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Makeup Artist

Did you ever wonder how your preferred actor elderly 30 years during that film you noticed or how they made all the ones humans seem like zombies for that tv show? Those results may also were created with the aid of CGI (computer snap shots imagery), however it's also in all likelihood that a makeup artist may be liable for them. He or she makes use of cosmetics to enhance or modify the appearances of actors who are in films or tv suggests. Makeup artists also paintings with stay performers including stage actors, singers, and dancers. While some use special effects and prosthetics to exchange someone's appearance notably, others simply assist human beings, as an instance, newscasters and communicate display hosts, come to be digital camera-ready. Makeup artists are once in a while predicted additionally to style hair and wigs.

Employment Facts

There were 3,000 make-up artists hired in 2012. Most were hired via the motion photograph and tv broadcasting industries. Over a quarter of the individuals who labored on this profession had been​ self-employed. Many jobs are quick-time period, once in a while lasting only a day or two, and makeup artists might also enjoy long durations of unemployment between productions.

In the past, many jobs were focused around Hollywood, however that is not the case as productions flow to places where costs are decrease. According to a 2013 New York Times article the ​​​​Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild (Local 706), a union, actively encourages its members to locate different paintings to do on the side (In Hollywood, Powderpuff Blues).

Educational Requirements

If you want to become a makeup artist, you will have to attend a school of cosmetology. Training will take among numerous months and a 12 months. Most schools require a high college or equivalency diploma for admission.

Why Do You Need to Know About Educational Requirements?

Other Requirements

Makeup artists need to have an flair for visible arts. In addition to that and the technical abilities, you'll analyze by attending cosmetology faculty, positive tender skills, or private features, will help you reach this career. For instance, you want properly speakme and listening talents. You ought to also have correct selection making, important thinking and time control talents.

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment of make-up artists to develop extra slowly than the common for all occupations thru 2022. One motive of this decline can be that many movies now take benefit of CGI (laptop-generated imagery) rather than using makeup artists to create special effects. There are specialists in the field though who agree with there may be room for both in movie making (​​Practical Effects Masters on the Pros and Cons of CGI)


Makeup artists earned median hourly wages of $21.30 or a median annual profits of $44,310 in 2014. A Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild commercial enterprise govt quoted in the New York Times article stated that many low price range productions paid hourly prices in the young adults.

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A Day in a Makeup Artist's Life

These are a few ordinary process duties taken from on line advertisements posted in a whole lot of assets:

Makeup Artist For:

  • Cable Television News: Understand the wishes of each presenter/ guest
  • Cable Television News: Responsible for airbrush and manual software of make-up to decorate the capabilities of anchors and guests in a way that offers first-rate customer service
  • Movie: Create water resistant paintings
  • Short Film: Apply bruising element, blood FX, and ageing make-up/wrinkle highlights
  • Short Film Series: Create scars, burns, tattoos, and gunshot wounds quite simply and velocity

Occupations With Related Activities and Tasks

Description Hourly Salary (2014) Educational Requirements
Costume Attendant Select and fit costumes for performances, as nicely help performers trade into them $20.03 High faculty or equivalency degree
Cosmetologist or Hairdresser Care for customers' hair, skin or nails $eleven.12 Completion of a training software at a kingdom-licensed barber or cosmetology school
Embalmer Prepare bodies for viewing and burial $20.06 Associate diploma in mortuary technology


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