Tips for the Journalist Interviewing Musicians

Before the interview, it's far essential which you do your homework. Learn everything you could about the musician in question. Although you may want to awareness on some thing is going on proper now in the artist's profession—in any case, they may be speakme to you to sell whatever this is—don't consciousness exclusively on it at some stage in your guidance. Your confidence will leap with each little bit of expertise you pick out up approximately your interview challenge.

List Your Questions

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You want an interview to be extra like a communique than a strict Q&A session, however you shouldn't cross into it bloodless (in particular now not your first one). Spend a while arising with the questions you need to invite earlier than the interview. At the very least, the primary query will give you a good jumping-off point to spark the dialogue. And, if communique sincerely doesn't start flowing, at the least you may be capable of draw out the statistics you need to write your piece.

In phrases of what you ought to ask, it depends. Always ask a few basic historical past information. Remember, you're seeking to get someone to tell you a story in their personal phrases that you already recognize (due to the fact you've organized). To that stop, ask the plain questions, even if you assume that the musician has heard them 100 times. They in all likelihood have, however you still need to accumulate information to your specific piece.

Having stated that, don't be afraid to throw some specific queries in there. Don't be shy. Have fun with it. These off-the-wall questions can frequently begin the first-class conversations.

Practice With Friends

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When you're new to interviewing people, it is a good concept to have a few test runs. The musician you are interviewing shouldn't be your guinea pig. Ask your pals to pose as the musician and run thru your questions. Get comfortable pronouncing them and practice your transitions among questions. Your real interview likely might not be whatever like those sessions, however you'll sense lots greater in control while your questions have had a little real-international run-through.

Steel Yourself


OK, now, do not permit this put you off, but once in a while musicians can be a bit hard at some stage in interviews. In the bulk of cases, they're not, however from time to time it occurs. You may additionally stumble upon a musician who's in a bad temper, who hates doing interviews, or who is having amusing with their bandmates by using making interviews uncomfortable. Or any quantity of things. This can be particularly true whilst it is the end of a protracted day of interviews and the artist is uninterested in answering the same questions over and over.

Now you realize. So how will you put together? Well, there may be not plenty you can do approximately it. If you are organized, knowledgeable about the artist, and have questions equipped to go, then you definitely've finished your component. Just manage your reaction. Don't get thrown. Roll with it. Do your nice. It will make a very good tale at some point.

Don't Try to Cable-News Host Them

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If a musician is knee-deep in controversy while you interview them, you then can not very well ignore it. But don't stir up hassle. This isn't a few political display on a cable information network with some host shouting over humans. Keep the focus on the track and supply the musician plenty of space to tell their story and sell some thing they may be there to sell.