Interview Question: What Hours Are You Available?

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“What hours are you to be had?” is a not unusual interview question for transient activitypart-time jobs, jobs with flexible schedules, and shift paintings. 

This is a tremendously honest query, but it's nevertheless essential to be strategic with your solution. You don't want to take your self out of consideration for the function, but you also do not need to vow more flexibility with work hours than you could cope with. 

By demonstrating your willingness to modify, as a lot as you may, on your business enterprise’s wishes, you'll set your self aside as a capability employee dedicated to the agency’s success. Here's extra facts to help you prepare and deliver an effective reaction to this interview query.

What the Interviewer Wants to Know

An corporation will ask this query to get a feel of whether or not you'll work with the agency’s agenda

If the business enterprise needs someone to cowl night time shifts, or to paintings a Thursday through Sunday agenda, they'll need to make sure that the person they hire is available at those times. 

Sometimes an corporation will ask a greater precise question, consisting of whether or not you are willing to paintings nights and/or weekends, or how many hours per week you're available.

How to Answer Interview Questions About What Hours You Are Available

When answering this query, be sincere about your agenda, but additionally emphasize your flexibility. You want to reveal that you are inclined to fill the hours they want and that you could be a group participant.

If you are interviewing for a element-time job, brief function, or shift work, suppose cautiously approximately your schedule ahead. Make word of unique days or shifts you know you can not do.

If the task has flexible hours, consider how many hours every week you're willing to paintings.

Try to restriction the wide variety of scheduling conflicts you have got. An company will likely be sympathetic to own family, education, fitness, or spiritual conflicts, but they'll likely not care if your work agenda conflicts with a personal hobby. Try to stay as bendy as viable, and be open to rescheduling some of your non-public activities.

Also, reflect onconsideration on the particular job and enterprise while you are considering agenda alternatives. If this is a seasonal activity, for instance, you likely received’t get away with announcing you can not work weekends and vacations.

Examples of the Best Answers

Here are a few basic solutions that outline distinct schedule situations. These may be tailored to fit your state of affairs, or you may use them as concept to craft your answers.

Example Answer #1

I’m available in the course of college hours at the same time as my children are at college, 8:30 a.m.- 3 p.m., Monday thru Friday. I have a community of buddies and own family contributors who stand geared up to observe them if they’re unwell or it’s a instructors’ workday or holiday. I am also inclined and capable of paintings on weekends. I would like to cowl any shifts at some point of the ones instances.

Why It Works: This reaction is clear on when the candidate is to be had to paintings, while supplying a reassurance about a capability worker concern (insurance for when youngsters are sick). Plus, it ends on a high-quality word through citing availability on weekends, that are often hard to fill.

Example Answer #2

I am flexible and to be had nearly any time you will need me to paintings. I am looking forward to making this temporary position a full-time process for so long as your corporation wishes me.

Why It Works: This candidate makes it clean that their time table is bendy and they are prioritizing the task. 

Example Answer #three

I am available to paintings at any time in the course of the commercial enterprise week, along with evenings, and I can also without problems set up to come in on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. My Sunday mornings, however, are reserved for church.

Why It Works: This candidate draws a boundary around one comprehensible time while they may no longer be to be had to paintings. 

Example Answer #three

I’m glad to work each time you need me, together with on weekends, however I decide upon nighttime shifts. My associate works evenings, and if I could frequently work an nighttime shift as nicely, this will permit us to spend extra time together. Of direction, I’d be available to work time beyond regulation at some stage in the day as wished.

Why It Works: This reaction gives a clean sense of the worker's availability, in addition to their non-public desire. 

Tips for Giving the Best Answer

  • Be flexible, but sincere: You want to demonstrate which you are flexible and willing to serve the agency in whatever way they want. That being said, don’t lie approximately your availability. If there are positive weekdays or shifts you recognize you certainly cannot do, say so. If you lie now, it'll handiest hurt your chances of having after which keeping the task later on.
  • Be reasonable approximately schedule conflicts: While you do no longer always need to go into excellent detail while explaining a purpose for a agenda conflict, you may in brief mention the reason in your unavailability, mainly if it is related to professional, academic, or circle of relatives conflicts. For instance, in case you are a student making use of for a element-time process, you would possibly point out which you are in faculty in the course of positive hours.

What Not to Say 

  • Don't be deceptive: Your company might be annoyed if you say you may work a certain set of hours, and are then not able to. Similarly, you'll be in a jam if you are scheduled to work hours that are not possible due to non-public commitments. 
  • Don't be poor:If you do have a limited agenda, try and spin it via retaining your reaction targeted on whilst you are to be had, at the side of dates and times when you're bendy. That is, as opposed to saying, "I'm not to be had Monday via Wednesday," you can say, "I'm to be had to work on Thursday through Sunday, and happy to paintings nights and weekends." 

Possible Follow-Up Questions

  • When can you begin working?
  • Are you to be had to work nights? Weekends? 
  • What could you do in case you have been unexpectedly unavailable to paintings a scheduled shift? 
  • Do you have got revel in along with your work hours converting from week to week? 
  • Are you snug with shift paintings and a changing time table? 

Key Takeaways

PREPARE AHEAD OF TIME. Having a experience of when the business enterprise probably desires you to paintings, at the side of when you're to be had, will help you deliver a smooth answer. 

EMPHASIZE YOUR FLEXIBILITY. Whenever possible, put a focus for your flexibility, specially in case you're to be had to work in the course of night and weekend shifts. 

DON'T PROMISE WHAT YOU CAN'T DELIVER. Lying about your availability will motive challenges down the road.