Project Management Lingo

Notebook and pen

Project control is a job that incorporates plenty of jargon and terminology. Once you understand what it all way, it’s quite clean to comply with the discussions and make a contribution correctly. It will enhance your self assurance at work if you can apprehend what anyone else is talking approximately, and help you get taken extra seriously at work in case you use the right phrases your self. Here’s a guide to the undertaking management terms that you should recognize.


‘Risk’ is a term that pertains to what might go incorrect together with your challenge. For example, if you are building a new workplace block, the price of steel may pass up, and that could have an impact in your finances. But it won't go up. Equally, in case you are planning on website hosting your annual company picnic outside, it might be pleasant climate, but it might rain. In quick, a chance is some thing that hasn’t happened but.

It’s critical to know what dangers surround your venture due to the fact then you could plan for them. You can positioned your ‘Plan B’ or contingency plans into motion to try to keep away from the chance occurring inside the first location. With the charge of metallic and the climate, there’s no longer a whole lot you could definitely do to prevent them from going on, however you can make plans in case they do. For example, you can lease a marquee or inventory up with umbrellas in order that if it does rain on picnic day, people can nonetheless have a terrific time.


Issues and risks are often pressured by way of challenge team participants, and it’s crucial as a task supervisor to make sure you're talking about these subjects as it should be. A risk is some thing that hasn’t came about but, even as an trouble is something that has occurred. Issues are simply problems that your project crew is dealing with. You might have visible it coming (and handled it as a risk to start with) or it is probably absolutely unexpected. Either manner, it’s took place now and you have to do something about it.


Milestones are factors in time that mark key moments all through the project. They are regularly used for:

  • Start of a segment
  • End of a segment
  • End of a prime piece of work or a large project
  • Noting a selected constant-in-time deadline
  • Immovable dates at the plan

Think of milestones because the sort of date that you might write for your calendar at home – the large essential moments in a mission which include finishing the checking out or the launch birthday party. Milestones are one of the 9 additives of a Gantt chart, so that you’ll see them in your mission schedules displayed as a diamond.


Your mission sponsor sits at the Project Board. They are the individual that ‘owns’ the assignment and they get hold of the blessings. For instance, if you are launching a new IT device for the factory team to use, the Factory General Manager would be the project sponsor. The IT crew might form a part of the assignment group but they wouldn’t take on a sponsorship function. The venture sponsor is the person you can turn to when you want senior management direction. This will be ​with the intention to:

  • Unblock a hassle
  • Find some assets
  • Approve the price range
  • Make selections
  • Agree on the final specification

And so on. The task manager effectively reviews to the sponsor in the course of the project, both in phrases of line management shape and with weekly or month-to-month (or real-time) undertaking reporting.


Stakeholders are the alternative people concerned in and stricken by your venture. Some projects could have huge stakeholder groups, overlaying every department in the business enterprise. Others will have a more confined scope. Some stakeholders are outdoor your corporation, just like the authorities or regulatory our bodies.

They also want to be stored knowledgeable with news this is relevant. Most stakeholders might be supportive (or ambivalent) to the adjustments brought approximately via your challenge, however now not all of them could be. You’ll meet stakeholders who aren't are going to welcome your task with open palms.