Project-Based Resumes for Tech Contractors

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Content of the Article

If given the choice, maximum people would alternatively do their taxes than work on their resume. It's a painful, time-ingesting system. If you're a freelance contractor within the tech industry, you realize that a one-size-fits-all resume simply won't cut it nowadays. Your resume needs to be tweaked to healthy each viable position, highlighting your most applicable enjoy for the undertaking handy.

Most full-time personnel use a chronological resume, displaying each corporation in reverse-chronological order, specifying "Company," "Position," "Years," and "Duties." This is a superb format for full-time positions due to the fact it may display employers how stable you are, how dependable you have been, and the way you have got risen via the ranks, adding value to every organisation through the years.

When you're applying for a contract/contract function, a chronological resume can absolutely do extra damage than precise. Unless your closing function occurs to be exactly what your new settlement function requires, many managers will no longer even flip to the second one page. A useful resume kind (including a project-based resume) can assist show off your previous project enjoy better than a traditional chronologically based resume.

Project-Based Resumes

Instead of organizing your resume by the businesses you have got worked for, don't forget arranging it by using every person task instead. There are four sections for every undertaking in a venture-primarily based resume: Title, Duration, Technologies Used, and a Description.

  1. The title of every venture need to be a unmarried line.
    1. Give every challenge a variety of (ie. Project 1, Project 2, and so forth.), observed by the "Project Name," "Company," and "Position."
  2. In the second one line kind "Duration:" and then estimate how lengthy you labored on it (ie. 6 weeks, 30 days, etc.)
  3. In a brand new line, kind "Technologies Used," or "Software Used," relying on the type of paintings you probably did. List the gear you used for the assignment in bullet factors throughout or three columns.
  4. In the fourth phase, write a short paragraph approximately what the task entailed and what you probably did. Be certain to add any records that might be important to a brand new agency. If it is a protracted description, you can use bullet factors here as nicely to spotlight important factors.

Here’s an example of all of those steps put together:

Project 1: Updating (XYZ Inc.), Web Developer
Duration: 30 days
Technologies Used: HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Java

  • Redesigned XYZ’s website to accompany branding relaunch
  • Converted Flash-based totally navigation to HTML5 preferred
  • Optimized internet site for all monitors
  • Developed cellular model

This is one way of doing it. Here’s another way of presenting your initiatives:

XYZ Inc, Washington, DC (2015): Used HTML5/CSS3, PHP, and Java to rebuild for emblem relaunch. Optimized for all monitors, which include mobile devices. Converted Flash navigation into HTML5.

This layout is higher if you’re proceeding on making use of for the identical form of contract position. If you’re opting for a one-of-a-kind identify, use the primary layout to your initiatives in order that it’s clear what function you held for the duration of this time.

Review a Project Based Resume Sample

This is a pattern resume written for a tech contractor position. You might also really study the sample under or download the Word template through clicking on the link.

Project-Based Resume Sample (Text Version)

Wendy Webb
1234 Oak St., El Paso, TX 79920
000.123.1234 (C)

Qualifications Profile

Creative and technically sophisticated Tech Contractor with 5 years’ revel in independently developing and / or updating internet houses for enterprise leaders in the economic services, actual estate, income, and manufacturing sectors. 

Web Design & Analytics: Trend-aware and revolutionary in constructing web sites that champion employer brands and services. Rely upon enormous internet analytics techniques to track web page productivity and make certain greatest ROI.

Communications: Clearly supply complex data about initiatives scopes, timeframes, budgets, and technologies to customers, supplying ordinary updates to ensure on-time execution of project deliverables.

Technical Proficiencies: Solid command of Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Web Design, Bootstrap, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, and PHP.

Recent Project Portfolio

Project 1: Updating (XYZ Inc.), Web Developer
Duration: 30 days
Technologies Used: HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Java

  • Redesigned XYZ’s website to accompany branding relaunch, optimizing website for all screens, including mobile gadgets.
  • Converted Flash-based navigation into HTML5 popular.
  • Developed cellular version of website.

Project 2: Created custom cell web app (ABC Finance), Web Developer
Duration: 60 days
Technologies Used: HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Java

  • Designed and released mobile net app to offer easy credit reporting as a valued-delivered service.
  • Project earned Financial Times’ “Best Financial App of 2018” award.

Project 3: Designed digital conference room (Indie Realtors Inc.), Web Developer
Duration: 30 days
Technologies Used: HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Java

  • Conceptualized and advanced digital conference room allowing real-time conferences between 35 related realtors and their clients.
  • Brought venture domestic beneath budget and within difficult 30-day timeframe.

Project four: Created and released (DrillBits Manufacturing, Inc.), Web Developer
Duration: 60 days
Technologies Used: HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Java

  • Designed new internet site for recently-founded production organization.
  • Incorporated full-size analytics tracking techniques to make certain website’s rapid upward thrust in online search engine rankings.


B.B.A. in Web Application Design

Graduated Magna cum Laude

Why This Helps

When managers are looking for someone who can write C# code, or need a person to install a Cisco firewall, they really do not care how lengthy you had been running at XYZ Company. They need to know how a great deal experience you've got, what you did, and what number of months, days, or years you worked in comparable projects.

They will experiment the first couple tasks you indexed, add up the days you have spent doing comparable paintings... and then decide to call you or no longer. A mission-based totally resume makes the hiring supervisor's job clean, because of this you are much more likely to get that call when you have the understanding they are searching out.

Also, you may not ought to spend so much time tweaking your resume for each role you are making use of for. Keep one replica of your full resume, list all of your projects in reverse-chronological order as a template. When you apply for a brand new contract position, you can honestly reduce and paste the most applicable tasks and vicinity them on the top of the listing. The less relevant tasks can fill the following pages.

Finally, updating your resume after every venture is clearly a count of including it to the list when you are completed. You can spend much less time drafting and revising your resume, and spend extra time virtually working on contracts and, of path, doing all your taxes.