshake. Do go back the grip, but do no longer get into a strength conflict, even if the opposite man or woman squeezes too tough.

Forget “Lady Fingers”

It isn't a Southern cotillion; that is business. Offering best your arms to shake may be appropriate in a few social settings, but in commercial enterprise settings, you're an identical, no longer a “woman.” Extend your complete hand, and make sure to grasp the use of your complete hand as nicely.

One Hand Is Better Than Two

Avoid the urge to handshake with two arms. It is usually better in commercial enterprise introductions to handiest use one hand—your proper hand—for the shake. The use of two hands with strangers is visible as intrusive, and too personal. In reality, a two-handed shake is called the “politician’s shake,” as it seems artificially pleasant whilst used on people you slightly recognize.

Shaking a Sweaty Hand

If you shake fingers with someone who has sweaty fingers, do not right away wipe your arms for your garb, handkerchief, or tissue. It will similarly embarrass the other person, who is probably already conscious they've sweaty palms. You can discretely wipe them on something once you are out of sight and wash them later.

Ending a Handshake

End the handshake after 3-four seconds or 2-three pumps. To keep away from developing a clumsy moment, your shake ought to quit earlier than the oral advent trade does. Without verbal exchange taking area all through the entire handshake, it turns into too intimate and can experience extra like hand-preserving.

Covering Your Mistakes

Even in case you make a mistake, do not panic. There are many ways to shop the moment. If you are concerned that your handshake did no longer carry the right message about yourself, honestly exchange the point of interest of the moment by means of imparting a short compliment or asking the alternative character a query.