,iHire.com Resume Review

iHire.com Resume Review

Strong content material, however customer support should use a few paintings

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Our Take

iHire is a organisation that could supply the products of a excellent resume but you’ll ought to forget about the bad customer support to get it. The resume writing is sharp and concise, maximizing the amount of content material you can match into one web page of a resume.

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  • Key Takeaways
  • Pros and Cons
Key Takeaways
  • The signup manner is redundant, asking for the identical statistics in one-of-a-kind areas and is observed by way of a sluggish response from the real resume writer. 
  • Creates punchy beyond-experience sections that help you stand out along with your abilties and accomplishments at previous employers.
  • Resume writers are well qualified inside the enterprise and hold the most respected certifications viable as resume writers.  
  • A top class service this is set at top rate pricing compared to different resume writing offerings. 
Pros and Cons
  • Initial manner to join up became easy

  • Strong resume content material with impactful writing with quantified consequences

  • Contained brief paragraphs that the simpler to study

  • Prestigious resume writing credentials

  • Took 18 days to listen from our resume creator

  • The price become the maximum high-priced of the resume writing offerings we reviewed

  • Required to fill out an eight-web page questionnaire

  • The Training segment become de-emphasized

  • The Education phase didn’t follow conventional layout

Writing a resume may be time-consuming, so that’s why a few process seekers lease a resume writing carrier to lighten the burden. iHire is one business enterprise that offers this service. Sure, iHire is possibly most famous for being a process seek site that brings candidates and employers collectively in 56 distinct industries, so the resume service seems like a second notion to the enterprise’s marketing strategy.

Nonetheless, we wanted to review iHire's resume writing provider to peer the way it stacks up towards a number of the top competitors inside the enterprise. So we signed up for iHire’s resume writing carrier’s Professional Plan, finished a part of an eight-page questionnaire, and submitted a resume from the producing industry for them to rewrite. What did we consider it? Here's the lowdown: For a person who desires a resume and is willing to do a top notch deal of legwork, iHire is a viable resume writing provider. Read on to look our complete mind.

How it Works: The procedure become longer than anticipated

  • The first step in our overview procedure become to sign up for the carrier.

We despatched payment through credit score card to iHire and received a reaction within a day. This turned into typical of other resume offerings we reviewed, as maximum of them use an automatic machine to inform their consumers that fee has been received.

  • The next step within the process become to complete a questionnaire and send a replica of our resume to iHire.

After signing up for the service, we were requested to down load a resume questionnaire to our laptop, fill it out, and ship it to iHire at the side of our resume. The questionnaire we had been asked to fill out turned into extremely widespread and redundant. Much of the information requested at the questionnaire turned into statistics already at the resume we submitted: touch facts, skills, position and organisation info, and university experience. Additional records iHire asked us to consist of became the size of our candidate’s groups and as many accomplishments, we should think about for every position. We despatched the questionnaire to the resume service, explaining that tons of what it asks is something we wanted to speak about with a resume writer, and additionally connected the resume (which changed into for the Manufacturing industry).

  • We communicated with the resume author thru email 18 days after filing part of a questionnaire along side a duplicate of our resume.

Ten days after sending within the questionnaire with our original resume, we received an e-mail reminding us that we wished to finish the questionnaire; to which we reiterated that we’d as an alternative speak with a author through e-mail. Six days following this, we acquired another e mail wherein our resume writer apologized for the false impression. And we were more than inclined to answer any questions he would possibly have concerning our resume. When all become stated and done, our resume become introduced to us seven days later. The total time to get hold of our resume from inception become 23 days.

Resume Quality: Content turned into strong, however the design and layout had been dated

Although we located the design and layout dense and previous, the resume writer, who claimed to be award-winning and published in various guides, produced a document with some of the excellent content material of the offerings we reviewed. For content material, we searched for the subsequent standards:  

  • Summary Statement (must be without clichés, have to be brief, and exhibit price)
  • Skills (talents must smooth to spot and be relevant)
  • Experience (here’s where the accomplishments should be impactful)
  • Education (usually placed ultimate on a resume; conventional format preferred)
  • Training (have to spotlight all the publications our candidate studied)

Design and Format

We found the design of our resume to be dense with .55-inch margins for the pinnacle and backside and .5-inch margins for the perimeters. Our resume creator used those dimensions to maintain the 2-web page resume we submitted to at least one page. The font fashion our author chose was old school. It became serif (Georgia) at 12 pt. for our purchaser’s call and the headers and Book Antiqua at 10 pt. for the frame. The font became small and might be difficult to study for some. Today’s resumes are written with sans serif font consisting of Arial or Calibri.

Out of curiosity we modified the margins to normal and accelerated the font to Calibri at 11.5 to make the resume greater readable. Doing this made the resume a page and a half of. The resume we submitted become a page and 3 quarters. Had our creator improved the Training phase on the resume he rewrote, the resume might had been about a web page and 3 quarters, which might had been desired as opposed to a cramped one-page resume. As nicely, a candidate with 15 years of enjoy warrants a two-page resume; and with the content our creator produced, the file might have made a nice -pager.

The format become conventional, along with the subsequent sections in this order: Contact Information, Summary, Skills, Experience, Education, and Training. What made our resume extra dense and hard to study turned into that our resume creator devised a Summary that changed into seven-strains and blanketed an excessive amount of records underneath our candidate’s remaining role of his work records. (More on this later.) While we were no longer inspired with our resume’s design and format, the overall content of the resume was one of the first-class we examine. 


Of all of the sections, the Summary become the weakest one our resume writer produced. Most substantially it become too lengthy (four lines for the primary paragraph and 3 strains for the second one). There’s no reason why a Summary need to be this lengthy and encompass paragraphs. If our resume writer had been able to condense the seven lines to a few or four at maximum, possibly the resume’s readability might also have been progressed. 

The purpose of the Summary is to seize the reader’s attention the use of industry key phrases, price statements even as also being quick. Three to 4 lines are all that are required.

Another fault we found with the Summary turned into a slew of clichés. We counted eight clichés, some of which have been “motivated,” “devoted,” “expert,” etc. On the intense facet, our writer blanketed strong enterprise-associated phrases and terms, together with “logistics,” “distribution,” “production,” “warehouse relocations,” “ISO 9001,” and more. Strong enterprise-associated words are essential to get a resume past an applicant tracking gadget (ATS), which scans a resume for keywords. If the resume doesn’t contain them, it doesn’t get examine via human eyes. 


Our resume author hit the mark on list the maximum essential abilities our candidate possesses. Among them have been: “Purchasing,” “Inventory Control.” “Contract Negotiation,” “Quality Control/Assurance” and others that were suitable for our candidate’s occupation. However, instead of setting the abilties beneath the Summary, he positioned them in a margin on the proper-hand aspect, which distracted our eyes whilst analyzing and made the Summary phase seem more crowded, for this reason extra tough to read. In addition, this style, just like the font he chose, is old. Resumes today are flat, that means the text runs from left to right without any sidebars and containers. Finally, maximum ATSs don’t digest tables properly; phrases end up scattered and out of place on the reader’s display. We were no longer inspired with the formatting our author used in list our candidate’s talents, however we appreciated that he covered sturdy enterprise-associated ones. 


We discovered this segment to be the most powerful of the resume’s sections. Where the resume hadn’t overly inspired us thus far, the content material within the Experience section became our thinking round. What made this segment sturdy? The first plus changed into the Job Scope, which turned into less than 3 lines long even as nevertheless offering a solid understanding of our candidate’s ordinary responsibilities. Keywords like: “deliver-chain,” “inventory,” “shopping,” “making plans operations,” and others were easy to identify. A Job Scope shouldn’t exceed three traces as a general rule. Other resume writing offerings didn’t comply with this trendy rule.

A strong Experience section will follow the Job Scope with bulleted accomplishments, and this is exactly what our resume writer done. Most of the accomplishments had been quantified with numbers, dollars, or chances. Accomplishments with quantified results are what makes a task candidate stand apart from others. Employers can truely sink their tooth into accomplishments that display metrics. 

This is considered one of many examples of accomplishments our resume creator produced: “Researched product and marketplace tendencies to reinforce demand/stock forecasting; enjoyable new product projections with 91% accuracy.” The original statement was: “By watching and analyzing cutting-edge market tendencies on new merchandise, I turned into capable successfully satisfy new product projections with the aid of 91% accuracy.”

Here’s every other instance of a strong accomplishment our resume writer crafted: “Created employee manual and ‘How to Run the Day’ education documentation—partnering with workplace manager to collect facts—delivering guidance to 50–seventy five friends for my part and in group settings.” It become best thru asking probing questions inclusive of who our candidate labored with to create the manual, who it benefited, and how training was delivered that he become able to create the accomplishment from: “Created documentation Instructions for ‘the way to run the day’ procedures for all new employees, trained and maintained updates.”

We have been barely inspired with how our resume author handled our candidate’s earliest role (our candidate’s resume contained positions). Instead of listing the responsibilities for this role, our author wrote a three-line Job Scope and one bulleted accomplishment declaration that wasn’t one in the beginning indexed at the resume, however our author dug a little deeper.

However, he also protected the years of experience for this function. Information beyond 11 years in work history is hardly ever applicable to what employers are seeking out today. So we thought the years might have been left off.

Lastly, we have been very thrilled with the clarity of our resume writer’s prose. He was cognizant of warding off typos and writing sentences that flowed nicely, which became no longer the case with some of the other resumes we reviewed. 


We decide upon the traditional way to write the Education segment which incorporates the degree inside the first line and the college and vicinity within the second line. Here’s our candidate’s training:  

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Minor in Urban Spatial Development

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Our resume creator didn’t take our path. Instead, he indexed all of the data on one line: “BA in Anthropology (Minor in Urban Spatial Development) – University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.” It’s obvious why he chose not to comply with the traditional approach; he desired to save area and maintain the resume from jogging over to a 2nd web page, something other resume writing offerings did as well.


One primary fact our resume author did not notice is that our candidate finished an intensive schooling course, in addition to incomes certifications in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Associate Project Management (the writer included these). He undoubtedly simplified our candidate’s Training section to shop space. Our candidate’s original resume indicates him taking eight instructions over the direction of a month.

Resume Writer Certifications: Resume writers preserve prestigious certs

According to iHire, their resume writers are skilled and licensed in cutting-edge resume writing strategies, which encompass formatting and optimizing resumes to overcome the applicant monitoring systems (ATS). Posted on its website are pictures of resume certifications, Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW) and Toast of the Resume Industry, (TORI). These are of the most reputable certifications within the enterprise, but it's far uncertain if all their resume writers hold one or each certifications. 

Guarantee: They will paintings with you till whole delight

iHire’s internet site guarantees that they will work with you until you are 100% happy with out a barriers on revisions or communique along with your resume creator. Guarantees are a plus, however no resume alone will double the variety of interviews to which a candidate will be invited and, most certainly, make sure they land a job. 

Samples & Testimonials: Eight resume samples and testimonials 

iHire presents on their website eight “before” and “after” examples of clerical resumes they’ve produced. We could have appreciated to look iHire show a big selection of resume samples from many extraordinary industries on its website.

iHire presentations 4 testimonials of glad clients. They are a touch indistinct although. For instance, "My resume creator did an amazing task of helping me to exhibit my reports and accomplishments in a way that far passed my expectancies." Another client writes, "I am very pleased with my new resume. The turnaround time became prompt as promised."

Use keywords that make the resume get hits from Applicant Tracking Systems. Ask your resume writer to point out the keywords used.

Pricing: Expensive

iHire offers professional resume writing for a price of $395 which we discover to be extraordinarily excessive.

The Competition: iHire vs. Monster.com

When it comes down to resume best, iHire bested Monster.com. While we felt Monster.com’s writer produced a more potent Summary, the writing of the Experience phase wasn’t as compelling as iHire’s. It's commonly due to the fact iHire's creator become outstanding in asking inquiries to carry out the accomplishments that were missing on the resume we despatched him. 

Customer service is essential to any task seeker, specially if they are in a hurry to get their resume out there. This is where iHire did a poor job. When we to start with asked our resume writer if he might talk with us thru electronic mail, he wrote again to us 10 days later asking us to fill out the 8-page questionnaire. Monster’s manner turned into less difficult and quicker; we had a resume from them 5 days after our creator turned into assigned to us. Monster's rate changed into also a massive plus: $266 much less than iHire. For those motives, we sense Monster is the better choice of the two.

Final Verdict

Strong resume, but it simply took too long

We were thrilled with the content material of the resume iHire produced, in spite of a prolonged Summary and Skills being placed in a sidebar. Our resume creator became properly versed inside the manufacturing enterprise, in addition to our candidate’s profession. He utilized key phrases that might satisfy an ATS. However, his customer service was one of the worst of the resume writing services we reviewed. Twenty-three days is a long time to watch for a resume. Perhaps higher verbal exchange on his component could have decreased the time it took to supply our resume. If a task candidate wants a resume fast, they might be higher off the use of a special service, however if you're no longer on a time crunch, you will be satisfied with the content you get out of iHire.