Commonly Used Direct Sales Terms

Multilevel, Single-Level and Network Marketing, Downline, Upline, and More

The terms direct income or direct selling may be used interchangeably. They describe a commercial enterprise operation wherein income reps promote products and services at once to clients without using a retail outlet.

Direct sales frequently take vicinity through one-on-one contact—together with domestic events—however sales can also be carried out thru cellphone or other electronic means. Most direct selling groups are also multi-stage advertising groups, which compensate income reps for each product income and for recruiting different income reps.

Direct promoting (additionally known as direct income) is a shape of advertising in which products and services are offered without delay to purchasers without the use of a hard and fast retail outlet. Direct income take area via person-to-man or woman contact, often at home events hosted via the distributor, who also can be known as a sales consultant, companion and/or representative.

Most direct promoting operations are also multi-degree advertising and marketing agencies, which characteristic compensation preparations wherein sales reps earn cash for each product sales and for recruiting different sales reps.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Multilevel advertising (MLM) is a commercial enterprise structure in which products are marketed directly to consumers by way of sales representatives (or vendors) whose compensation is based totally on their very own product income in addition to the income of the vendors whom they recruited to the multilevel advertising company. These recruits are known as their downline. MLM income reps do not acquire a profits.


In multilevel advertising operations, sales marketers are known as vendors. Depending on the enterprise an MLM distributor might be referred to as an agent, income consultant or a representative.


Downline are the vendors that any other distributor has recruited to the direct sales business enterprise. The recruiting sales rep gets repayment based totally on her downline’s sales as well as her very own. In an MLM, the recruiting sales rep receives compensation based on her downline in addition to own income.


In multilevel advertising (MLM), the person who recruited a distributor into the organisation, every so often referred to as a sponsor, and the human beings above her within the organisation are the upline. An MLM distributor’s upline receives compensation based on her sales as well as their own.

Single-Level Marketing

Single-stage advertising (or income) is one type of reimbursement plan for direct income agencies. Multilevel marketing, however, is some distance extra common. In SLM income buddies are paid most effective for his or her own personal income interest. They do now not recruit different sales reps and derive profits. Income is best within the shape of commission or bonus.

Pyramid Scheme

In this kind of unlawful business shape, recruitment of new contributors into the pyramid scheme is the primary avenue for reimbursement for individuals. Typically new recruits pay an preliminary rate of a few kind, which turns into profits for their upline. The direction to reimbursement for that recruit is to recruit a downline. Usually, there's a the front for a pyramid scheme that gives the advent that the repayment can be earned from something besides apart from recruitment. Know the telltale signs of a rip-off.

Party plan

This is income of a product thru domestic events wherein the direct sales distributor both host a party in which visitors can buy the product or recruits a number to keep a party. At these domestic parties, the distributor makes a income pitch and guests can browse the products or location orders.

Network advertising

This refers to direct income made character-to-character, now not at a domestic party. These income can be done head to head but additionally through smartphone or electronic manner.