Mark Kolakowski

Finance, Market studies, Business method


  • Long, multidisciplinary profession on Wall Street which include 14 years at Merrill Lynch 
  • Contributing author, Investopedia
  • Author, "Career Confidential: An Insider's Guide to Business"
  • Consultant to independent entrepreneurs, editor of instructional studies papers in economics, developer of substances for an ESL course aimed at commercial enterprise professionals and college college students.


During his 14 years at Merrill Lynch, Mark turned into a first-rate contributor in many areas, most extensively:

Prior to Merrill Lynch, Mark evolved a complete sales forecasting device for AT&T, before entering into project analysis. Then he have become a control consultant at Touche Ross (considering merged into Deloitte), whose engagements included merger evaluation, forensic accounting, financial institution operations and mutual price range accounting.

Self-hired for the reason that 2001, Mark's sports have included being a strategic guide to an Internet entrepreneur, a representative to banking massive JPMorgan Chase, a guest lecturer at New York location faculties and an editor of instructional research papers in economics. In his book Career Confidential: An Insider's Guide to Business (2008) Mark draws case studies in profession control from his very own stories. He also has been interviewed for tv documentaries handling the functions of the DTCC and economic fraud dedicated in opposition to Hollywood's elite. Additionally, Mark is a contributor to Investopedia, "the sector’s biggest virtual monetary education platform."