Navy Aviation Boatswain Equipment Mate – ABE

These sailors oversee system used by Navy plane

Aviation boatswain's mates refuel an AV-8B Harrier jet aircraft.

A Navy aviation boatswain's equipment mate enables to release and get better the Navy's plane. Their obligations include getting ready and fueling planes for take-off and touchdown. The boatswain's mate is one of the oldest of all the Navy's jobs—referred to as ratings by using the navy. The process, set up in 1944, has been a part of this department of the U.S. military for the reason that Navy's inception in 1775.

There are numerous special categories of Boatswain's Mates, which might be separated by using their specific obligations. The boatswain's system mate (ABE) is responsible, because the call indicates, for overseeing device used in naval aviation.


These sailors behavior organizational upkeep on hydraulic and steam catapults, barricades, arresting equipment and arresting gear engines. They operate gadget consisting of catapult launch and arresting consoles, firing panels, water brakes, blast deflectors, and cooling panels.

And like any Aviation Boatswain's Mates in the Navy, ABE's additionally perform loads of different duties related to launching and recovery of plane.

Working Environment

Most of the work in this score is done outdoors on the deck of aircraft carriers, in all weather situations, in rapid-paced and regularly probably hazardous environments. The ABE works intently with others in aviation ratings.

Training and Qualifications

After boot camp on the Great Lakes Naval Training Center—out of doors of Chicago, Illinois—these sailors spend 39 calendar days in A-faculty (technical education) in Pensacola, Florida. 

To be eligible for this rating, recruits want a blended rating of 184 on the verbal (VE), arithmetic (AR), math expertise (MK) and vehicle and keep records (AS) segments of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) assessments.

There's no Department of Defense safety clearance required for this score, however you ought to have vision correctable to 20/20 and everyday shade belief (no colorblindness). This is one of the scores wherein a waiver of the vision requirements isn't permitted. 

You'll additionally need to have ordinary listening to, which means the common listening to threshold degree in frequencies of 3000hz 4000hz 5000hz 6000hz must be less than 30db, with out a level more than 45db in any one frequency. If the hearing level exceeds those limits, you may not qualify for this rating.

As with all jobs in the Navy and other branches of the U.S. military, promotions on this rating are connected to its staffing level. Sailors in undermanned rankings will consequently have more capability possibilities for promotions than those in undermanned ratings. 

Sea/Shore Rotation

  • First Sea Tour: 60 months
  • First Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Second Sea Tour: 60 months
  • Second Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Third Sea Tour: 48 months
  • Third Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Fourth Sea Tour: forty eight months
  • Forth Shore Tour: 36 months

Sea excursions and shore excursions for sailors that have completed 4 sea tours could be 36 months at sea, accompanied by means of 36 months ashore until retirement.

ABE is a sea-extensive community. Manning situations at sea may additionally require the need to request sea tour extension or shore excursion curtailments to make sure all sea obligation billets are crammed.