Non-Nursing Jobs for Nurses

Career Options for Nurses Who Need a Change

Registered nurse working remotely

Nursing is a fast-growing, doubtlessly excessive-paying profession that gives a completely unique hazard to do paintings that subjects in a constantly changing environment. However, the very elements that make nursing a vibrant career preference can also make it difficult.  

In a survey published inside the American Medical Association’s JAMA Network, 31.5% of registered nurses (RNs) left their jobs because of burnout. Other studies has proven that a 3rd of RNs depart nursing during the first two years of their profession. In other phrases, in case you’re a nurse who’s searching out non-nursing jobs, you've got masses of enterprise.

Getting a nursing diploma, although, is not cheap. Whether you’re going to school for an accomplice, a bachelor’s, or a graduate diploma, you’ll likely pay tens of hundreds of bucks in your training. 

If you’d want to change jobs, you possibly want to make sure that your funding pays off.

The precise news is which you have lots of alternatives. Whether you need to paintings remotely or on-website online, there are numerous non-nursing jobs that permit you to use your competencies and revel in in new and interesting approaches.

Remote Jobs for Nurses

You won't have to depart nursing to make a career alternate. Depending for your pursuits and professional desires, a transfer to far off paintings would possibly provide you with the brand new direction you are searching for.

According to a latest file from freelancing platform company Upwork, well over half of of U.S. employees keep to make money working from home as a minimum some of the time. If you’re currently operating on the bedside, you may think that your career would be a difficult fit for a far flung work lifestyle. However, there are far flung nursing jobs available, if you realize wherein to look. Consider the following options:

1. Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth nurses provide patient care through phone and video chat. These nurses may work for health practitioner’s offices, medical health insurance corporations, or nonprofit companies. Some telehealth nurses function as a hotline for patient questions, while others provide more complete affected person training and guide. Most activity listings specify nurses who're RNs, but some are open to certified practical nurses (LPNs) as well.

Salary: Glassdoor reviews that telehealth nurses earn a mean annual earnings of $sixty five,870.

2. Case Manager

Experienced RN case managers can often locate paintings-from-domestic jobs. Many case manager roles are centered on locating cost financial savings while imparting splendid affected person care. Nurse case managers would possibly paintings for hospitals, scientific facilities, or coverage agencies. Depending on the position, these jobs may additionally contain usage overview, patient advocacy, and care coordination.

Salary: According to PayScale, nurse case managers earn an average annual revenue of $seventy three,208.

3. Online Nursing Instructor

Online nursing teachers teach patient care and nursing exercise to college students and professionals. They can also be chargeable for growing and updating nursing curriculum. Typically, nursing teachers need to have energetic nursing licenses and complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing, although some programs may additionally pick a master’s degree or doctorate.

Salary: ZipRecruiter reviews that online nursing instructors earn a mean annual revenue of $sixty five,353.

four. Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners perform a number of the same capabilities as physicians. They determine, diagnose, and treat patients, at the side of ordering checks and prescribing medications. State legal guidelines range, but maximum nurse practitioners work with physicians. Technological advancements have made it viable for some nurse practitioners to paintings remotely.

Salary: According to, nurse practitioners make an average annual profits of $111,281.

5. Remote Diabetes Educator

While nursing teachers focus on coaching students how to be nurses, remote educators assist patients manage their health. A remote diabetes educator enables diabetic sufferers broaden more healthy lifestyles and manage medicines.

Salary: Per ZipRecruiter, faraway diabetes educators earn a median annual profits of $seventy five,832.

Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs

Want to depart the bedside however use your skills and schooling in a one-of-a-kind manner? One of those jobs is probably a great match for you. Some require extra schooling or schooling, however all make properly use of your paintings enjoy.

1. Nurse Researcher

Want to retain making the arena a better, more healthy vicinity? A career as a nurse researcher might be what you’re looking for. Nurse researchers are superior-practice RNs, like nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists. They design and behavior studies, which includes gathering and reading information on illnesses, treatments, and medicine.  

Salary: PayScale reviews that nurse researchers earn a mean annual revenue of $81,500.

2. Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants (LNCs) paintings for law firms and coverage businesses, offering perception and evaluation of the clinical component of felony instances. They may additionally act as expert witnesses in criminal complaints. LNCs normally have a bachelor’s diploma in nursing and are certified through the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC).

Salary: According to PayScale, prison nurse specialists earn a median hourly pay of $49.22.

three. Nursing Informatics Analyst

Most hospitals within the U.S. use an digital health statistics (EHR) machine. Nursing informatics analysts help analyze and improve EHR systems, leading to more powerful patient care and more price efficiencies. These specialists are generally RNs with certification in nursing informatics. They may have a grasp’s degree with a concentration within the discipline.  

Salary: ZipRecruiter reports that nursing informatics analysts earn a median annual revenue of $eighty three,943.

4. Web Developer

Feel a calling in the direction of statistics technology (IT) and want to depart the medical global at the back of absolutely? You may need to switch gears to a brand new career as a web developer. The interest to element and capacity to multitask which you honed as a nurse will serve you in top stead in this task. Best of all, you'll be able to transition into this career with only a few classes or a coding boot camp application.

Salary: According to Glassdoor, internet builders earn a mean annual profits of $68,524.

5. Health Coach

Put your affected person training capabilities to paintings as a fitness train, assisting clients broaden healthier habits with the aid of advising them on vitamins, exercising, and strain control strategies.

Salary: Per, fitness coaches earn a median annual profits of $59,714.