Develop a Business Process Outsourcing Transition Plan

Preparing and imposing a BPO approach can take as long as six months, relying on the scope of the task. No two deals are exactly alike. However, the simple steps are the same.

  • Analyze direct and indirect charges and tactics, together with subprocesses and projected investments.
  • Educate yourself on governance and courting control requirements, retained techniques and organization, inner development opportunities, and the request for records (RFI) method
  • As part of your sourcing approach, recall single as opposed to a couple of carriers, sole supply as opposed to aggressive bids, and gather intelligence approximately prospective vendors.

Second Step: RFP Development and Pricing

  • State the paintings necessities, as an example, key strategies, finance, HR, or IT.
  • Define modern and targeted carrier degrees.
  • Perform a economic evaluation of economic and productiveness factors.
  • Develop the commercial enterprise case, inclusive of expenses savings and tangible and intangible procedure improvements.
  • Choose a pricing version, as an instance, fixed versus variable or output-primarily based pricing.
  • Determine governance, service level agreement, and dating control plans.​

Third Step: Bid Evaluation and Negotiation

  • Distribute RFP to qualified BPO carriers based at the business method.
  • Visit with companies and rank them. Based on your analysis determine a brief list of alternatives.
  • Begin preliminary negotiations.
  • Check references and behavior 3 to five targeted customer web page visits.
  • Negotiate agreement, carrier levels, and criminal framework.
  • Create a governance and BPO program control workplace

Once these three steps are achieved, it's time to begin transition planning.


The transition is a key to a a success program. Many firms can produce the Business Case the execution of the Business Case is the key to understanding the cost to the choice. Transition encompasses three factors, Financial – Technical – Organization Change. We discover that the humans-orientated detail Organizational Change is the one that is given the least attention and is frequently the differentiator in accomplishing the fulfillment of the Business Case. A sound Transition technique stresses this element. A transition Methodology is illustrated in the diagram under:

three Phases of Transition

We engage our customers on a better aircraft for strategic perception and green implementation. Such depth is a common thread through the Pre-Migration Migration and Post-Migration stages of the venture.

In the Pre-migration stage, a rigorous assessment of Process, people, Technology Infrastructure and management is undertaken to chalk out the road map in an outsourced surroundings

At the Migration Phase stage, the above activity is taken to the following degree to facilitate synchronicity among consumer and BPO from an operational attitude

At the Post-Migration stage, strategies are migrated to the core operations crew is answerable for stability and process enhancement. A rigorous monitoring framework is used to ensure transparency of operations to the patron.