Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Music Video

A music video will let you sell your band via social media channels which includes YouTube, Facebook, and greater. Contrary to what you may think, a music video does not want to price a fortune. What's most important is which you have a terrific idea, a very good crew, and a nicely-described budget.

Some production companies price a fortune for even the simplest promotional videos; but you may do it yourself. Or, if you are inclined to present an up-and-coming filmmaker or manufacturer a risk, they will frequently do it at a low cost (perhaps even freed from fee).

Before you start generating your song video, it is crucial to plot and take a few key things into consideration. Here’s a step-through-step manual for a way to make a music video.

Choosing the Right Song

Trevor Moran Music Video 'Someone'

While it'd seem like the great idea to genuinely make a video for your next upcoming single, that could or might not make the most sense. Here are some other elements to take into account while deciding on a song:

  • Think ahead or recycle an vintage tune. It will take lots longer than you think to shoot, edit, and convey a song video. If the track is three mins or longer, your “new” unmarried may have already got come out by the point you’ve posted your video. Instead, don't forget choosing a tune that has executed properly in the beyond or use a unmarried that is planned for launch in the destiny, when you plan to put up your subsequent single.
  • Don’t merely assume in phrases of a “unmarried.” Honestly, in nowadays of Internet streaming, any tune may be a unmarried. Therefore, you may pick out a track from an album which you had a extraordinary tune video concept for in the past, even supposing that song wasn't at first deliberate as a unmarried.
  • You might need to start small. For every minute of a tune in a music video, it may take you and your crew anywhere from 2-10 hours of capturing, enhancing, and completing. The longer you take, the more your threat leaving behind the mission.
  • Make positive that your music clearly conjures up the band. You will now not like every tune which you and your band create or play. Music movies need to be true expressions of the song’s creators. Even the first-class filmmakers struggle to position an amazing video together if the band does no longer sense inspired via the lyrics and sound of the music they’ve selected.
  • If the track isn't yours, bear in mind copyright charges. Do now not assume that a tune that isn't yours is ok to use to your tune video. However, in case your budget permits your band to produce a video for a song from someone else, that doesn't already have a video or single out on it, get the office work in area to transport ahead legally.

Casting the Film Crew and Getting Equipment

However complex (or simple) your shoot is, you will need a crew. If you have a crew, everybody ought to be clear on what they may be responsible to accomplish. Here are a number of the jobs that you may want to fill:

  • Camera individual: 1 or greater individuals
  • Lighting person for any and all indoor shots: 1 individual
  • Actor(s): the variety of people varies based totally on what sort of video you are seeking to create
  • Director: 1 person that everyone really recognizes as “in price”
  • Band members: this have to be apparent, however make sure that every one your individuals are on board and capable of decide to their scheduled taking pictures days

As you construct your crew, bear in mind their individual needs. If you’re taking pictures through meal times, both provide food or as a minimum remind team participants to convey meals and set aside aside time for humans to eat. If you are taking pictures all day, or for several hours, encourage the team to take breaks.

Ideally, you will be capable of recruit a team that could offer their very own equipment. If you have to get gadget yourself, then you will want to get the best that your price range lets in. Even although costs have come down in recent years, buying a digital camera, lighting, and tools will nevertheless set you lower back a small fortune.

As such, renting tools is typically the great guess. Many places have network arts packages that let you hire system for decrease quotes. You also can take a look at out local colleges for your area to see if they're inclined to help. Who knows? You may find a few film college students inclined to can help you use their tools in change for permitting them to be on your team and get experience.

Planning the Shoot

Wasted time can cost you extra cash (if you’re renting by means of the hour/day) or sour relationships (in which you called in favors). Most movie crews who do greater “hanging out” as opposed to running, are sincerely responding to the shortage of planning. So take a few minutes (or hours) to assume via how this tune video may be filmed.

It is customary to construct storyboards for every shot. This will make certain that you don’t omit something and that you could describe for your crew what you want. Feel unfastened to Google “tune video storyboard template” in order to locate and download a template to paintings from. Sketch out each scene in the container and describe the scene beneath.

After finishing your storyboard, make a list of the device and casting you need for each shot. Share your completed storyboard with the entire team and discuss each shot with an appropriate teams. Ideally, you ought to also create a schedule figuring out who is wished when and wherein.

Most importantly, ensure that your digital camera and lights team recognise what your expectations are for every scene. If you're a band member, you're probable in the scenes yourself. Those clearly shooting the video may be able to see what you may’t and make recommendations for this reason.

If you’ve solid a video director (a person aside from your self), you may want to simplest short him/her on the storyboard first. The director can then manage the meetings with crews, scheduling, and so on.


On the day of taking pictures, be centered and persist with the plan. Keep a careful file of the photographs you've got made for the sake of modifying. Always allow masses of time for taking pictures. Even although the finished scene might also only final 10 seconds, it could without difficulty take several hours to installation and shoot. That being said, don’t get so preoccupied with getting the “perfect” shoot that you take six hours on one shoot and feature only six hours left to complete the last 15.

Ideally, you may have several proper takes for every scene. You can never have too much pictures, and the re-take can also seize some thing that you hadn't observed the first time round. While it's miles never an excellent concept to deviate from the storyboard, there are greater things that the crew can do to provide a pleasing touch to the to be had footage.

For example, when you have a couple of digicam, ask the “idle” cameraman/female to preserve shooting from different angles (not in sight of the primary digital camera) or in between scenes. This approach regularly offers golden footage which you didn’t recognise you may get. Additionally, some of the high-quality shots might be candid moments with the set and team.

Capturing Live Footage

Filming the band playing live is a manner to get some super footage to your track video. Filming the band at a gig will mean you may be capable of capture the live strength and interplay with the target audience.

However, in case you’re planning on shooting the complete video with stay footage, you'll need experts skilled with stay filming as this can be extremely difficult to do well.

A plenty higher answer for someone developing their first track video could be to seize a few live footage and mix it in with the other footage. Here are a few precise challenges to don't forget whilst filming live:

  • The band will most effective play the song as soon as, so you'll simplest have one hazard of taking pictures the right pictures.
  • The live version may fluctuate notably from the recorded version, so syncing the photos with the audio track can be tricky.
  • The band's, and in particular the audience's, moves won't be choreographed. As such, you and the director can’t anticipate the target audience to satisfy your expectations. On the opposite hand, those reactions are proper, and in case you capture a genuine response that is nice, you’ve got first-rate photos.
  • The lights and outcomes may additionally look superb to the target market however might not look wonderful on digital camera.
  • Your filming may additionally interrupt the band's performance. Make sure that the band participants are on board and that the venue is huge enough for there to be as little interference from filming as viable.

One method to guarantee that your live footage syncs to a video is to "degree" a stay overall performance. Get the band to play along (or mime) to the track in the front of an target market of selected pals or fanatics. By doing “live” footage on this manner, you can control the lighting fixtures and people's movements, and get the tune played as frequently as you need.

Using Stock Footage

You can boost your video by way of adding stock photos; but you will need to be aware that almost all video footage is concern to strict copyright law. Making use of footage without the copyright holders' specific permission is unlawful.

However, there also are resources of photos that you can use legally. Royalty-unfastened photos is footage you can reuse in any putting, with out asking permission or paying the copyright holder a price on every occasion you operate it; however you could should pay a charge to attain it in the first location. Lastly, there are numerous free stock, royalty-free websites to check out before paying for inventory photos.

Additionally, there's more and more photos being made to be had below creative commons licenses - original material that the copyright owner has entered into the general public domain with sure situations connected. Often, the best situation is which you properly credit the supply or writer.

Using the Right Video Editing/Finishing Software

These days, especially less expensive or unfastened software program can do a decent activity of video enhancing:

  • The simple video software program for Apple users is iMovie.
  • For PC users, Adobe's Premiere Elements as a good region to start.

The really apt use of results can set your video aside. Much of this may depend on the competencies of the video editing software program you use. For the best best appearance, do not forget the use of expert software which includes Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Most computers and digital devices must be capable of editing movie photos. However, video modifying takes up plenty of tough power space, so hold your hard power smooth and eliminate pictures you're no longer the usage of (however be cautious now not to delete photos you ARE the use of!). Investing in a fast, external hard drive to store your video photos on is probably a very good concept.

The output layout will rely on its destination (in which you want your video to turn out to be). Highly compressed codecs are fine for streaming over the Internet (Quicktime and MP4 are a few of the maximum common). For sending to the media/press, DVDs are still regularly the quality layout, and a DigiBeta tape may additionally nevertheless be wished for some TV declares (some thing you'll want to perform with the assist of a professional manufacturing agency).

Being Creative

How many movies have you ever visible on MTV or YouTube that consists of the band gambling in a membership, with the lighting fixtures flashing, even as the target audience jumps up and down? This fashion of tune video is overused, and it wasn’t a specially creative concept to start with.

Rather, attempt to assume in another way. Attempting a Hollywood blockbuster on a shoestring price range will typically appearance horrible. However, a robust dose of originality will permit your video to connect to hundreds of humans, regardless of your finances.

On the turn side, don’t overdo it. A simple concept, properly finished, is continually extra powerful than a complex idea, achieved poorly.

Key Takeaways

Beware of Using Excessive Zoom: It can also look cool while you are capturing, but within the final edit, zooming often seems cliché or unusable. Typically, only the top specialists with very steady arms can pull this off.

Avoid Using Excessive Special Effects: A accurate video isn't always a exhibit for how many outcomes you or your editor can grasp. It's typically better to apply multiple consequences at some point of the video to create a positive feel; rather than use as many results as you could to make a video exciting.

Think About Adding Sound Effects: A dramatic track video can be enhanced with some extra sound consequences. If your video begins with someone walking down the road, you can upload the sound of footsteps, or ambient street noise, over the intro.