General Skills for Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews

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When you are writing resumes and cowl letters and making use of for jobs, there are certain abilties that employers count on process applicants to have. These are popular competencies that apply to nearly any job.

Make certain that you highlight these talents when you're job looking and emphasize them in process applications, resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

How to Highlight Your Skills

You can use these talents lists all through your job search procedure. Firstly, you may use these talent phrases for your resume. Include keywords inside the description of your work enjoy or the summary segment of your resume as proven under:

Screenshot of a resume with skills listed

Secondly, you could use these for your cowl letter. In the body of your letter, you could point out one or of these talents, and provide a specific example of a time whilst you demonstrated the ones capabilities at paintings.

Finally, you could use these ability phrases in your interview. Make positive you have at least one example of a time you established every of the top 5 capabilities listed right here.

As you put together on your interview, put together specific examples of times you used that skill in a professional context.

Top five General Skills

Each job you follow for would require one of a kind competencies and experiences, so make sure you read the activity description cautiously and cognizance at the abilities listed by way of the employer.

To draw attention to a ability, highlight it on your resume while you describe your previous positions, and probably additionally in a separate talents list segment.

Communication Skills

Communication is a important smooth talent. No matter what your process is, you will ought to interact with employers, colleagues, and/or clients. You may need to engage with human beings in man or woman, at the cellphone, via electronic mail, or a mixture of all three.

Written and Verbal Communication

Employers search for job applicants with strong written and oral communique abilties. They need to rent those who can communicate and write certainly, correctly, and professionally.

You will possibly also need to do a little writing, whether or not that includes making reviews, creating signage, filling out information, or something else. Broadly talking, communique abilities smash down into both written or oral abilties, despite the fact that there are areas of overlap, which include e-mail. Good conversation must be accurate, clean to recognize, and appropriate.

Speaking and Correspondence

That approach employing tactful, professional speech and correspondence, and it also approach growing properly-crafted writing in the perfect format. Appropriate conversation would possibly suggest very various things for unique positions, and top communicators recognise which standards apply to which context. While it’s genuine that communication is lots greater vital in a few jobs than others, it's miles always a thing to a few diploma.

Related Skills: Administrative, Advising, Being Artistic / Creative, Business Storytelling, Coaching Individuals, Collaboration, Communication, Conducting Meetings, Conflict Resolution, Confronting Others, Consultation, Counseling, Customer Service, Demonstrations, Dispensing Information, Displaying Ideas, Editing, Expression of Feelings, Fundraising, Handling Complaints, Human Resources, Interpersonal, Interviews, Language Translation, Listening, Monetary Collection, Negotiation, Networking, Nonverbal Communication, Oration, Personal Interaction, Preparing Written Documents, Proposals, Proposal Writing, Publications, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Questioning Others, Reading Volumes, Recommendations, Reporting, Report Writing, Screening Calls, Sketching, Training, Updating Files.

Computer Literacy/Information Technology

Even in case your process does now not at once involve facts generation, each employer expects you to have a simple understanding of the way to use a computer.

You ought to be snug with word-processing and e-mail, in addition to spreadsheets and applications like Excel. Any additional computer capabilities you have will best enhance your resume.

Related Skills: Budgeting, Calculations, Classifying Records, Compiling Statistics, Computer, Financial Report Auditing, Information Search, Information and Communications Technology, Locating Missing Documents / Information, Maintenance, Managing Finances, Microsoft Office, Numerical Analysis, Scheduling, Technical Support, Technical, Technology.

Learning Skills

Being a fast learner is an crucial ability for nearly any activity. Yes, employers want to know which you have the fundamental tough competencies for a process, however in case you are a brief learner, you can extend your talent set through the years.

Learning is simply a set of skills, some of which are themselves learned and can be progressed with exercise, while others are in all likelihood inborn. You are probable to be much quicker at learning a few kinds of cloth than others and lots higher at getting to know in some approaches than others. Your potential company won't care whether you're a visible or an auditory learner, but if you realize your very own style, you may be a far extra powerful learner.

Related Skills: Assembling Apparatus, Construction, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Detail Management, Equipment Operation, Independent Action, Knowledge of Current Governmental Affairs, Learning, Logical Thinking, Organizational, Organizational Management, Organizational Tasks, Principal Concept Knowledge, Prioritizing, Reasoning, Remembering Facts, Time Management, Transferable Skills.


In all jobs, there are problems, so problem-solving talents will make you a much better employee. Depending in your obligations, the scope of the hassle you're expected to clear up, and your degree of independence, the diploma to which you hassle-clear up might range. For some positions, the hassle-solving capacity might be visible as crucial, at the same time as in others you may be anticipated best to observe commands. And yet, recounted or no longer, trouble-solving will help you do your paintings better.

Employers are seeking for employees who can use reasoning and analysis to clear up hard issues. In your resume, cover letter, and interviews, spotlight any examples of instances while you used creative problem-fixing to find an inventive solution to a piece trouble.

Related Skills: Accuracy, Analysis, Analytical, Being Thorough, Creating Ideas, Creating Innovation, Creating New Solutions, Creating New Procedures, Defining Performance Standards, Defining Problems, Evaluating, Innovation, Inventing New Ideas, Investigation, Measuring Boundaries, Prediction, Problem Solving, Regulating Rules.


Almost each task entails operating on a team in some manner. Whether you figure frequently on crew projects, or clearly want to paintings as part of a branch, you may want so as to get along well with others.

The ability to paintings on a crew is critical in some jobs and nearly incidental in others. Yet even the most independent positions occasionally contain shared goals and difficulties.

A agency is a group, so the higher you may paintings on a team, the higher worker you could be.

On your resume and cover letter, and on your interviews, emphasize your capability to paintings with others to achieve success.

Related Skills: Adaptable, Challenging Employees, Emotional Control, Encouragement, Entertainment, Goal Setting, Involvement, Leadership, Maintaining High Levels of Activity, Management, Meeting Deadlines, Motivation, Multitasking, Overseeing Meetings, Overseeing Operation, Plan Development, Planning, Promotions, Rehabilitating Others, Responsibility, Service, Supervision, Team Building, Teamwork, Toleration.

Resume Example Focusing on Relevant Skills

This is a resume instance with a listing of relevant competencies. Download the resume template (well matched with Google Docs and Word Online) or see the example beneath.

Resume template

Resume Example Focusing on Relevant Skills (Text Version)

William Applicant
Street Address (optionally available)
City, State Zip
(000) 123-4567


Building best workforces via centered recruitment and retention techniques

Respected HR supervisor with 10+ years’ experience growing and main quite effective human resources departments for both newly released and set up businesses. Seasoned problem-solver, adept in creating new strategies to heighten employee morale, defuse place of business conflicts, and make certain compliance with EEOC mandates. Expert instruct and career counselor, using enticing oral and written communications abilities to deftly build consensus throughout multiple organizational levels. Hold PHR and SHRM certifications.

Key abilties consist of:

  • Recruiting & Staffing Initiatives
  • Benefits Administration
  • Active Listening & Employee Advocacy
  • Conflict Resolution / Negotiation
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Internal & External Communications
  • Procedure Redesign & Change Management


Human Resources Manager (February 2020 – Present)
Excel as HR Manager for ancient manufacturing firm employing a staff of 1500+ personnel. Hold scope of responsibility for skills acquisition and on-boarding, employee family members and career counseling, control training, advantages management, and criminal compliance. Notable accomplishments:

  • Championed modifications to a repayment shape that prevented a strike and elevated ordinary employee morale by using forty seven%.
  • Conceptualized and initiated centered skills acquisition approach that filled 10 excessive-priority supervisory positions within a 30-day window.

Human Resources Specialist (November 2015 – January 2020)

Brought on board to evaluate and devise solutions for employee family members problems. Conducted inner investigations to investigate the effectiveness of present day HR and Affirmative Action guidelines; worked collaboratively with control and 3200-member team of workers to optimize inner communications. Notable Accomplishments:

  • Organized on-time management and submission of EEO-1 surveys to the EEOC.
  • Introduced new personnel referral initiative that expanded affirmative action hires with the aid of 30%.


Bachelor of Science in Business (Emphasis: Human Resources Management)

Information Technology: Microsoft Office Suite ∙ ADP / Workforce Now ∙ HRMS

Certifications: Professional in Human Resources (PHR) ∙ Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

More Skills Resources

While these important “top 5” skills are those which can be maximum sought by using all employees, you should additionally be organized to explain activity-precise competencies. To help on this, have a examine “Employment Skills Listed by way of Job” and “Lists of Skills for Resumes.” At the equal time, it’s equally vital to be privy to skills no longer to position to your resume. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make sure that your resume and cowl letter are the appropriate suit for the qualifications an business enterprise is in search of.


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