Pros and Cons of College Career Centers

Don’t skip the career center for your manner out of college

College career counselor at a career center

Career centers are an indispensable part of the university revel in, imparting students and alumni with offerings ranging from resume help to task placement. 

In a Gallup survey, 67% of graduates who visited profession offerings had been much more likely to be hired full-time for an employer or self-hired in comparison to 59% who did no longer pay a go to. And of these graduates who said the profession services workplace changed into very useful, 49% stated that they'd an amazing activity waiting for them after they graduated. 

While profession facilities certainly have their benefits, there also are downsides. However, before delving into the pros and cons, it’s vital to learn what profession centers are and the services presented to students, alumni, and even faculty.

What Is a Career Center?

A profession center basically serves as a expert improvement hub for college students. 

The services supplied within these centers encompass activity search workshops, one-on-one assist for students and alumni in regions like resume writing and interview practice, job postings and location, and arranging and web hosting on-campus and on-line career festivals.

Devon Turcotte, a former profession middle outreach officer and contemporary career train supporting Gen Z, advised The Balance through email that scholars can begin getting access to offerings right away, when they have a confirmed offer of admission. “It’s not that they may be going to hurry inside the month before faculty starts offevolved and ask if they are able to have a resume,” she said. “It’s simply to have a experience of what the profession center does, get that grounding early, after which when they do need the offerings, they already understand wherein to move.”

For college and group of workers, in the meantime, career centers can aid them in their educational programming, and serve as an educational aid so they are higher ready to refer college students on where to turn to if they want profession aid. 

Pros and Cons of Career Centers

    • Expert advisers
    • Free offerings
    • Career festivals
    • Career making plans and job placement
    • Hesitation and apathy
    • Limited focus
    • Lack of readability on guidance

Pros of Careers Centers Explained

Expert Advisers

Many career facilities are supplemented by way of career professionals, specifically at the university degree, who paintings inside particular departments. This way that while the significant profession middle may offer more generalized aid, it also works in tandem with professionals inside the diverse instructional areas who can offer greater software-associated aid. “It's having the ones bridges already constructed as opposed to the student having to run around and discover everything, or to go to a network entity that may not have that kind of understanding at that specialised level,” stated Turcotte.

Free Services

Career center offerings are often free at most schools and universities, with some of them even providing lifetime get entry to to alumni. Students and alumni can time table unfastened one-on-one appointments for process seek services, talk career alternatives, and overview process listings.

Career Fairs

Career gala's, which can be often the inspiration of recruiting, carry employers, college students, and alumni together in a single vicinity, making it less complicated to community and locate jobs. 

Online career festivals have become greater commonplace in component because of the digital environment in which groups now function. 

A ballot carried out by way of the National Association of Colleges and Employers determined that 90% of employers have participated in a virtual career truthful, up from 35% in previous years.

Career Planning and Placement

Career advisers assist students in determining which academic program to pursue and what businesses and industries are much more likely to hire graduates. They also help with internship placements and offer mentoring.

Cons of Career Centers Explained

According to a separate Gallup take a look at carried out along side Purdue University, just one in six graduates stated profession facilities had been “very helpful.” Here are some of the motives why this will be the case. 

Hesitation and Apathy

In a survey of undergraduates at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, nearly 1/2 of the respondents—especially freshman and sophomores—stated they haven’t visited a career center due to the fact there has been “no want to yet.” 

Meanwhile, different college students would possibly certainly be apprehensive to speak with profession counselors approximately private matters, and searching for different options. For instance, a survey from Gallup and training network Strada observed that fewer than 20% of undergraduate college students attain out to their college’s profession centers for recommendation on locating jobs, instead choosing to discuss with own family and friends on their profession moves. 

Limited Focus

The Gallup-Purdue have a look at points out that graduates who were older than traditional-age college students said they determined the career services office catered more to college students seeking out their first task instead of the ones rejoining the workforce after returning to university to earn a diploma. In addition, respondents noted that profession centers did little to put together them for extra complicated career actions like revenue negotiations. 

Lack of Clarity on Guidance

Sometimes, the shipping of career services might not be sincere, ensuing in uncertain obstacles on who the primary profession guide is. Career instruct Turcotte stated that if there is a critical career center and additionally a profession adviser in an academic office, students may on occasion be careworn approximately who they ought to flip to for assistance. 

Making the Most of Your Career Center

Get to Know Your Career Center

All students need to receive statistics approximately their career center in their admission package deal. Familiarize yourself with all of the services it offers—it’s no longer pretty much resume and interview assistance, in any case. Some schools are even providing digital services in mild of the continuing public health disaster. 


Approximately 85% of job opportunities are determined thru networking. This is an possibility to set up relationships, build believe, and ultimately discover a task, so it’s important to sharpen your networking capabilities

Join Professional Associations

Many professional associations, from the Public Relations Society of America to the American Public Health Association, offer scholar club at a discounted charge. By becoming a member of one or extra institutions, you could meet, learn, and broaden relationships with enterprise specialists, stay updated on enterprise tendencies, and stand out to employers.