10 Tips to Promote Creative Thinking

Employee exhibits creative thinking by generating innovative ideas.

When Bill Gates led Microsoft, he realized that he failed to ought to know the entirety. He recognized that he had employees who did. But, he liked the significance of taking the time to examine what they knew and take in their creative thinking. He took the time to concentrate to their ideas.

He took the time to suppose, to ponder the route of Microsoft. The Wall Street Journal highlighted Gates’ bi-annual Think Weeks in a 2005 article, "In Secret Hideaway, Bill Gates Ponders Microsoft’s Future" by Robert A. Guth. (You need to be a subscriber.) The idea took preserve in my imagination.

Essentially, for decades, Gates went into seclusion for 2, one-week Think Weeks a 12 months. Family, pals and Microsoft personnel were banned from his retreat. Alone, he examine manuscripts from Microsoft associates on subjects that ranged from the future of generation to speculation about the subsequent hot merchandise. Some papers cautioned new merchandise or extraordinary versions of contemporary merchandise.

Any employee ought to use their innovative wondering to write down up ideas and ship them for Gates’ perusal. He has stated that he may additionally study one hundred papers during a Think Week and his report turned into 112 papers. Not simply analyzing, Gates took the time to respond to worker recommendations.

One paper would possibly have ended in an electronic mail sent to masses of Microsoft personnel worldwide. Employees waited with bated breath to look if their paper or idea might acquire the pass-in advance following such a well-known Think Weeks.

The system of reviewing worker ideas, and inspiring creative thinking from employees, evolved over the years. An assistant later culled the submitted papers prior to Think Week and a computerized response gadget permit Gates effortlessly respond to papers. But the primary concept - to read and assume at some point of time by myself — to review ideas from the innovative considering personnel - remained steady.

Think Week Implications for Creative Thinking

Bill Gates took the time, two times a year, to examine and ponder the destiny of Microsoft and the creative taking into account his personnel. How often do you make an effort to study approximately new thoughts, enjoy the innovative thinking of your personnel, recollect creatively your current work and existence, and make changes? Not regularly sufficient, I’ll guess.

But, if the founder and lengthy-time period CEO of one of the most effective groups inside the global set this situation, I am willing to analyze from his creative wondering. This article idea came to me during a one-hour assume time. I jotted down four additional thoughts — in just an hour of studying and innovative questioning.

I know, make the effort to think; make the effort to read and study can be easy messages. But do you do it? If not, take time for innovative thinking; take the time to examine and learn. You can transform your global.

10 Exercises to Promote Creative Thinking and Innovation

  • Read with pen and notebook in hand; jot down any idea that comes into your consciousness.
  • Keep a notebook wherein you may maintain music of ideas, by using your mattress, and on your vehicle.
  • Write one idea down on a piece of paper and brainstorm any thoughts that come from it: how to accomplish the concept, what to do approximately the idea, where to apply the concept, who allow you to put in force the concept, and every other notion that enters your mind.
  • Read a non-fiction e-book each week. Read magazines, journals, on line articles, each day.
  • Clip articles and place them in a folder of related articles or ideas. Periodically, leaf through the folder.
  • Create concept files in maximum folders for your computer. Create an concept or a to-do file in your electronic mail application or Google Docs. Add ideas as they arrive to you. Storing them in one place maintains you from losing them.
  • Take time to stare out your window (if your setting merits attention), play with a desk toy, take a quiet walk. Do any rote activity that permits your thoughts to swirl through your thoughts.
  • Encourage your body of workers and coworkers to do all of the above and proportion thoughts with every other at assume or brainstorm periods. Schedule annual retreats or off-web site conferences to plot and generate ideas.
  • Develop an worker idea system.
  • Schedule suppose weeks, suppose days or think hours of yourself or your workgroup.

Thinking time and getting to know time are both important to creativity and innovation. The antique adage: stop to scent the roses is authentic for each your cutting-edge paintings and your profession. Take time to plant and harvest the thoughts that gasoline your development and fulfillment. Creative thinking rules.