What Does an Insurance Underwriter Do?

Learn About the Salary, Required Skills, & More


Insurance underwriters examine applicants for insurance. They determine whether or not a potential consumer ought to be insured and, if so, advise the best premium to take on that level of danger. Insurance underwriters use software to help examine the hazard profile of clients and to calculate expenses.

Insurance underwriters paintings intently with insurance marketers who've direct touch with customers and with actuaries who carry out complex calculations to decide the probability that accidents and different mishaps would possibly befall a category of customers.

Insurance underwriters specialize in lots of extraordinary varieties of insurance such as vehicle, homeowners, marine, industrial, non-public/professional legal responsibility, and tour.

Insurance Underwriter Duties & Responsibilities

This profession commonly calls for the capacity to perform the following obligations:

  • Analyze applicants' records
  • Assess applicants' threat
  • Operate underwriting software program
  • Evaluate software-primarily based guidelines
  • Research candidates as necessary
  • Decide whether or not or not to provide insurance
  • Determine insurance and charges

Insurance underwriters serve as a pass-between for coverage companies providing insurance and the coverage salespeople selling rules. A character in search of insurance typically will follow thru a salesclerk who refers the software to an underwriter. The underwriter opinions the information related to the applicant, assesses the hazard, determines if coverage have to be supplied, how a good deal ought to be provided, and at what cost to the insured.

Many selections are honest and based totally on preset requirements. For instance, while a potential consumer applies for something not unusual like vehicle insurance, relevant details inclusive of the driving force's personal facts, location of house, using file, and more are entered right into a computer software on the way to calculate what that individual's price should be. It's now not that the underwriter doesn't need to apply analytical abilities for the sort of case, however car coverage rules are so commonplace there is an abundance of information from which levels of chance can be assessed.

When coverage regulations are for something less not unusual or encompass variables that are less commonplace or much less predictable, underwriters want to rely more on their own experience, know-how, and insight, and less on a pc algorithm. For example, a consumer may have an artwork collection or a whole lot of earrings that wishes to be insured. An underwriter then might want to assess that person case greater intently and carefully.

Insurance Underwriter Salary

Experienced coverage underwriters can earn properly into six figures. Those in specialized fields together with fitness care, people compensation, or marine insurance are most probably to have the best incomes potential.

  • Median Annual Salary: $69,760 ($33.54/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $123,660 ($fifty nine.forty five/hour)
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $forty one,800 ($20.09/hour)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017

Education, Training, & Certification

A bachelor's diploma usually is the simplest requirement to get a job as an coverage underwriter, however applicable coursework is helpful.

  • Education: The satisfactory path of research for insurance underwriters involve commercial enterprise, arithmetic, technology, accounting, finance, economics, chances and statistics, laptop generation, and engineering. Any levels associated with those areas will be useful.
  • Training: Underwriters receive widespread on-the-task training and mentoring if they may be employed proper out of university. Underwriting trainees commonly are paired with pro underwriters to learn about regulations, processes, and techniques.
  • Certification: Many personnel encourage or require the purchase of certifications in underwriting with the aid of taking guides through The Institutes, which focuses on threat management and coverage. Junior underwriters often earn certification as an Associate in Commercial Underwriting or An Associate in Personal Insurance. The publications and tests associated with those certifications usually take approximately 1-2 years. More seasoned underwriters with as a minimum 3 years of enjoy regularly pursue a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter certification.

Insurance Underwriter Skills & Competencies

Underwriters want to broaden and document analytical, quantitative, choice-making, verbal, writing, and presentation competencies on the way to be hired and efficaciously carry out their responsibilities.

  • Math skills: An understanding of facts and chances is possibly the most applicable math skill. Much of the activity is determining the proper fee for an applicant primarily based on how possibly that applicant is to document a declare, based on to be had information.
  • Computer savvy: Much of the statistical analysis is completed with laptop software program unique to the enterprise. Insurance underwriters need to be adept at running the software program and making sure to enter statistics as it should be.
  • Analytical wondering: While some choices are easy, many conditions require insurance underwriters to assess a couple of factors related to a particular applicant. Even underwriting software is only a place to begin for plenty selections; professional underwriters need to evaluate automatic guidelines against their personal fine judgment.
  • Detail-orientated: Each applicant is specific, and each information factor can effect applications in one-of-a-kind ways. It's crucial for insurance underwriters to be as particular as feasible with this information which will make the great selections.

Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, task opportunities for insurance underwriters are projected to decline 5 percentage throughout the decade finishing in 2026. This is dramatically worse than the 7 percentage growth projected for all occupations. The projected decline is because of the developing prevalence of automated underwriting software being used to technique insurance programs.

An exception to this projected decline exists for insurance underwriters working specifically in for health and medical health insurance companies. Growth for the ones jobs is projected at 15 percentage for the identical period because of anticipated will increase inside the demand for medical health insurance.

Work Environment

Much of the paintings of coverage underwriters is completed sitting at a table getting into facts into a pc or reading data on a pc. Most of the interactions away from the pc are with coverage retailers who rely on the facts provided with the aid of underwriters.

Work Schedule

Insurance underwriters commonly work full-time at some stage in preferred commercial enterprise hours. Because of the nature of their work, there's little need or cause to have to paintings evenings or weekends.

How to Get the Job


The activity is basically approximately running with and reading numbers, so playing that kind of work is paramount.


A lot of enjoy is received at the process, so get a foot in the door and begin gaining revel in.


Take gain of possibilities to earn certifications so as to be greater marketable.

Comparing Similar Jobs

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Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017