Interview Questions About How Much You Work

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It's no longer unusual for employers to inquire about your work hours. Interviewers can be inquisitive about gaining knowledge of approximately your paintings ethic, and what kind of time you dedicate in your task. For example, an agency may ask: 

  • How many hours do you normally paintings in a week? 
  • Do you regularly paintings past due nights? 
  • Do you bring paintings home to do over the weekend? 

Find out why employers are interested by exploring your work hours—and get tips for how to supply a strong response. 

What the Interviewer Wants to Know

Interview questions about how much you figure may be tricky due to the fact employers ask this for a number of motives. Some employers may also ask how many hours you figure because they need to recognize which you manage a while correctly and complete your work efficiently.

Others want to understand which you are willing to paintings long hours for the coolest of the company. At a few businesses, the norm is a forty-hour week and absolutely everyone goes home on time. But at a few businesses, each person would possibly toil for 50 or 60 hours according to week with out question.

Be cautious how you solution these questions due to the fact every corporation is seeking out something barely one of a kind for your response.

How to Answer Questions About Your Work

Think carefully earlier than you respond to questions about what number of hours in keeping with week you work. While you do not want to be construed as a slacker, neither do you need to encounter as a workaholic, or for that depend, someone who can't end duties in an inexpensive amount of time.

Your safest guess, consequently, is to avoid declaring a particular quantity of hours except the interviewer insists. 

It may be difficult to recognise in case your interviewer is seeking out an answer that demonstrates your performance or one that indicates you're willing to paintings nicely over the usual 40-hour workweek. In fact, if you interview with numerous human beings in a agency, every of them might have a extraordinary perspective on what they want to hear in reaction to this question. 

Learn About Company Culture

Before your interview, examine something approximately the employer tradition. If the enterprise actually values people who paintings simplest the specified number of hours, emphasize your organizational and time management talents that allow you to finish obligations on time.

If you know the employer requires employees to work lengthy hours, emphasize your flexibility and willingness to work more hours to finish fundamental initiatives.

Unless you're really positive about the corporation subculture and expectations, the most secure solution is to kingdom which you work as plenty as essential to get the task performed.

Your response will reveal which you're willing to work tough with out committing to an exact number of hours in step with week.

Discuss How You Complete Your Work

Speak generally about the way you generally whole your work. This offers you a few leeway on your solution and allows you to play up a number of your strengths, like your efficiency, time management, or patience.

Examples of the Best Answers

Example Answer #1

I have constantly been able to create and hold an green paintings schedule that lets in me to work on the identical variety of hours in step with week. Of course, after I am working on a specially critical or tough project, I am satisfied to on occasion growth the ones hours to supply my fine paintings.

Why It Works: In this response, the candidate emphasizes their efficiency and flexibility, two abilties that are valued with the aid of employers. 

Example Answer #2

While I know this activity calls for me to paintings a hard and fast variety of hours each week, I am constantly inclined to are available in early or stay past due to help entire a mission. While I work efficiently, I will cross above and past whilst my colleagues need me.

Why It Works: In this reaction, the candidate makes it clean that they're devoted to getting work finished, even though it method operating longer hours. 

Work-existence stability is important to me, so I work extremely tough on weekdays so that I can entire my duties and cognizance on my own family at the weekends. I will definitely are available in on occasional weekends every time wanted, but I think my time control abilities will make that the exception in place of the rule of thumb.

Why It Works: This answer showcases that the worker has important limitations and also robust time control. However, the candidate is careful not to reveal a willingness to loosen up barriers round weekend paintings for crunch instances. 

Tips for Giving the Best Answer

  • Do your studies. Certain industries and organizations are known for having long hours, and employees that prioritize installing the hours. For instance, if you're making use of for a position at a company that gives perks like unfastened dry cleansing for employees or gives loose meals at the organisation campus, that is a very good signal that, in go back, managers will anticipate personnel to paintings long hours. At other corporations, the tradition might also skew closer to strict nine-to-five hours, with late nights visible as a reflection that an employee has poor time control. You'll be able to supply a more potent reaction if you research the agency and enterprise in advance.
  • Talk approximately your work fashion, now not time. While the question is ready hours, it is quality to keep away from giving numbers on your reaction. Instead, awareness on how you do your paintings—you can talk about how you live on schedule. 
  • Emphasize your commitment to finishing projects and tasks on time. Even a organization it really is eager to offer employees with a good paintings-life stability will regularly want to understand that you're inclined to place within the time whilst it counts. It can be useful to be aware that you're inclined to work extended hours to help colleagues in need or to launch vital tasks. 

What Not to Say

As visible above, you need to attempt now not to pin yourself all the way down to a selected wide variety of hours. But this is now not all you want to avoid on your answer—here are greater matters to live far from as you body your response: 

  • Skip poor remarks approximately running additional time. After all, it's possible lengthy hours may be common at the enterprise. However, in case you are not able or unwilling to paintings certain hours—beyond sunset on Fridays for religious motives, for example—now is a superb time to make that clear.
  • Don't imply laziness—for yourself, or others. You do not need to provide a solution that would make it sound like you work inefficiently (e.g., "Since I'm sluggish to get began in the morning, I usually land up having to stay overdue once every body else has left the office"). It's also critical to avoid implying that folks who work short hours are lazy. 
  • Reflect the enterprise. Remember, in some industries, working lots of hours is visible as a badge of honor, whilst, in others, it's regarded as a sign of inefficiency. Orient your response for that reason. 

Possible Follow-Up Questions 

  • Describe your work ethic. - Best Answers
  • What kind of work surroundings do you pick? Best Answers
  • How could you handle it if there was a hassle with a member of your team no longer doing their truthful percentage of labor? Best Answers

Key Takeaways

  • Get to recognise the corporation—and industry—tradition earlier than your interview to frame your solution appropriately. 
  • Even with research, it's intricate to realize what employers need to listen, so cognizance extra for your work fashion than how many hours you may paintings. 
  • Don't make any poor remarks about additional time (considering it is able to be required) or mean that individuals who do not work lengthy hours are lazy.