Guide for Using a Temp Agency to Find Work

Temporary office worker

Temporary jobs can be a fantastic way to gain experience, try out a brand new profession to look in case you revel in it, find work in a new metropolis, get your foot within the door for a permanent role, or advantage flexibility for family or other commitments.

You can find a temp job in almost any enterprise. By the use of the proper organisation, you could find a task that suits your interests and talents.

What Is a Temp Worker?

Temporary workers (frequently referred to as temps) are part-time or contingent people who are employed on a quick-time period foundation.

Temps lack long-term employment contracts, however they often have contracts for restrained periods of time to finish particular assignments.

While there are numerous blessings to running as a temp, there’s one drawback: temp people are regularly the first employees to be laid off throughout periods of monetary downturn.

What Is a Temp Agency?

A brief staffing company, also referred to as a temp organisation or staffing corporation, unearths and keeps workers to send out on quick- or long-time period assignments. Temp corporations generally deal with precise professions or organizations, inclusive of healthcare, information era, accounting, office management, or commercial hard work.

Companies in want of brief- or lengthy-term transient employees enter into contracts with temp organizations to fill jobs with appropriately professional employees. Companies pay temp organizations, and agencies pay the brief employees.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Available at Temp Agencies?

Temp jobs variety from entry-stage work to professional roles. You can find temp jobs in almost any enterprise, however they're specifically commonplace in administrative paintings, commercial paintings, professional-managerial jobs, healthcare, and IT.

Common jobs that temp businesses fill include:

Accountants and auditors manage monetary transactions for groups and/or groups. Employers would possibly hire a temp accountant or auditor for a specially busy time of yr, which include tax season. They earn median pay of $34.forty in step with hour as of 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Computer systems analysts, from time to time known as structures architects, help make a organization’s pc systems operate more successfully. Temporary structures architects may paintings on a short-term venture for a company. They earn median pay of $43.71 in step with hour.

Computer assist professionals help companies or person laptop customers preserve computer networks by troubleshooting issues. Their median pay is available in at $26.33 in line with hour.

Customer service representatives engage with customers and clients at the smartphone, on line, or in individual. They help resolve customer issues, answer questions, and process orders. Median pay is $16.69 in step with hour.

Data entry people are employable in almost any industry. They might enter, confirm, or replace records for a employer, generally the use of statistics software program to go into and keep this facts. Their median pay is $16.10 per hour.

Maintenance and restore people repair and maintain gadget, machines, and buildings. A brief maintenance employee might be hired to assist whole a specific challenge. Their median pay is $18.seventy nine in step with hour.

Management consultants, also referred to as control analysts, paintings with agencies to improve efficiency. They might be employed briefly to deal with a particular problem a business enterprise is going through. Their median pay is $forty.99 according to hour.

Nurses and nursing aides provide patient care. They may go in clinics, hospitals, long-time period care facilities, or nursing homes. Nurses earn a median salary of $35.24 in keeping with hour, whilst nursing aides, who assist the nursing personnel, make median pay of $14.25 per hour. 

Secretaries and administrative assistants perform administrative tasks for workplaces in almost all professions. They would possibly answer phones, time table appointments, prepare files and data, and extra. Temporary employees might be hired at some point of a busy time of yr or to briefly replace a full-time worker. Secretaries and administrative assistants earn median pay of $19.16 in keeping with hour.

Truck and delivery drivers choose up and drop off programs and shipments to corporations and households. Their median pay is $15.39 according to hour.

Other common temp jobs include electricians, human assets professionals, packaging employees, clinical secretaries, and software program builders. Again, those are simply some of the many roles you may get through a temp business enterprise.

The Benefits of Working as a Temp

There are many motives why operating for a temp business enterprise might be useful. These are a number of the blessings that make it well worth thinking about:

You can paintings on a flexible schedule. Temporary employment provides you with the hazard to paintings when and in which you need to work. Work simplest at some stage in college hours, take the summers off, or take a damage to do some thing else with your existence. If you are a temp, it is your desire when and where you work.

You can get a job fast through a temp organisation. Temp corporations constantly are running with agencies attempting to find job candidates. By working with a temp enterprise, you possibly could be capable of discover a brief job greater quick than in case you searched on your own.

You can earn cash quickly. Temping can be a manner to make ends meet or provide you with a little more income while you need it or have the time. According to PayScale, the average hourly wage for transient employees across industries is $15.33. Temp workers with special qualifications can earn two or three instances that quantity.

You can acquire advantages. In addition to a paycheck, many temp corporations provide blessings to their workers. Manpower, as an example, offers a full benefits package, such as paid holidays, medical insurance, and excursion pay. Be sure to inquire into what advantages are offered whilst you follow or when you interview with a staffing agency.

You can take a look at out a enterprise. If you are interested by a organisation for full-time employment but want to analyze more about it before taking a permanent job, a temp role is a fantastic manner to analyze extra approximately the tradition.

You can attempt out a brand new career. Temporary jobs can be a notable way to advantage enjoy in a new field. Temp jobs can come up with experience in industries and careers you in any other case might not have notion of trying—with out a long-time period dedication. If you are not thrilled with the assignment or the organisation, you could circulate on for your next position and start anew.

You can benefit new skills. If your resume needs a lift, a brief job is an excellent manner to feature abilities and enjoy. Many staffing businesses offer schooling to their temporary workers, and temps can advantage new competencies in an effort to benefit them long after their assignment is over.

You can land a everlasting job. A brief process can also end up a permanent function. Temping can be a step via the door of a corporation you are interested by working for and a manner to get employed completely.

How to Find the Right Agency

There are some of temp organizations, so it can feel overwhelming while you try to find the proper one for you:

  • First, speak to people who've used a temp organization. Ask them which of them they used and their reports at each.
  • Second, if you recognise any employers or hiring managers, ask them what temp agencies they have used.
  • Third, take a look at out a couple businesses before deciding on one to work with. Look at their websites, and pay the companies a go to. Get a experience of the types of industries they specialise in.

Find out whether or not or now not they offer advantages to their temp employees. You also might find out if they generally tend to specialise in temp-to-lease jobs, if that is something you're interested by.

General Temp Agencies

You also may need to consider whether you want to paintings with a widespread temp employer or an enterprise-specific one. Examples of wellknown groups consist of Adecco, Kelly Services, Manpower, Randstad, and Robert Half International.

There are also staffing corporations that concentrate on specific industries:

Health Care Agencies

Some healthcare staffing businesses, as an instance, include AMN Healthcare, Avant Healthcare Professionals, Interim Healthcare, Medical Solutions, and MedPro Staffing.

IT Agencies

IT staffing organizations include Modis, TEKsystems, NetTemps, and WunderLand.

Some of those concentrate on brief jobs, while others personnel both temp and complete-time jobs.

There are also some of local staffing businesses, so check your local place for companies particular on your metropolis, state, or area.

Landing a Temp Job

The manner of using a temp corporation is exceptionally easy for workers. It's much like applying for a activity. You put up a resume (probable on-line, depending on the organisation), fill out an software, and have an interview.

For access-degree positions, this interview can be very brief; for better-paying jobs, it may be greater like a complete task interview. There regularly is a screening segment throughout which the organization may additionally conduct a heritage take a look at or require a drug test.

Once you've been widely wide-spread into the company's team of workers, you will be presented one or more jobs that healthy your skills if there are any right now available. There may be a postpone of several days or even weeks till something opens up.

The more widespread your talents or the positions you are inclined to paintings, the easier it'll be for the company to discover something for you that suits.

Other Ways to Find a Temp Job

If you make a decision you don’t want to apply a temp enterprise to find a temp task, there are some other alternatives.

Search for Temp Jobs

Most task search web sites let you look for transient jobs. Most have an “advanced seek” button that permits you to narrow down your seek by way of classes consisting of region, industry, and sort of process. If there is a “brief jobs” button, click on it. If not, use “brief process” as a keyword in your seek.

Consider Gigs and On-Demand Jobs

You also might remember participating inside the gig financial system by means of searching out on-demand positions thru activity apps. Most people who locate gigs this manner work as freelancers, completing brief- or long-term projects for diverse businesses. This allows you to work as an unbiased contractor, that means you could pick out up something jobs you need.

Some industries have more freelance, part-time, and brief work than others. If you’re in tech, administrative help, translation, accounting, and income, you can have an easier time locating gigs than people in different fields.

Interview Tips for Temp Jobs

The greater successful your interview, the more likely you'll be to get a position that may be a desirable healthy for you. Consider a few this recommendation for acing your interview:

Treat it like an interview for a complete-time, everlasting function. The temp employer is the organization you may be representing while you visit your temp task. Dress appropriately, and show up on time. Listen attentively and use tremendous frame language to carry your interest and hobby. Bring your resume, and be equipped to answer commonplace interview questions for temp positions.

Do your research. Read up on the enterprise and its dreams, and learn about the sorts of temps normally employed by means of the employer. If you’re interested by temp-to-perm positions, discover whether that’s a commonplace association at this enterprise.

Know your availability. Are you simplest to be had to work for the duration of your iciness damage from university? Available 9 to 5, except on Fridays? Be up the front approximately while you can paintings, and when you are unavailable.

Be sincere. Tell the truth about your goals, whether or not it’s to land a permanent function (in the end), hold flexibility, or to increase a few abilties in order to make you an attractive candidate on your next complete-time task.

Have some questions of your own. There’s only so much you may discover approximately a business enterprise ahead of time. Use the interview to examine extra approximately the business enterprise, such as the kinds of groups they paintings with, the advantages provided (if any), and extra.

Send a thank-you be aware. Send an emailed or handwritten word to thank the interviewers for his or her time and to boost your hobby in locating a function.

Be continual and patient. Sometimes a staffing company can have an undertaking expecting someone such as you. Sometimes it takes a while to discover a customer that needs your capabilities, or it takes the purchaser a while to reply. Check in with any staffing organization you’ve contacted as a minimum once every week to remind them of your hobby and display your eagerness.

When you get a job, put together. When you get hold of an assignment as a temp, the corporation will offer you with facts approximately wherein to record, dress code, hours, wages, and a description of the duties and length of the job. You additionally might need to do a second interview with the employer. If you don’t get hold of all of this records, ask the temp employer.

The Bottom Line

A Temporary Staffing Firm Finds Workers for Assignments: These jobs may be brief- or long-term. Some temp jobs may also even emerge as permanent.

Temp Jobs Include a Variety of Options: You’re probable to locate temp positions in administrative jobs, industrial paintings, expert-managerial jobs, healthcare, and tech.

Benefits of Being a Temp: Temp jobs offer flexibility, a short on-ramp to employment, a hazard to build new skills, and potential for a everlasting process.

How to Find a Temp Job: Sign up with a temp organisation in your field or use one of the many activity sites geared closer to brief people.